33 Weeks Pregnant: Signs and Symptoms

Check out the signs and symptoms in 33 weeks pregnant woman. Learn all about the sensations, feeling, anxieties along with the development that happens in the middle of the third trimester.

33 Weeks Pregnant

In terms of pregnancy, it is 33 weeks from conception or 35 midwives. At this time in the body of the mother, there is no global change. As for the state of health, everything is individual here – someone becomes slightly lighter, and someone is getting heavier every day and wants to give birth sooner.

Signs and Symptoms in 33 Weeks Pregnant Woman

There are new signs and symptoms that are observed in 33 weeks pregnant mother. Some of these may be serious whereas others are normal. To understand them in more depth is useful to learn when it’s time to consult a doctor. So, here are some new and old signs and symptoms that come to light in 33 weeks pregnant woman.

  1. Increased Urination
  2. Increase Urination

    If earlier some mums managed to restrain themselves from frequent visits to the toilet at least at night, now it is becoming more complicated.

    In addition, involuntary separation of urine can occur. In this case, Kegel exercises for strengthening the muscles of the pelvic floor are good. And from leakage save hygiene pads.

    Such problems arise not only because of the severe tummy, but also its low location, the entry of the child’s head into the pelvis.

  3. Pain in Lower Back and When Urinating
  4. At long term, the risk of gestational pyelonephritis because of stagnation of urine is getting higher. If you have also added to these symptoms – you need to see a doctor immediately.

    Pain in Lower Back

    The doctor will give a referral to the urine test, where the level leukocytes, protein, and erythrocytes.

    Bladder and the kidneys are close to the female’s reproductive system, so if there is an infection, it can spread to the uterus with the baby. There is a threat of intrauterine infection of the fetus.

    The treatment is to take antibacterial drugs. And more often long, about two weeks. The drug is chosen to be effective, based on the results of sowing urine, but safe for the fetus.

    The effectiveness of the treatment is assessed by the analysis of urine by Nechiporenko. In parallel with this, a diet with restriction of acute and saline is recommended.

Understanding Stomach Drops During Pregnancy

In principle, for this period is the norm. However, most likely, the birth will occur earlier than in 4 weeks, that is, before your PDR you do not reach.

How do you know if your stomach is down? You can periodically take a photo in the profile and compare.

Stomach Drops

Usually, with a significant entry of the baby’s head into the mother’s pelvis, the palm rest easy between her breasts and stomach. The tummy becomes more convenient to “wear” hands. Without a bandage, it is very difficult.

The doctor easily determines the low level of the uterus by the mobility of the child’s head, if it is the presenting part (located at the bottom). In this case, it becomes stationary. And in general, the baby is moving much less, because it is almost in a vice. But it does not hurt. Do not worry.

Another clear symptom of lowering the tummy in 33 weeks of pregnancy is the disappearance of heartburn in a future mother, a feeling that it became easier to breathe. After all, the diaphragm already does not have such a strong pressure.

There are a number of women whose uterus descends only during childbirth. Mostly these are mummies, whose babies are located in the abdomen, not with the head down, but with the buttocks or across. And also with polyhydramnios.

A large amount of water in the head area does not allow the baby to fall lower. By the way, with this obstetrical situation, when the fights begin or the labor is stimulated, the doctors perform a puncture of the amniotic fluid. Otherwise, the cervix will not open or it will open very slowly.

Understanding Mucus Plug in Pregnancy

Another very important issue is the mucus plug in pregnancy. Her departure, as well as the lowering of the abdomen, usually indicates an early birth. Only in the case of a cork, this is a signal of the beginning of the opening of the cervix. That is, this is a more obvious symptom of the onset of labor.

Mucus Plug

In the Network, you can find a lot of descriptions of the mucous plug and even photos. Someone tells that the cork can go away for several days, gradually, simply in the form of mucous secretions.

Others tell us about its large size, with a palm, and a very frightening appearance – with veins of blood.

By the way, the latter option is usually a signal of an early birth. It is advisable to consult a doctor as soon as it is too early to give birth. The kid is not full yet.

Perhaps, doctors will help prolong the pregnancy of the week by 2-3. In 33 weeks pregnant mother or even in 34 weeks gestation from conception still give birth to a bit early.

After the passage of the mucous plug, one should not take a hot bath and have sex, as it was during pregnancy that protected the amniotic fluid from various pathogens microorganisms living in the vagina. Now, this protection is no longer there.

Smear Test in Pregnancy

Experts recommendation for mucus plug is to test the smear from the vagina

Unfortunately, at the end of pregnancy, doctors rarely take such an important smear. But there are microorganisms that do not provoke special discomfort in the mother’s genital tract but can lead to severe consequences for both in childbirth.

This applies, for example, to Group B Streptococcus, which causes pneumonia and septicemia. If it is found in the genital tract of the mother in the last month of pregnancy, doctors prescribe her a systemic antibiotic.

Usually, this is done closer to birth or directly at the beginning or the passage of amniotic fluid. But no later than 4 hours before the birth of the child.

Fetal Development in 33 Weeks Pregnant Mother

The baby weighs like some full-term newborn babies – 2400 grams, or even more! Now the fetus is gaining weight very actively. In a week approximately from 220 to 350 grams. So are born well-fed babies. Subcutaneous fat has been deposited everywhere, and especially in the area of the forearm.

33 Week Fetal Development

If the child is born at this time, then, most likely, in the hospital he will not need additional heating in the cuvette. More than 90% of children born now do not have serious health problems and do not require special medical care.

Nevertheless, many of them need further easy rehabilitation, as they have increased or decreased muscle tone and other small neurological abnormalities that prevent rapid development.

Since the baby is big, and the water is getting smaller every day (except for women with polyhydramnios), the perturbations are no longer so diverse.

Usually, Mommy only feels how the child rests his head or legs in this or that wall of the uterus. In addition, it is believed that the children are somewhat quieted closer to childbirth. However, this lull is relative.

33 Week Fetal Development

If you notice that the child does not move for a long time, or the movements are very light, not, as usual, be sure to visit the doctor in the next few hours. This may be a sign of intrauterine hypoxia – lack of oxygen.

In general, the child is already considered mature. In his bones formed the nucleus of ossification, and the brain has the same structure as ours, and still continues to develop.

The position in which the fetus is located in the uterus still varies. But if he is sitting on the pope, and the woman is diagnosed with hypochlorism, the chance that the child will turn over is very small.

How to understand now, in thirty-three weeks, what happens to the fetus, in what position is it, can you feel its revolution? This is very individual. So, in the case of polyhydramnios, a woman does not feel pain at all during the child’s upheaval, only the feeling of stretching the abdomen to the sides, a strong swarming. But if there is not a lot of water, then there may be a pain, and even the body temperature can rise.

It is not always easy to determine independently in what position the child is now. Usually, moms pay attention to the place in which the so-called hiccup of the fetus is felt from above or below. Also, on a long pregnancy, you can pay attention to the shape of the uterus.

In a pelvic presentation, the maternal tummy is tall, and the uterus has the correct shape of the egg, and not upturned, as in the case with the head presentation.

33 Week Fetal Development

Fetometry of the fetus is as follows:

  • BPR – 81-95mm.
  • LZ – 103-121mm.
  • OG – 299-345 mm.
  • OZH – 285 -345 mm.
  • BK – 62-72mm.
  • PC – 55-65mm.
  • КП – 48-56мм.
  • KG – 55-63mm.

If the child has the parameters below, the program calculates the approximate weight less than it should be at this time. Where does this lowliness come from? There are many reasons.

If the parents of the baby are also born small, have a small height and weight, then their child is genetically programmed to be born and grow light and not high.

Many mothers near the end of pregnancy have fetoplacental insufficiency. Due to some factors, for example, many medications are taken, smoking, chronic diseases, the placenta begins to age prematurely. Worse is the baby’s oxygen and nutrients.

Unfortunately, it will not be possible to “update” it. And doctors can only observe the development of the child. And, if necessary, urgently cause labor or perform an operation cesarean section.

By the time of birth, the weight of the children should be from 2700 grams and above. This is normal.

Advice for 33 Weeks Pregnant Woman

Read more about children namely – on how to properly lay children to sleep, breastfeed, create a regime of the day, different life lives with the baby at home. What you think is important – write or print. Believe me, it will be very useful to you.

Advice for Mothers

Childbirth is only a very short period of time. Life with an infant is much more complicated and causes more questions. As the well-known doctor says Komarovsky, future mummies should go to the consultation not only to the doctor gynecologist but also to the pediatrician.

After all, who does not he tell about creating the right climate in the child’s room, the nuances of his feeding and weight gain in the first months.

The climate should be discussed separately. Before delivery, you must install “cranes” on the central heating batteries, so that they can be blocked in case the apartment becomes very warm, or more complex devices – thermostats. The ideal temperature in the room with the baby is about 22 degrees.

At the same humidity should be at least 40%. You can immediately purchase a household air humidifier. And to control the temperature and humidity in the room, it is convenient to use a hygrometer. And better mercury, electronic often show the wrong result and break.

Correct air temperature and humidity are important for a child’s well-being and full sleep. With dry air, which, by the way, create heating devices, dry crusts form in the nose. They then interfere with breathing normally and sleeping.

So, upgrade batteries if necessary or get an air humidifier, a hygrometer, and a thermometer.

More fun tips for 33 weeks pregnant woman to get the attention of pain are as follow.

  1. Lifeshack: Using Skype as a Video Nanny
  2. To not be with the child around the clock in the room, it is very convenient to use various technical devices “tracking”.

    Video nannies usually are quite expensive, and there is often no need for their long-term use. But laptops, netbooks, tablets are already in most of us.

    So, you need to install Skype on your phone and on another device, which you will have to place in front of the crib with the child.

    Next, call yourself from one device to another via Skype, start a call. Thus, you can watch on your phone what is happening in the room. Do not go into it and do not risk waking the baby.

  3. Buy Baby Necessities
  4. The necessary “little things” – a chaise longue or a cradle


    A chaise lounge is a small device, a child seat of the correct anatomical shape, in which it is convenient to hold the child. The so-called cocoon is also used for this purpose. They can put the baby and carry around the apartment.

    For example, if you cook in the kitchen or eat, then you can put the device on the table with the baby if he does not sleep or is naughty. He will be calmer next to his mother.

    A cradle on wheels is another maneuverable device that can be used for the first 6 months of a child’s life instead of a crib.

    The fact that the cradle is cramped is even good. The baby is calmer in such cramped surroundings, it reminds them of the sensations that Mama had in her tummy.

  5. Do Not Go Overboard
  6. Do not buy too many disposable diapers. 1-2 packs are enough. The fact is that sometimes the children have an allergic reaction to this or that brand of diapers, and it is necessary to change it.

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33 Weeks Pregnant: Signs and Symptoms