Pregnancy Symptoms Before Missed Period

by Emma on July 20, 2011

When it comes to getting pregnant, many women find themselves wondering about the symptoms that are commonly found in women when they first become pregnant. These symptoms include things that are noticeable before a woman misses her first period. For those that really can’t wait to know whether or not they have succeeded, knowing these common pregnancy symptoms may help clear up some of the confusion and worry.
Some women have been led to believe that they are not able to experience any real symptoms before their first missed period because it is not until then that the home pregnancy tests would be able to pick up the hCG levels. The thing is though, the hCG hormone is there and there is going to be enough of it to cause signs of pregnancy.
Believe it or not, as early as the implantation day, there could be a sign of pregnancy. On the day of implantation, there is a drop in temperature. About 8-10 days after your ovulation, you might experience a couple of things, including spotting, which is known as implantation bleeding. This light staining may be of a brown or pink color. Hot flashes and lower abdominal cramps are also very common within this time period.
If you have not yet tested yourself for pregnancy, you might find that the following symptoms could lead you in the right direction. Within 2-4 weeks after ovulation you may experience nausea. About 3-4 weeks after conception you might find yourself experiencing breast or nipple tenderness. Many women report feeling extra tired or fatigued about 3-10 weeks after conception and then the vomiting might start to occur for some women during the same period. The food cravings usually will not start until 1-2 months after conception and this will also generally be the time where an expecting mother might notice she has the need to urinate more often.
Now, while some of these symptoms will indeed take place after your missed period, there have been many women who have reported symptoms of food cravings, feeling fatigued and nipple tenderness before their first missed period. Since no one knows better than the women who is pregnant, you have to listen to your own body. If you are having these symptoms and you feel as though something is “different”, you might want to make sure that you are avoiding alcohol and cigarettes while you wait to take a pregnancy test, if you have not already stopped consuming such things.

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