1 Week Pregnant: Signs and Symptoms

Check out various signs and symptoms in 1 week pregnant woman. The journey of woman’s pregnancy includes various sensation and tests all of which we will talk about here.

1 week pregnant

The first week of pregnancy is rather a confusing term. This confusion arises from the fact that doctors consider the so-called obstetrical gestation period from the first day of menstrual cycle. This is when the conception has not even taken place yet.

Women, especially first-time pregnant women do not notice or experience any changes. It is normal considering the day and weeks after successful intercourse that is approximately from the middle of the menstrual cycle.

Thus, the confusion takes place. According to the calculations of the expectant mother, the time of delay in menstruation and the gestational gestation period of pregnancy are about two weeks or so. However, the doctor will say that it’s already four weeks. And nothing depends on the size of the fetal egg or the embryo.

Process Inside the Woman’s Body

The fusion of the sperm and the egg takes place in the fallopian tube. After that, a unicellular organism is formed called zygote and a new life begins to develop. This happens about 12-24 hours after ovulation, at the beginning of the third week of the obstetric cycle. For women, this is 1 week after conception, when everything is just beginning, and what happens inside is very interesting.

process of pregnancy

Sperm cells and ovules combine, and the fetus has a standard set of chromosomes that is 46. Half of these chromosomes come from the mother while the other half from the father. This determines the sex of the child. It is at this stage that sometimes a breakdown occurs. Then, in most cases, nature decides to get rid of a defective embryo and a woman begins monthly. In fact, this is a miscarriage at an early date.

The zygote begins to divide and at the same time starts to move along the uterine tube into the uterus. As a result of this division, some cells form the future chorion (placenta), and the other part becomes an embryo.

On the sixth or seventh day, the future child enters the uterus. Implantation of the embryo takes place. This takes another two days. Surface cells of the embryo penetrate into endometrium and bind to the mother’s blood vessels. A chorion is formed, which will feed the embryo and subsequently the fetus throughout its fetal life. However, in a few weeks, it is transformed into a new organ, that is, placenta or the child’s resting place.

Signs and Symptoms in 1 Week Pregnant Woman

In obstetric terms, this is the third week of the menstrual cycle, approximately 14-21 day cycle. It is also considered as seven days away from the fusion of the sperm with the egg. A woman who is actively planning a pregnancy now begins to look for signs of pregnancy in this 1st week of pregnancy. This is so because, at the end of this seven day period, the fertilized egg is already in the womb. In truth, you will know nothing about this fact and will need to wait another 3-5 day.

In week 1 of pregnancy, the specific sensations are absent. The sensitivity of mammary glands, toxicosis, frequent urination, low blood pressure, fatigue, apathy, unusual taste preferences, etc. appears a little later. In coming weeks you may experience some or all of the signs and symptoms of pregnancy, so be prepared.

  1. Ultrasound and Yellow Body of 1 Week Pregnant Mother
  2. There are many questions raised about pregnancy in the initial weeks. One of these questions is “Is it possible to see the fetal egg on ultrasound at this time?”

    Unfortunately, it is not yet possible, even if you undergo a vaginal examination. The fetal egg is far too small for now. The doctor can only see a good, magnificent endometrium, a characteristic of this phase in the menstrual cycle, and yellow body in the ovary. Sometimes there may also be two yellow bodies, that is, one by one in each ovary.


    The yellow body is a temporary gland that produces progesterone. It is the main hormone of the second phase of the menstrual cycle. This hormone is formed only if there was ovulation after it. Further, if fertilization does not occur then the yellow body dies, the level of progesterone is rapidly declining, the endometrium begins to exfoliate and another menstruation ends.

    If, however, the conception has occurred then the yellow body will exist for several weeks. If the doctor sees as many as two yellow bodies, then it means that woman had two ovulations at once. Immediately, the two ovules came to meet the sperms. So, if you are lucky then they both are fertilized and the woman is pregnant with multiple pregnancies.

    Many women, carefully watching their state of health, say that they not only know how to feel their ovulation but can also feel the presence of a yellow body. In the area of the ovary, where there was an ovulation, there is a stabbing pain and pulling the lower abdomen. This happens during the 1st week of pregnancy. Whether these feelings are related to pregnancy or not is a question to be asked. Perhaps it is the role of self-suggestion. It may very well be the desire to find that at least some signs of a miracle have happened, conception.

  3. Vaginal Discharge of 1 Week Pregnant Woman
  4. This happens in the second half of the menstrual cycle. It would happen, regardless of whether or not the conception occurred. At least, if there was ovulation. You may find it so, at the end of the third week of a cycle or one week after unprotected intercourse. There may be bloody or pink discharge, a light daub of sorts.

    Vaginal Discharge

    Allocations in the 1st week of pregnancy still called implantation bleeding, which is an absolutely normal phenomenon. It, in no way not says that now the uterus gets rid of the life that has arisen in it. If this happened once then it is not necessary for the doctor to address it, at this time. That is if regular inter-menstrual bleeding is not typical for you. Otherwise, you need to test for your female health. Perhaps there is hyperplasia of the endometrium, a polyp in the uterus, or pathology of the cervix. The latter is especially likely if bleeding is contact, that is, occurs during sexual intercourse or a short time after it.

    So, back to our implantation bleeding, of course, in this case, there is bleeding as is strongly said. This is the result of the introduction of a tiny egg into the wall of the uterus. Usually, a woman discovers some slightly colored discharge on clothes. Moreover, they should not be repeated. Such discharge at the end of the cycle can mean threat miscarriage if this is not just a beginning of menstruation.

  5. Level of hCG in 1 Week Pregnant Mother
  6. Recall that in the first week the ovule has only time to meet with sperm. However, it is at the end of the seven-day period, that it begins to develop in the uterus. It is at this time, from the moment of immersion into the uterus wall that it begins to develop chorionic gonadotropin. This is the hormone of pregnancy.

    There are average values of hCG, which are used by doctors and their patients to determine pregnancy. So, 7-8 days after ovulation, the level of this hormone varies from 2 to 18 conventional units. This is when the first week ends and 2 weeks of pregnancy begins. It is a very low level.

Pregnancy Determination in 1st Week of Pregnancy

Since it is hard for the doctor to determine pregnancy at this time, will a pregnancy test be any different? Another one of frequently asked question is whether or not pregnancy test shows two strips in week 1 of pregnancy.

  1. HCG in 1 Week Pregnant Mother
  2. HCG

    hCG grows much faster in early ovulation or if a woman wears not one but two, three or four children. The probability of determining pregnancy at this time is very small. It all depends on the amount of this hormone HCG in the urine of the future mummy.

    There are tests that show the second bar at a quantity of 10 units. Theoretically, this is possible at the very end of the third obstetric week or the first week after conception. It is especially likely with the so-called special tests.

  3. Pregnancy Test for 1 Week Pregnant Woman
  4. Couple Pregnancy Test

    What test should be chosen if the woman is 1 week pregnant? The best is to pay attention to the sensitivity of the test. It varies from 10 to 20 mIU / mL usually. Take the best one with the ten. It will show the coveted second strip a day or two earlier than the less sensitive one. The figure means the minimum level of hCG in the urine, to which the test responds to.

    However, low-cost tests with a sensitivity of 15-20 can also be informative. To reduce the risk of an erroneous result it is best if you do a test with concentrated urine. That is, do not urinate before this for 6-8 hours and do not drink fluids.

  5. Pregnancy Diagnosis in 1 Week Pregnant Woman
  6. Can pregnancy be determined in the first week of pregnancy? What if everything is done according to the rules?
    Perhaps, in some cases, you might. However, expect a bright second strip, which will no doubt say about pregnancy. Remember, it’s not worth it. Most likely, you will see a so-called “ghost”.

    More than once, you will have to guess. The reagent is the so-called or early term of pregnancy. In addition, very often the pregnancy breaks down before the delay. So, maybe that’s what you did in the 1-week pregnancy test.

    Pregnancy Determination

    Initially, it turned out to be weakly positive and then when repeated after 3-5 days it’s already negative. This means that something went wrong, and the egg ceased to develop. This happens very often. Too early diagnosis of pregnancy leads only to excess disorders and provokes the emergence of feelings of inferiority in women.

    However, if you still want to find out about pregnancy at the end of the first week, then take a blood test for HCG. This can be done without referral of a doctor in any paid clinical laboratory. The result is ready within 1-2 days. If you pay extra for urgency, then it can even be done in a matter of hours. If the result is a figure greater than 5 then there is no doubt that conception took place. However, whether this pregnancy will survive and whether it will develop is still a question to be answered.

    If the pregnancy breaks down, the stripes on the tests begin to turn pale. The hCG does not increase but starts to decrease. By the brightness of the second strip on the test, you can also monitor the dynamics of pregnancy. See if it develops properly or not.

Doctors’ Recommendations for Future Mothers

As we said earlier, there is still not much to be reassured. We must at least wait for the start of delay in menstruation. However, this does not mean that you need to sit idly by or continue having an unhealthy lifestyle. The future mother must fulfill the following points to be prepared for future pregnancy.

  1. Avoid Bad Habits
  2. No Alcohol

    Forget about bad habits like drinking alcohol and smoking.

    All harmful substances negatively affect the life that has arisen in the female body.

    Alcohol and smoking both can cause harm to the fetus and are to be avoided when expecting.

  3. Start Reception of Folic Acid and Potassium Iodide
  4. Folic acid is necessary for the normal development of the child’s neural tube. This micronutrient is scarce. It is almost absent from our food products. Its shortage is the main cause of severe malformations in the fetus and abortion in the early stages. Therefore it is necessary to be consumed as soon as possible. It is even better to start before conception.

    Start by taking a trace element in a volume of 0.4 to 1 g per day. Continue this for at least 12 weeks. In the first weeks of pregnancy, the embryo along with all organs and the systems of the body are formed. This process can be broken by a drawback such as folic acid.

    Potassium iodide is necessary for normal operation of the thyroid gland. Take 200 mg per day for the entirety of pregnancy and the period of breastfeeding.

  5. Avoid Medicinal and Home Remedies
  6. Do not take medicinal and folk remedies including various herbs as they can be toxic. Do not undergo X-rays and other procedures that are potentially dangerous for expectant mothers. Remember it is not just about you anymore.

  7. Avoid Stress
  8. Stress

    Watch nice movies, meet friends and do other things that bring pleasure and joy.

    Try everything necessary to avoid stress as much as possible.

    Try to spend some time with your loved ones and family just to take your mind off of things.

    Just have as much fun as possible and avoid stress.

  9. Avoid Public Places
  10. Try not to be in public places and in children’s groups. This way you can avoid catching any acute respiratory-viral and other infectious diseases. This is particularly relevant for the cold season and the entire first trimester of pregnancy. The primary infection of mother’s herpes is very dangerous for an unborn child. This is true especially the second type that of genital. The same is true of rubella and chickenpox.

  11. Intimacy During Pregnancy
  12. Intimacy

    Intimacy is not prohibited, but only if there is no risk of catching any genital infection.

    The question is, whether it is possible to have sex in the first weeks of pregnancy?

    It is more acute after the onset of menstruation if there are specific symptoms of the threat abortion.

  13. Healthy Cleaning Habits
  14. Clean the toilet behind pets only with gloves and wash hands thoroughly afterward. Continue to boil meat, carefully wash vegetables, fruits, greens before consumption.

    All these restrictions during the 1st week of pregnancy are prevention of a dangerous infection for future mothers like toxoplasmosis.

  15. Avoid Hot Baths and Saunas
  16. Reception of hot baths and saunas should be avoided. They will lead to an increase in temperature, including in the uterus, which is not a favorable moment for the child. It may even provoke an early miscarriage.

Many women are interested in learning when it is better to inform relatives and friends about their pregnancy. Naturally, every woman decides for herself. However, it is hardly necessary to do or make it in a week after probable conception. This is said as to pregnancy problem can happen even to a very young and healthy woman. For now just follow the rules, be safe and happy thinking about the future child.

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1 Week Pregnant: Signs and Symptoms