3 Weeks Pregnant: Signs and Symptoms

Check out various signs and symptoms in 3 weeks pregnant woman. Also, let’s understand the fetal development and the sensations that mother feels in this week.

3 weeks pregnant

The menstruation in 3 weeks pregnant woman is absent due to the high level of progesterone. This does not allow the endometrium to exfoliate. If a woman sees bloody discharge on her underwear at this time than it’s bad. This can be a threat to pregnancy, but we will talk about this in more detail later. For now, let’s start with the symptomatology.

Signs and Symptoms in 3 Weeks Pregnant Woman

There are two main signs that may occur in a 3 weeks pregnant woman. These signs include delay or absent menstruation, toxicosis, painful mammary glands, and skin problems. Now, all of these symptoms are associated with the state of health of woman and will soon make themselves felt. They will manifest themselves in one way or another until the end of the first trimester or a little longer. So, let’s understand a bit more about them here.

  1. Absent Menstruation
  2. As we have already mentioned, the main thing that a woman pays attention to is the absent menstruation. Normally, menstruation comes before the onset of menopause at approximately the same time intervals. This indicates a calm hormonal background.

    Delay in Menstruation

    However, with different hormonal disorders the cycle goes astray for example, with high prolactin, etc. Very frequent cycle failures or absence of menstruation for several months is a cause for an alarm. Perhaps, this is an occasion for a thorough examination of a gynecologist and an endocrinologist.

    Absent menstruation might even happen in a woman with a very regular menstrual cycle. So, it is not the definite symptom of pregnancy alone. However, if simultaneously with this, the pregnancy test is positive as well then that leaves no doubt about it. The definition of pregnancy in 3 weeks pregnancy woman is no longer a difficult task.

    Calculate Delivery Date Using Menstruation

    It is very important to remember the first day of your last menstruation. This is day from which the doctor will count the term of your pregnancy and the date of delivery.

    Calculate Delivery Date

    Yes, it is from this day and not the day of ovulation or unprotected sexual intercourse.

    By the way, you can calculate the PDR yourself (the expected date of birth). Most likely you will give birth on that day plus or minus couple of weeks.

    For this, take a year from the first day of the last menstruation subtract three months and add seven days.

    Another way is to add 9 months and seven days to the first day of your last menstruation.

  3. Toxicosis in 3rd Week of Pregnancy
  4. The most common symptoms of toxicosis in 3 weeks pregnant woman is nausea and vomiting. They are provoked by some physiological changes in the body of the future mother. However, they most often occur in women who already have diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. For example, the most serious toxicosis occurs in pathology gallbladder and pancreas.

    Nausea Pregnancy

    In the third week of pregnancy, the toxicosis is not too pronounced. However, if it increases, it can disrupt fat, water-salt and protein metabolism in the mother’s body. Gradually, the body of the mother is depleted and there are dystrophic changes in the liver, lungs, and kidneys. The weight of a body decreases, dehydration increases and avitaminosis takes place. All this is very dangerous not only for the mother, but also for the future child.

    In the case of toxicosis during pregnancy it is tough to determine what is norm and what is not. So, the question arises what is a variant of the norm, and what is the pathology.

    In the norm of episodes vomiting woman does not happen more than two times a day. At the same time, it feels satisfactory and the urine analysis and blood results are normal. If vomiting occurs 3-5 times a day, then doctors put an easy degree toxicosis. When it happens 5-10 times a day then it is considered as the second degree of toxicosis. This already causes an alarm of fears for doctors and the 3 weeks pregnant woman.

    At the most severe degree the woman tears up to 25 times a day. Vomiting attacks cause the slightest movement activity. Sometime tachycardia (pulse up to 120 beats per minute) is observed along with it the body temperature rises. In such severe cases, doctor often advises woman to interrupt pregnancy as it is life threatening for woman.

  5. Mammary Glands and Skin Condition
  6. Chest of the future mother swells, strains and becomes very sensitive and painful. Fortunately, this state does not last long. If you believe the reports of expectant mothers, it is much easier already by 7-8 midweeks. The soreness gradually disappears.

    Pain Mammary Gland

    Just to make sure that your chest does not hurt much you need to wear comfortable clothes of appropriate size. It is desirable to have no bones or a metal frame in the brassieres.

    If the breast suddenly stopped hurting, and the toxaemia suddenly disappeared then this could be a sign abortion. Don’t worry it is not always so. Just get checked out properly before doing anything irrational.

    The skin of the future mother also changes. Perhaps the appearance of acne and not only on the face but also on the back is considered a norm. It is said that more often the skin condition worsens in women bearing girls. The rumor is girls take beauty from their mother but there is no scientific evidence for this, of course. It’s just a popular belief or a sign of pregnancy.

Sensation and Feeling of 3 Weeks Pregnant Mother

The future mothers feel unimportant in the first trimester of pregnancy. The tummy is not visible yet, there is no seriousness, but the general state of health suffers. Unpleasant sensations on the third embryonic week are associated with numerous hormonal changes and low blood pressure.

  1. Fatigue and Drowsiness
  2. Fatigue and Drowsiness

    The feeling of fatigue, drowsiness does not allow to work normally. However, they are not grounds for opening a sick leave sheet at work yet. You need to go for a trick and perhaps take a vacation to rest a little.

    It is necessary to normalize your sleep, so do not go to bed too late. If possible, rest 1-2 hours in the afternoon as well.

  3. Fever
  4. Very frightening for expectant mothers is fever. It is considered normal, if the body temperature is not above 37.5 degrees.


    The reason for the increase in temperature is high progesterone production and a slight violation of thermoregulation in the body. This is a temporary problem and not a permanent one. To knock down the fever it is not advisable to use antipyretic.

    Just stay in the fresh air, ventilate the room, and if it feels hot and there is a possibility then turn on the air conditioner. All this would work just fine as medicine during pregnancy is not good. So, just try to regulate your body temperature naturally. However, if it gets worse than consult a doctor before doing anything irrational.

  5. Sensitivity of Taste
  6. The rejection of some tastes, smells can be attributed to the manifestations of toxicosis. If you get sick, when you cook food then look for options with the purchase of ready meals. Perhaps this will save you from attacks of nausea and vomiting.

    Taste Change

    If you really want some particular product or inhale a certain flavour then perhaps your body lacks some vitamin or trace element. For example, if you feel like eating a chalk and gnaw the walls then what you really want is calcium. The body tempt you to get what it lacks through the senses of taste and smell.

    Another example is if you want to inhale vapors of gasoline and menthol then it is iron deficiency. Timely tests will help to identify problems. Then the doctor will prescribe medications to fill those or other needs of the body, if necessary.

Fetal Development in 3 Weeks Pregnant Woman

The process of development of embryo is continuing actively. By the tubercles on the embryo you can already guess where the baby’s head will be in the future. You can also guess about where the limbs and back are going to be. The neural tube can also be viewed, and around it are the future muscles among other structures and tissues.

Fetal Development

From here on whatever happens during the third week of pregnancy also depends on the health of the child. In 3 weeks pregnant woman, the blood vessels of the child now begins to form. This in the center of the embryo is associated with the piece of tissue. Altogether, it is the future heart of the child which will soon begin to beat.

Along with the respiratory tract of the embryo, its liver and pancreas are laid. There are precursors of cells that carry sexual information.

The embryo is protected by an amniotic fluid. The yolk sac develops blood cells. In general, the size of the embryo with all the membranes is close to 1 cm by the end of 3 weeks after conception. On each day the fetal egg grows by about 1 mm.

Ultrasound for 3 Weeks Pregnant Mother

It is possible and necessary to do ultrasound for 3 weeks pregnant mother? If yes then what will it show?
Many women rush to ultrasonography, as soon as they learn about their pregnancy. The question that remains to be asked is “Is it necessary to do it?”

Gynecologists recommended to undergo ultrasound in 12, 20, 32 obstetric weeks. In other terms, only on indications it is necessary to go for it. For example, if it is suspected to be miscarriage or frozen pregnancy. If everything is normal and there is nothing to worry about then there is no need for ultrasound as well.


There is no evidence to support this but some people consider it dangerous for the embryo. Again, there is no evidence that ultrasound can adversely affect the child or cause it any harm. Nevertheless, it is not at all easy to undergo research. Remember, this is a medical and not an entertaining procedure.

If, however, there is a need for an ultrasound then you must consider the following points.

  1. The doctor should not look at you too long. This is said because there is nothing to look and so there is no reason to take risks.
  2. The ultrasound is performed by vaginal access. Otherwise it is not only the embryo but most likely the fetal egg also cannot be noticed on the monitor. If the yolk sac is visible then this is already a very good sign.
  3. It is advisable not to fill the bladder before ultrasound. Quite on the contrary actually, it should be empty.
  4. Most likely you won’t be able to see the embryo this week. It’s difficult to do with the size of the fetal egg less than 10-12 mm. However, there is no need to worry as it’s not about embryology.

The ultrasound may be useful because the doctor will tell you an almost exact embryonic period. After all, not all women’s ovulation occurs on the 14th day of the cycle. If the ovulation is also late, then the fetal egg will be very tiny. However, the date of birth will still be correctly moved for several days in advance.

HCG in Third Week of Pregnancy

There are many ambiguous questions that come to mind when we talk about pregnancy. Some of those are about hCG. So, let’s see what they are and learn about hCG in the process.

One question is “What if the tests show two strips, a blood test for hCG proves pregnancy, and then too the doctor does not see anything in the uterus?”

HCG Test

Here several options are possible. If the blood level of hCG is more than 1000, and there is no fetal egg, then most likely it is an ectopic pregnancy. Then it is necessary to remodel ultrasound on another device, from another specialist. At the same time it is best to prepare for diagnostic and therapeutic laparoscopy.

Sometimes the level of hCG is not high and you have 1-2 days of delay. In this case, your ovulation is most likely a little late. Therefore, in the next 7 days the fetal egg can be seen in the uterus. It is recommended to repeat ultrasound after 7-10 days. It is also desirable that the hCG should not be less than 1000.

In addition, it is possible to monitor the level of chorionic gonadotropin in blood. When pregnancy terminates it will decrease. Sometimes in this case, it at first very sluggishly grows but then it will go down anyway. It is also necessary to donate blood for test once every 2 days.

Ambiguos Diagnosis in 3 Weeks Pregnant Mother

As we mentioned, a little bit ambiguity for 3 weeks pregnant woman is normal. This is new for the mother and the body is still not ready for it. Soon this ambiguity will pass and in a couple of week everything will be get cleared.

  1. Hypertension in Uterus
  2. Proper Cervix Exam

    A doctor can determine the hypertension of one of the walls of uterus using ultrasound directly.

    This information can be ignored, because the danger is such a tone. The woman herself feels this when her stomach hurts in the third week of pregnancy.

    Uterus has a muscle layer, and any muscle in the human body is reduced. Do not take this as a threat of miscarriage.

  3. Yellow Body Problems
  4. Another ambiguous diagnosis is insufficiency of yellow body. It happens if the yellow body is small in size like less than 18-20 mm or there is weak blood flow in Doppler. This temporary endocrine gland of the female body produces hormone progesterone in support of pregnancy.

    Yellow Body Problem

    Later this function is taken on by the placenta, that is, from 10-12 midwifery weeks. After it, the yellow body dies. If the yellow body disappears before the placenta is formed then a miscarriage will occur.

    However, most experts and supporters of evidence-based medicine, say something different about the functionality yellow body. They say, it cannot be judged by the blood flow in it and its size. And these signs are not an excuse for prescribing the future mother progesterone support.

    The reverse situation is a too big yellow body or the so-called yellow body cyst. Many are afraid of this phenomenon. However, in practice this almost always turns out to be a variant of the norm. And it is mostly seen that the cyst resolves itself within few weeks.

  5. Deformed Fetal Egg
  6. If you were told that the fetus is deformed then too there is no need to worry yet. This happens with a local tone of the myometrium or the muscular layer of the uterus.

    Yes, an irregularly shaped fetal egg is one of the signs of an early miscarriage. However, it is far from the main cause and not the only one. Therefore, it’s very early to be upset about this.

Serious Threats in Week 3 of Pregnancy

This here is essentially to answer the question about visit to the doctor. In simple terms, when is it time to go to a gynecologist for 3 weeks pregnant mother?

We can say that there are only three reasons for such an early visit to the doctor. There is a suspicion of a threat of abortion or inflammatory process in vagina or the uterus.

  1. Abdominal or Ovarian Pain
  2. Ovarian Pain

    In this case, an ultrasound is prescribed to understand the cause of the pain. It can be hypertension of the uterus, as a symptom of the threat of spontaneous miscarriage. It can also be an ovarian cyst.

    Treatment is prescribed depending on the cause of the pain. If this is just a threat then progesterone preparations and physical rest are good.

  3. Spotting Bloody or Brown Discharge
  4. Menstruation does not occur during pregnancy. So, if you have spotting then you can try to save your pregnancy. For this purpose, it is mandatory to be administered a large dosage of progesterone orally and vaginally.
    You can get checked out by your specialist and then go from there. But this is a concern for pregnancy and definitely needs to be checked out.

  5. Abnormal Vaginal Discharge
  6. Vaginal Discharge

    At time there are abnormal discharges from the vagina. They are with an unpleasant smell and somewhat gray or green in color. Such thing happens when there is vaginal dysbiosis, fungal infection of the mucous membrane of the vagina or due to various sexual infections.

    All this is very dangerous for the life that has arisen. If you did not take tests for infection immediately before pregnancy then you need to do it now and quickly.

Advice for Expectant Mothers

There are several advices coming from all direction for future mother. So, here are some more to pile up on them.

  1. Blood Pressure Management
  2. Acquire a tonometer which is a method for measuring blood pressure. It is desirable to have an automatic cuff on the forearm. It is useful throughout your entire pregnancy, and after it as well.

    Blood Pressure

    If you feel bad and your blood pressure is lower than 110 by 70, take steps to increase it. It’s not trivial, but it’s the easiest way to normalize the pressure with light physical exertion. You can walk along the street.

    Just avoid heat and stuffiness. If you are afraid that your head may become dizzy then take the company of your husband, mother or friend.

  3. Diet for Pregnant Mothers
  4. Of the products, it is best to avoid coffee. Also, caffeine is found in tea, black and green tea as well as in chocolate. A sense of weakness often arises from hunger.

    diverstity food

    Loss of appetite as a result of nausea is a common occurrence for the first trimester. So, try to eat fractional, at least 5 times a day, avoiding products that cause gas formation.

    It can be some vegetables, if consumed in large quantities, peas and generally legumes, sweet cookies, etc.

    Intestinal colic in future mothers is particularly severe and provokes a painful strain of the uterus, which is potentially dangerous.

  5. Heartburn for Future Mothers
  6. In addition to the intestine, you also need to take care of your stomach. A rare future mother does not suffer from heartburn. Usually it is provoked by certain foods, for example, apples and jams. So, exclude them from their diet or at least do not eat before going to bed.

    In general, the horizontal position should be taken after meals. Sleep not less than an hour later, preferably after two, so as not to provoke an attack of heartburn. If heartburn cannot be avoided then you should not be tortured. There are treatments that are allowed during pregnancy at any time. So, consult your doctor to go about the best way for it or anything else.

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3 Weeks Pregnant: Signs and Symptoms