False Positive Pregnancy Test

A lot of women are used to hearing about the false negative pregnancy tests. This is the result of there being a pregnancy, but not enough HCG levels for the pregnancy tests to show a positive result. The thing is though, there are also false positive pregnancy tests that you are going to have to take into consideration. Learning as much about this as possible will help ensure that you are staying evenly calm throughout the pregnancy testing phase, whether you are getting negative or positive results.
There could be something else going on that could signal a positive pregnancy test, that is later dismissed by a doctor or blood work. Sometimes, thanks to the pregnancy tests becoming more and more advanced, a woman will test positive for a pregnancy, only to later discover that she is not pregnant. Was the test wrong? Was there an error on her part? Did she miscarry and not know it? These are all things that will come to mind but that no one will have an answer for.
The fact of the matter is though, that there are more false negative pregnancy test results than false positive test results. This is because the amount of HCG in the urine was not yet high enough. If you carefully read through the directions of the pregnancy test, it will tell you when the earliest is that it will be able to detect the level of HCG in your urine. Even then, according to the books, the HCG level might not yet be high enough, since you could have gotten your possible conception date wrong. This is why just about every pregnancy test will advise that if you receive a negative test, even though you suspect you are pregnant, that you wait a couple of days and then test again.
Since you now have a little more knowledge of pregnancy tests in general, as well as false positive and false negative pregnancy test results, you are going to want to now look to see which brand of tests is the best to use. Some have a better reputation than others so you want to make sure that you are examining all of the facts so that you may stay one step ahead of the game. Remember, this is the most important time and it is the time that you have in order to learn all that you can. The more you know now, the less you will have to worry later on in your pregnancy.