12 Weeks Pregnant: Signs and Symptoms

Check out the events that await a 12 weeks pregnant mother. Learn all about the sensations, feeling, signs and symptoms that accompany a pregnant woman.

12 Weeks Pregnant

In term of pregnancy, it is 12 weeks of conception or 14 obstetric weeks. This week marks the beginning of the second trimester of pregnancy. You have already passed one-third of the way. So take a breath and congratulate yourself with all your heart.

The second trimester is the most favorable period of pregnancy. Early symptoms of pregnancy like toxicosis, go away. This is due to a regular decrease in the level of chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) among other things. The tummy of 12 weeks pregnant mother still does not interfere as it is not that big, yet. However, some women have already begun to show especially when they are in tight clothes. This is not something to worry about instead the mother feels rejoice in it.

Sensations and Feelings of 12 Weeks Pregnant Mother

The tummy is just barely bulging, but it still bothers some women. For certain women, the growing tummy is not comfortable when sleeping. This happens especially often when resting on the back.

Tummy Bulges

Usually, from this date, doctors recommend that mothers relax on their side. You may relax on your back too, but only if it does not cause any discomfort.

A pillow on which Mother’s belly leans during sleep will help to lie down and sleep well. It doesn’t matter if it is an ordinary or a special pillow for pregnant women. The latter is still convenient to use after childbirth while feeding the baby. You can put the baby on it, so you do not have to hold it in your arms by weight.

An unpleasant sensation in 12 weeks pregnant mother is in the abdomen. It may be due to the proliferating ligaments supporting the uterus. However, they are not supposed to be constant. So, if this causes concern then it is better to visit a doctor once again.

Most importantly at this point of pregnancy is stirring. In some women, they appear already at such an early date. True, this applies only to the first time mothers. For those of whom this child is already second, third and so on it is not that confusing. They already know how the perturbations are felt and how not to confuse them with the movement of gases.

Stomach Pain

Since the fetus is still very small, it does not pushes into the abdominal wall of the mother yet. However, something does move like bursting vesicles or rifts.

These feelings usually arise when the expectant mother is in complete rest, that is, when she goes to bed.

Although doctors say that it is necessary to feel the child’s movements every day. Otherwise one should turn to them for help.

At such a time the baby can “disappear” for 1, 2, 3 days even. This is because it is still very small and possibly “beaten” to the back of the uterus. There is a way to make a child active. However, at this time it is not particularly effective. This trick is to eat a chocolate bar.

Fetal Development in 12 Weeks Pregnant Woman

The child continues to grow rapidly. If you go through this term ultrasound, then its coccygeal parietal size (from the crown to the coccyx) is about 76 mm. By the way, at this time it is the KTR that is the main parameter for setting the gestational age. However, it is not as accurate as it was 2-4 weeks ago.

Children already at such a relatively short period begin to develop at different rates. Some of them are large, some correspond to average sizes, and some may lag behind in development from “peers”.

Conduct ultrasonic or ultrasound and biochemical screening at this time are already pointless. It is not more informative than it is at the end of the first trimester.

Fetal Development

This is a favorable time for an invasive diagnosis like amniocentesis. Amniocentesis is the collection of amniotic fluid with a needle. With its help, you can determine the fetal karyotype. However, in 1% of cases, amniocentesis provokes a miscarriage. Therefore, it should only be performed under strict indications. It is done only if the risk of having a child with chromosomal abnormalities is very high.

The biparietal size of the head (BPR), that is, from the forehead to the crown is about 27 mm. This size will be taken into account when choosing caps for the newborn. On the other hand, the head circumference (OG) is about 97 mm. As you can see, its size in comparison with the body still continues to be very large.

The abdomen is approximately 78 mm, almost the same as KTP. Also, the length of the thigh is 12.5 mm. Of course, this is not all the measurements that ultrasound doctors perform. They take into account the size of all bones, feet and brushes. However, these are unlikely to be of any interest to our readers. Therefore, with your permission, we will omit them.

Many doctors allow mothers to look at the screen during an ultrasound, they turn it to them. They cannot fail to note that the baby can already see some features like the nose, chin, and forehead. Of course, with a two-dimensional ultrasound study, the baby is more like a humanoid now. However, with a three-dimensional, it is already quite a little human. Still, it is very thin as it has not yet accumulated fat. In general, the face of the child is better seen closer to the end of the second trimester of pregnancy in a three-dimensional image. By then you can even understand who he looks like.

Muscles of the face already work well. The sky is formed in the mouth. The baby sometimes smiles and frowns. Some congenital reflexes appear. For example, if you could now tickle the baby’s leg, it would have squeezed the thumb. If you touched its palm, it would squeeze the fist. These and many other reflexes, neonatologists and neurologists will check with the baby. By their presence or absence, they judge the maturity of the nervous system of the newborn.

Fetal Development in the Womb

What happens to a child in 12 weeks pregnant mother is not even visible to a specialist. However, its movements become coordinated. This change is associated with the establishment of the cerebellum in the brain.

For the same reason, you can observe how the fetus sucks its finger or covers the face with the palms.

The neck of the child becomes longer. The child’s chin is already touching its chest. An individual drawing appeared on the palms. This is despite the fact that the size of the child does not exceed the female fist.

The skin of the baby is covered with a fuzz. It is called lanugo. This pappus disappears approximately in 36-38 obstetric weeks of pregnancy when the fetus is full. If a child is born with a fluff on the body, this is a sign of its prematurity.

It begins to produce thyroid hormones. Ovaries of girls fall into the pelvic area (from the abdominal) whereas prostate gland is formed in boys. Kidney and intestine fully perform their functions.

Vitamins for 12 Weeks Pregnant Mother

Many women believe that taking vitamins would help with the development of the baby. This is especially true for those whose ultrasound show children developing at a slightly slower rate than others.

Vitamins During Pregnancy

They think that drinking vitamin in this instance would help speed up the development of the child. Indeed, it is widely believed that taking complex vitamins leads to the birth of large children. However, this is not true.

In general, complex vitamins have no miraculous effect on the body. They often cause allergic reactions. Their appointment should be approached prudently for this reason alone.

Mothers, who normally eat and follow a proper diet does not need to consume vitamins for pregnant women. At least, not at this time particularly.

Some problems can occur in the third trimester when the fetus is already large. So, it may require the expenditure of large resources of the mother’s body and then it would be fine. This here too should only be done after a proper consultation with your specialist.

However, taking certain individual trace elements do not hurt. For example, folic acid can be taken throughout the entire pregnancy, not just the first trimester. This trace element is not enough for all of us. The standard dosage is 400-500 μg, half of one tablet (1 mg).

Iron should be taken at hemoglobin below 110. Otherwise, the baby will not have enough oxygen, and Mother will begin tachycardia. There will also be a constant decline in strength. Again before going through any changes make an appointment for a proper consultation with your doctor.

Vitamins Consultation

With a lack of calcium, pelvic bones will begin to ache, nails and teeth will spoil. Calcium is necessary for a child to develop the bone system. So, its body will, in any case, receive what it is supposed to. However, the mother will suffer due to lack of calcium.

The calcium is well absorbed, so a doctor may prescribe calcium D3 Nycomed (with vitamin D), usually for a one-month course. It may be on terms a little more, about 25-26 weeks.

Throughout pregnancy, potassium iodide (“Iodomarine”) is taken at a dosage of 200 mg per day. This reception is to be continued during lactation. It is necessary for normal operation of the thyroid gland of mother and child.

Some mothers take ascorbic acid, including glucose, in order to lessen the pain. However, the effectiveness of vitamin C against colds has remained unproven. Therefore, this action is devoid of practical meaning.

Gymnastics for 12 Weeks Pregnant Woman

Do not play physical sports. Doctors advised this only in the first trimester, and only those for whom it would be new. In the second trimester, the gymnastics is even recommended. There are no specific exercises that would be useful for only 12 weeks pregnant mother.

Walking Exercise

It is important that the mother during and after physical education feels well or receives a charge of vivacity. However, there are contraindications for sports during pregnancy. Some of these contraindications are as listed below.

  1. Infectious disease (ARVI, ARI, influenza, etc.)
  2. Bloody discharge from the genital tract.
  3. Placenta previa.
  4. Stomach ache.
  5. Hypertonus, including those that appear after exercise.
  6. Polyhydramnios.
  7. If the doctor poses a threat abortion.
  8. High blood pressure.
  9. Strong tachycardia.

You can practice in special rooms with instructors or at home. Just do not forget about the sparing regimen and normal breathing during the gym. If you start to suffocate, it is fraught with hypoxia to the child.

For classes, it is desirable to purchase a gym ball. Surely you’ve heard about fitball, it is very useful for expectant mothers. It is worth it and the ball is not expensive. It will also be useful after the birth. Again for gymnastics, the entertainment of the child and its motion sickness (putting to bed).

Pregnancy Gymnastic

In addition, buy two dumbbells, not heavier than 1 kg. However, dumbbells can be replaced if necessary with small plastic bottles of water.

Before you start, you need an easy warm-up routine. It will completely go off walking on the spot for 5-10 minutes. After, take a seat on the gym ball. If it seems to you unstable, lower it a little.

The simplest and most famous exercise is a “spring”. Perform springy movements on the ball, up and down. You may diversify this exercise by lifting and raising hands, torso.

Pick up dumbbells or plastic bottles, raise your arms to the sides and bend at the elbows. It is good for pectoral muscles.

You can perform exercises on fit bole and prone. Lying on your back (if it does not bring discomfort), you first need one foot, then another to roll the ball. Then, again lying on your back or on your side, squeeze the ball between your legs and perform compressive movements. The main thing is not to do any exercises on the press.

Gynecologist’s Advice for 12 Weeks Pregnant Mother

The second trimester is considered safe. The baby is already quite strong, well “sits” in the uterus and the risk miscarriage is small. However, for your feelings, you need to carefully monitor.

Gynecologist Advise

The main problem of the second trimester is shortening of the cervix. Normally its length is more than 30 mm. If a length less dramatically increases then it is a threat of miscarriage or premature birth.

The most terrible thing is that the smoothing of the cervix in most cases is asymptomatic. Only in some women, it is characterized by frequent hypertension of the uterus.

If there is a pain in the abdomen or frequent strains of the uterus, you need to tell your gynecologist about it. In most cases, this is a variant of the norm because the uterus is a muscular organ. However, sometimes this is a sign of problems with the cervix. Usually with pains in the abdomen, the doctors of the women’s consultations immediately, without examining the armchair, send future mothers to the hospital for treatment. There already with the help of an ultrasound the length of the cervix is measured, and hypertension will be removed.

If hypertension is often felt, then it is necessary to find patterns when this happens. For example, to provoke the tone of the uterus can be done with uncomfortable shoes on a high wedge or heel. Due to which, a woman is forced to deviate a little forward or you can just a long walk. If this is the case, limit some physical activity. And be sure to sleep at least 8 hours a day.

Specialist Consultation

A frequent problem of women at this time, especially taking drugs for relaxing the uterus (removing its tone), is constipation.

Of course, they do not lead to miscarriages, but significantly worsen the state of health of a woman and provoke hemorrhoids. The chair should be daily. For this, you need to follow the rules as told.

If you notice irregularities in the regularity of the stool, start taking lactulose syrup. It stabilizes the stool.

As an ambulance, if you did not visit the toilet for 3 days or more, use glycerin suppositories or rectal microcrystals. However, the first provoke of severe pain is by type contractions, in the abdomen. The latter cause is due to severe burning in the rectum. Therefore, it is often not worth using them.

Sexual life to live is resolved if there is no threat of abortion. It is also true if the chorion does not block the internal pharynx. All this will be answered by a proper ultrasound. However, for now just relax and enjoy your second trimester properly.

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12 Weeks Pregnant: Signs and Symptoms