32 Weeks Pregnant: Signs and Symptoms

Check out the signs and symptoms of 32 weeks pregnant woman. Also, learn about the feelings, anxieties, sensations, complication along with the fetal development at this stage.

32 Weeks Pregnant

In terms of pregnancy, it is 32 weeks from conception or it is 34 obstetric week. After 5-6 weeks, you cannot worry about preterm birth, because the baby will be full and ready to be born.

Feeling and Anxieties of 32 Weeks Pregnant Woman

The tummy of my mother is already very large, because of this there is discomfort when sitting. It can cause terrible back pain. This is solved by adopting a more comfortable posture, laying under the back of the pillows.

  1. Increase Tummy Size and Weight Gain
  2. Difficulties are not only the increased tummy but also the weight that many moms are gaining in excess. Eat as usual. Do not overeat in the hope of giving birth to a child larger. The more a baby is, the harder it will be for you and it will be more difficult for him in childbirth, the risk of birth injuries in the child and perineal and cervical injuries in a pregnant woman is higher.

    Increase Tummy Size

    Approximately for a day, the kid types 25-27 grams of weight. So, you can even roughly calculate how much your baby will weigh – based on the weight placed on ultrasound in the third trimester.

    Take for the rule every day in the morning before breakfast to weigh. Did you notice that you scored too much? Arrange yourself a day off. Eat in one day only apples, cottage cheese, and yogurt. And drink as much as you want.

    Surely the next day when weighing you will notice a plumb line of at least 500 grams. Some doctors advise arranging unloading days regularly – every 1-2 weeks. If this is not too difficult for you, then follow this recommendation.

    There is another type of day of unloading – vegetable. It is very useful to eat lots of vegetables for women suffering from constipation. And those among the expectant mothers are the majority. In vegetables, a lot of fiber. It almost unchanged passes into the intestine, it swells, increases the lumen of the rectum and provokes an urge to defecate.

    In addition to vegetables, bran is very useful. They can be consumed with kefir. To add on a tablespoon in a cup. And wait until they swell. Very tasty and useful.

    At many mothers, constipations provoke accepted preparations, in particular, iron. But if you decide what is more dangerous -Iron-deficiency anemia or constipation, then, of course, the first. And with constipation, you need to fight the methods described earlier. Lactulose syrup can also be taken.

  3. Choosing Birth Place
  4. In addition to feeling physically impotent in thirty-two weeks, future mothers are concerned about the choice of a place where the baby will be born. And some moms come to the conclusion that it’s better if it happens at home.

    On the one hand, you can relax at home, have the support of close people, invited an experienced midwife nearby. On the other hand, home birth seriously threatens the child’s life, so in a critical situation, the operation of the house will not be done.

    Choosing Birth Place

    In Holland, there is a state program on childbirth. If a woman begins to give birth, then a team of doctors comes to her with the necessary equipment and tools for urgent help. And near the exit, there is an ambulance car. Anywhere else, there is no such thing. Therefore, you should not take risks.

    You can choose a good maternity home in advance, and for free according to the certificate. Only it is worth knowing in advance what the climate is in the maternity hospital. Often the wards are very heated, which causes the mother and child to suffer.

    Another important point – the stay of the mother and the child, it will be joint or the baby will be brought only for the time of feeding. Joint stay is good in that lactation is easier and faster in this way. The second option is suitable for mom’s postnatal rest. Only she must decide how best.

    But childbirth and stay in the hospital is only a short process. It is necessary to find also a children’s doctor who will observe the baby after his birth. In the first month after the birth, the children are examined once a week, and then once a month until they are one year old.

    It can be a polyclinic at the place of residence. In this case, the service will be free of charge according to the generic certificate. And you can conclude an agreement with a private clinic. Usually, it costs very moderately, and doctors can come for examinations at home to patients, which is very convenient.

Fetal Development in 32 Weeks Pregnant Mother

The fluff that grew in the baby all over his body almost completely fell out or became invisible.

The lungs are almost ripe for respiratory function. On ultrasound, their structure is the same as that of the liver. The main sign of maturation.

If the fetus is born at this time, at 32 weeks or 33 weeks of gestation from conception, then it has great chances to be as full as full-term children.

With these babies, there are usually no problems. They do not need artificial ventilation. Is that, the minimum support of oxygen. They are not put in intensive care.

32 Week Fetal Development

Immediately into the compartment, into the cuvette, but with heating, since subcutaneous fat is still not enough, thermoregulation suffers. The baby needs a little more to grow, gain weight, and you can leave.

But this does not mean that mummies can somehow stimulate their generic activity in the hope of a better outcome!
An absolute majority of babies have already taken a position in the uterus, which will remain until the very birth. But there are units that will replace it. This probability is in the case of polyhydramnios.

To find out in what position the fetus is in the uterus – at the top of its head or below, from which side of the back, enough examination of the doctor. Elementary palpation specialist and everything will fall into place.

If your child is now in the pelvic position and will stay there until the 38th week, the leading gynecologist will send you to the hospital. And it is there that doctors will decide – to let you into the natural birth or do cesarean section. With boys almost always operate. But with the girls are possible different options – and natural childbirth, and surgical, depending on the degree of risk for the mother and child.

32 Week Fetal Development

Fetometry of the fetus is as follows:

  • BPR – 79-93 mm.
  • LZ – 101-119 mm.
  • OG – 295-339 mm.
  • OZH – 276 -336 mm.
  • BK – 60-70 mm.
  • PC – 55-65 mm.
  • KP – 48-56 mm.
  • KG – 55-63 mm.

The testicles of the boys have already descended into the scrotum, except 4%, which will be born with not dropped. But it does not matter. Virtually all boys have the process of migration ending by the end of the first year of extra uterine life. In girls, genital organs also fully formed internally and externally -small labia are covered by large ones.

Nails of toddlers are growing actively. They appeared above the fingertips. Very sharp and fragile. Children can hurt themselves after birth. Cutting baby nails is not an easy task. Many parents go the other way and put on children something like a mitten, the so-called scratch.

What happens to the baby in thirty-two weeks yet? The immune system child is running and working out antibodies. Work and adrenal glands, forming a steroid hormone.

Possible Complications in Pregnancy

There are many things that can happen to 32 weeks pregnant mother especially in the third trimester. I mean, we are really close to childbirth now and there can be some problems. So, it’s better to be prepared for these complications by learning about them in advance.

  1. Feeling Early Contractions
  2. If the 32 weeks pregnant mother starts to feel contractions then this is a complication. To begin with, try to determine – these are fights or preparatory, that is, false. The latter is characterized by low intensity, long interval and rapid termination.

    Often the appearance of real fights is preceded by the so-called departure of the mucous plug from of the vagina. It is such a voluminous lump of mucus brown or having bloody veins.

    Increase Contraction

    Actually, the fact that it comes out of the cervix, signals its opening. And the blood in the mucus arises from the bursting capillaries in the cervical canal when it opens.

    If your stomach hurts, and the mucous plug comes off – you need to go urgently to the hospital. If there is no cork, but there are regular pains – you also need to go.

    Doctors will try to stop childbirth and, most likely, will make a shot of dexamethasone, so that after birth the baby could just breathe on his own.

    By the way, since we have started talking about premature birth, many will probably have a question about the abolition of progesterone preparations – they are often prescribed from early periods of pregnancy Women who have a high risk of early interruption.

    The drug is withdrawn for a maximum of 36 obstetric weeks (or 34 from conception). Usually, the doctor gives a scheme for the gradual withdrawal of progesterone, so that there is no hypertension of the uterus.

    The fact that due to prolonged intake of progesterone there will be an “oak” neck, which in childbirth may not open up – is not true. Typically, problems with the neck are primiparous, and regardless of whether they took progesterone or not.

  3. Bleeding Starts
  4. If the bleeding starts then there is something wrong obviously. Usually indicates a premature detachment of the placenta.

    A very dangerous complication, which, if a woman does not quickly operate, threatens to kill her, and the fetus in the first place.

    It perishes from hypoxia, and the mother – from the loss of blood. When bloody discharge appears, you need to call an ambulance without delay.

  5. Increasing Pressure
  6. If the pressure has risen, the head was ill, there were strong swelling, nausea and vomiting, urination became rare, vision deterioration, hearing – all these are signs gestosis, requiring in-patient treatment. And in severe cases, even emergency delivery.

    Increase Pressure

    In 32 weeks of pregnancy (34 obstetric) these or other symptoms of gestosis begin to be felt by many future mothers.

    The high-risk group includes pregnant women with diseases of the cardiovascular system (especially witharterial hypertension), heart defects, chronic pyelonephritis, urolithiasis, as well as those who have already had gestosis in past pregnancies.

    By the way, the last risk factor is not so pronounced. It so happens that at the first pregnancygestosis was, and the second and subsequent there.

    Is treated gestosis only childbirth. And doctors can only observe and provide symptomatic help. The goal is to reach up to 37-38 obstetric weeks, that is, until full term pregnancy.

    Paying attention to the condition and pace of development of the fetus, as they also get worse with gestosis.
    Dopplerometry – control of the uterine-placental blood flow is necessarily performed regularly.

Advice to 32 Weeks Pregnant Woman

The baby increases in growth due to the elongation and strengthening of the bones. Well, to do this, you need a lot of calcium, which it takes from the mother’s body.

Usually in the third trimester, many mothers have these or other symptoms of calcium deficiency. For example, the desire to chew on a wall or chalk, increased sensitivity of teeth, caries, pain in the pubic area, brittle hair and nails. Someone starts to eat calcium gluconate.

Advice to Mothers

The recommendation here is the following: in the diet of the future mother there must be dairy and dairy products. Since many adult people do not tolerate whole cow milk, an alternative to it can be kefir, bifid, fermented burger, etc.

Good calcium is absorbed from cottage cheese and cheese, but just do not take too fatty. Cheese is desirable to eat hard varieties. It is believed that it is from the sour milk and dairy products that calcium is best absorbed. Of vegetable products should pay attention to sesame. Grain can be added to almost any food.

Among vitamin preparations, calcium with vitamin D3 in the complex belongs to the first place. It is he that allows calcium to be most effectively absorbed. It is usually appointed for one month. By the way, a pleasant moment – these pills are chewing and perfectly relieve heartburn.

Useful Purchases for 32 Weeks Pregnant Mother

The baby needs a separate bed from the moment of birth. Although now there are many supporters of joint sleep, but it is more convenient, as they later understand themselves, to sleep separately.

Baby Bath Set

There are cribs of different shapes, colors, from different types of wood, but the question usually is whether to buy a crib with a rocking device (pendulum), or maybe on wheels or without it all?

Experienced mothers are advised to take with a pendulum, but do not abuse them – gently rock only occasionally, if the baby, for example, wakes up too early at night, and for his anxiety there is no special reason (the diaper is dry, to drink and does not want, not hot and not cold) .

In the future, the crib can be fixed in a fixed position. The same goes for the crib with wheels. It is also convenient to rock the child. And, if necessary, they can be removed.

A quality mattress in the crib is also important. It must exactly match the baby in size. Also, soft pads on all bed is necessary even in pillows for children under 2 years.

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32 Weeks Pregnant: Signs and Symptoms