34 Weeks Pregnant: Signs and Symptoms

Check out sensations and feelings of 34 weeks pregnant woman. Learn all about the signs, symptoms, fetal development along with the anxieties and pressures of the upcoming childbirth.

34 Weeks Pregnant

In terms of pregnancy, it is 34 weeks from conception or 36 midwives. Exactly 8 months of pregnancy. If before you dreamed that the tummy grew faster, now you want to quickly give birth and get rid of this heavy burden.

Signs and Symptoms in 34 Weeks Pregnant Woman

There are many new and old signs and symptoms that can be observed in 34 weeks pregnant woman. However, some of these signs if pushed to the limit may be harmful to both, the mother and the baby. So it is best to learn all about them as is given below.

  1. Increase in Weight and Size of Abdomen
  2. Now the expectant mother is normally gaining 300-350 grams per week. But not more than 500 grams. If the future mother, having come to the gynecologist for a scheduled appointment in two weeks, has gained more than 1 kilogram, the doctor will necessarily pay attention to it.

    Increase Tummy Size

    Of course, if it’s 1.5-2 kilograms, then, most likely, the mother is nokushalsya salty, because of what she had stayed liquid in the body. Or maybe she just ate the last few days tightly.

    If more than 2 kilograms, but the rest is all normal, she will be given turnout in a shorter time, in a week, for control weighing and, possibly, referral to inpatient treatment.

    During the second and third trimester of pregnancy, the doctor measures the girth of the pregnant belly (according to the level of the navel) and the height of the bottom of the uterus. Each week they grow about 1 cm.

    Sometimes the tummy grows slightly more slowly, then the doctor directs the future mother on ultrasound to make sure that there is no intrauterine delay in the development of the fetus.

    If the rate of growth of the uterus is too high, there is a suspicion of a large fetus and polyhydramnios. The great height of the standing of the uterine fundus and the girth of the abdomen are mummies, bearing twins and triplets. They are gaining weight faster than those who have singleton pregnancy.

  3. Tingling in the Limbs
  4. This unpleasant symptom usually occurs simultaneously with swelling.

    It is necessary to simply mop up limbs more often, massage, perform rotational movements.

    After the birth, everything will gradually come back to normal.

  5. Pressure on Crotch
  6. Pressure on Crotch

    It arises from the fact that the fruit falls deeply into the pelvis of the mother.

    Usually relieves an unpleasant feeling of a bandage.

    Prevent premature birth, in this case, should not be. Yes, it is not, as such.

    After all, after 2 weeks of pregnancy will be considered absolutely full.

  7. Heartburn and Nausea
  8. Heartburn and even nausea sometimes after eating is common. Too high while the tummy is. Therefore, such unpleasant sensations occur in the thirty-four weeks of pregnancy.

    Heartburn during Pregnancy

    Stock up with tablets “Renny”. They usually do not help for a long time, but within a day it is allowed to suck up to 11 pieces. Since the “Renny” includes calcium, many future mothers are afraid to take this drug.

    The fact is that calcium, if it enters the body in too large quantities, can lead to infection of the fontanel in the child, make the skull bones very dense, and all this will lead to heavy births.

    However, the fact is that calcium from the “Rennie” is almost not absorbed. He goes all to the extinction of the acid in the stomach. So, you can absolutely not worry about this.

    With light heartburn attacks, ordinary non-carbonated water, milk, mineral water (also preferably without gas) helps.

  9. Constipation
  10. The farther away, the harder it is to go to the toilet. Have enough patience and stop taking drugs, which are no longer needed.

    For example, “Magne B6”, he is also “Magnelis”. Trying to remove hypertension of the uterus to prevent premature birth is practically meaningless. Very soon give birth in any case.


    At the same time, progesterone preparations for women who have a real threat of premature birth are already canceled – a short and softened cervix of the uterus. Remember that all these drugs weaken the intestinal peristalsis, and therefore constipation occurs.

    If the matter is not in the preparations, then laxatives of local action can be used. These are microclysters “MikrolaksAnd rectal suppositories with glycerol. They help soften the feces and cause an urge to empty the intestine for 15 minutes.

    Minus of these drugs – if available hemorrhoids, they provoke its aggravation. On the other hand, constipation also negatively affects the health of the rectum.

    Another trouble is pain or discomfort during the laxative remedy. When using glycerin suppositories, the uterus painfully tenses, and from microclimis laxatives burns in the rectum.

    It is better to stop the choice of lactulose syrup (“Dufalac”, Normaz”). After the correct, effective dosage is selected (this is an individual moment, only indicative figures are written in the manual), the chair will become regular and painless.

    Lactulose syrup is absolutely not absorbed into the blood, completely excreted by the body and can be taken in the right dosages without harm to the fetus. And in the future with lactation if necessary.

  11. Edema
  12. They are almost inevitable. But rightly eating women who do not abuse sausages, cheese, chips, pickles and other products that are full of salt, there are usually no problems with either weight or puffiness.

    Read about proper nutrition and implement your knowledge. Then by the end of pregnancy, you will feel much better.

    Medication diuretics can be used only as prescribed by a doctor. Without an appointment, only folk remedies. The most effective of them is cranberry mors.

  13. Diarrhea
  14. If it is not associated with intestinal infection, poisoning or some food (for example, cabbage), talk about the so-called intestinal cleansing before delivery.

    Someone starts to clean the intestines a month before the birth, and someone for a few hours. However, isolated this symptom is not a sign of an early birth.

  15. Mucous Discharge from Vagina
  16. If they are very plentiful, the mucus is rather thick, then it can be assumed that this leaves the mucous plug from the cervix. If you now go to the examination to see a doctor, he can confirm this or deny it.

    vaginal discharge

    In some women, the mucous plug begins to depart a month before delivery, and someone in a few hours.

    Another thing, if the allocation is not too abundant, but accompanied by itching and burning.

    This is one of the symptoms of bacterial vaginosis(vaginal dysbiosis). In pregnancy inflammatory processes in the vagina- a frequent phenomenon. It is necessary to be treated.

    Usually, it is enough to use vaginal suppositories with chlorhexidine(“Geksikon”) for 7-10 days for 1-2 suppositories per day.

  17. Pigment Bands
  18. Pigment band along the middle part of the abdomen becomes darker, the area of the armpits and the skin of the abdomen are more pigmented.

    After childbirth, when the tummy begins to decrease, pigmentations o generally becomes very noticeable. Do not worry. This is a benign phenomenon.

    Wipe your tummy with a washcloth and soap – a tedious task, rather, damage your skin. It is necessary to suffer. In some women completely pigmentation disappears only in the second year after childbirth.

Fetal Development in 34 Weeks Pregnant Mother

This is already quite a big, fattened little man. There are only a few weeks left before your meeting. The baby has nice little cheeks, enough subcutaneous fat has been deposited. Very well developed sucking muscles. On ultrasound, you can see their work – like a baby sucking a finger. On the tiny buttocks and cheeks, dimples appeared.

34 Week Fetal Development

The weight of the fruit is about 2700 grams. Some babies have already grown to 3 kg or even slightly more. These are born large – more than 4 kg. In the meantime, ultrasound can only provide a tendency to a large fetus.

Now the doctor pays much attention to the size of the head. Incidentally, it is this parameter that largely determines the course of labor, whether the baby will pass through the pelvis of the mother and whether she will have tears of the cervix or perineum.

Usually, problems arise when the head is 36 cm or more in circumference. Children with this head have a weight of 4 kg.

Bones on the head of a child are mobile, they are interconnected so far only with cartilage. Ossification at the seams occurs after birth. Thus, the baby is born easier. However, there are cases of incompatibility of the size of the fetal head and pelvis of the mother. In this case, childbirth occurs through surgery cesarean section.

The shape of the child’s head is in utero-oval, rounded. But after childbirth can be deformed, often pointed. Do not worry. Soon this will improve.

Naturally, the position of the fetal head is important. It should be at the bottom. Toddler upside down is very comfortable because the uterus has the shape of an inverted pear. Crossed children’s legs it is more convenient to be on top, than in a narrow part from below. However, there are situations when the fetus is not in a hurry to turn over. For example, if the upper part of the uterus has myoma – a benign tumor that deforms the cavity.

Mothers who wear twins and triplets need to be ready, since their births usually begin earlier, at 8 months of pregnancy. Try not to leave for areas far from maternity hospitals and always have an exchange medical card with a pregnant woman.

The kid now in norm less makes movements, there is no place. But what happens to the fetus inside, how it rests legs and handles in the wall of the uterus – is felt very well in 34 gestational weeks. If you become much less likely to feel your child – consult a doctor as soon as possible. Let him listen to his heart. Perhaps there is a hypoxia.

Often, women believe that the sign of hypoxia is very intense fetal movements. This is true. But they usually arise in response to a sharp decrease in oxygen, for example, when the mother is in a stuffy room. Then it helps to just go out into the fresh air. But chronic hypoxia shows itself to be a low activity of the fetus.

34 Week Fetal Development

Fetometry of the fetus is as follows:

  • BPR – 83-97mm.
  • LZ – 104-124mm.
  • OG – 303-349 mm.
  • OZH – 292 -354 mm.
  • BK – 64-74mm.
  • PC – 57-67mm.
  • KP – 50-58mm.
  • KG – 58-66mm.

Advice for 34 Weeks Pregnant Woman

The most important advice for 34 weeks pregnant woman is to start wearing a bandage.Many women do not do this for fear of buying the wrong model or the wrong size. You should not be afraid of this. It is actually difficult to make a mistake.

Doctors usually recommend bandages in the form of a belt. And it is better to take one that is wider. Estimate your size or not, you can directly at the place of sale. In the same pharmacy.

Advice to Mothers

Many people will object to this, that the bandage is put on lying down. Yes, it is. But your task now is only to decide on the size. To see if Velcro will stick securely and whether there remains a small stock of tape since the tummy will still grow.

Some types of bandages can later be used as postpartum if they are worn by the other side, wider on the abdomen. However, as prenatal they are less convenient, as practice shows. After birth, the bandage is used to quickly restore the tone of the abdominal muscles and more rapid contraction of the uterus.

Will the bandage prevent the child from turning over in the right position, if it is in the uterus head up? No, it does not interfere if you do not abuse his wearing. And you need to wear a bandage only when you are in a vertical position, for example, wash dishes, clean, walk in the street.

If you sit or lie, and most of the expectant mothers at 34 weeks and later – at 35 weeks of pregnancy, and so on, just spend their leisure time, the bandage, of course, is not needed. It’s just not convenient to sit in it. Well, lying on him is no use. And children usually turn around when their mother is in complete rest, that is, resting in a horizontal position.

The bandage helps very well to relieve tension from the muscles of the lumbar region. Thus, stamina is increased. It does not hurt to walk anymore, the tummy is reliably supported by an elastic band. And hypertension of the uterus, arising, among other things, because of the weak abdominal wall, which hangs down, less pains. There is an opinion that the bandage helps to avoid stretch marks.

Unfortunately, this is not true. The only effective prevention is a small set of weight, as the skin suffers if forced to stretch. Well, and much depends on its genetic characteristics.

Useful Purchases for 34 Weeks Pregnant Woman

Now many mothers refuse from diapers, so as not to prevent the child from developing. But if you use them moderately, to disguise your baby at the moment of wakefulness in sliders and blouses, they are very useful.

Useful Purchases

What’s good is in diapers? In fact, in the first 3-4 months of life, and sometimes longer, babies in a diaper sleep better. There is a neurological feature of small children – to throw up the handles in a dream, to shudder. And these movements during sleep they wake themselves up.

Mom again has to give the baby a breast or rock, so that he falls asleep. But if the child is in a diaper, he will not wake himself. Gradually you can stop swaddling the legs, leaving only the handles hidden.

Yes, and yet, diapers do not help legs to grow straight. It depends on the nutrition of the child and the wealth in the body of calcium and vitamin D.

How to buy a diaper? It depends on whether you plan to keep the baby in diapers or reusable gauze diapers. If the second, then tune to the fact that the baby will urinate up to 20 times a day and relieve the intestines again 5-7 per day.

Since there is no great growth from gauze, thin diapers need not less than 20 pieces, and it is better more. Fat is about the same. But their number depends on the time of the year. In summer, diaper diapers are not used.

If you plan to use disposable diapers (“pampers”), then enough will be a dozen diapers.

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34 Weeks Pregnant: Signs and Symptoms