37 Weeks Pregnant: Signs and Symptoms

Check out the sensations and feelings of 37 weeks pregnant woman. Learn all about the preparations for childbirth along with the fetal development towards the end of third trimester and pregnancy.

37 weeks pregnant

The pregnancy age is of 37 weeks from conception or 39 obstetric weeks. It remains exactly a week before the expected date of delivery. However, they will begin on that day, not many. About a quarter of women will give birth on this week. It’s absolutely safe and normal.

Feelings and Sensations of 37 Weeks Pregnant Woman

The fatigue of a very heavy tummy becomes more and more noticeable. Mamma is annoyed that her acquaintances have already had childbirth at the same time, and she is still “walking like an elephant”, and there are no precursors of close labor.


It should be noted that the sensation of an early birth in a 37 weeks pregnant woman may not be even a few hours before the onset of labor.

On the contrary, the fact that you are feeling more or less well gives you now a chance to rest before a very hard work – childbirth. Sleep until you have the opportunity. And let your body decide for itself – when to start the birth process.

If you are worried about the psychological moment – friends are bothering with questions about whether you have already given birth or not and why not yet, try to shift communication with them to your husband.

For the future (you are surely planning more children), remember that you do not need to tell your exact date of birth. Or can call, but only for a week later the PDR. Then you will not get questions ahead of time.

Do not be afraid of births. Not always the first birth can be long and difficult. Well, the second and subsequent traditionally proceed faster. True, they say that contractions and attempts are more painful. However, this is not always the case. Much depends on the woman’s ability to relax. In the first half of the battles, it is quite possible.

breathing during labor

The correct breathing and presentation of the contraction in the form of a wave help a lot, it gradually builds up, reaches a painful peak and then comes to naught.

If your pain threshold is too high, there is always an opportunity to do epidural anesthesia. We advise you, with this desire, to agree in advance with the doctors about the anesthesia in the hospital.

If the hospital is in the wilderness and an anesthesiologist does not work there permanently, problems with anesthesia may occur. It is better to choose a maternity hospital larger.

Many women, because of the fear of childbirth, want to have a husband with them next to them. Partner births are not possible in all maternity homes. You have the last few days to find a suitable maternity home and to agree on joint births. By the way, that they are allowed to your husband (mother, sister, friend or other loved one), he must pass a number of tests.

Fetal Development in 37 Weeks Pregnant Mother

The weight of the fetus exceeded 3 kg, and in some women even approached to 4 kg. It’s no wonder. Pregnancy already full, the fruit is absolutely viable. It remains only to wait until the body of the mother and child at the hormonal level will start the process of childbirth.

By the way, every fourth child is born precisely this week, a few days before the expected date of birth with respect to the obstetric period.

At many children on this term, the cord of the umbilical cord of the body or neck is marked. Some do not have a single, but a twofold and a threefold.

37 Week Fetal Development

This is one of the main fears of pregnant women. They are sure that the winding umbilical cord- this is practically a guarantee of asphyxia in the fetus. But it is not all that bad.

During fetal existence, the baby’s lungs do not work, he does not inhale air. Oxygen goes to his blood through the umbilical cord. Therefore while accusation is absolutely not dangerous. But only if it is not very tight, or the umbilical cord is not too short, which is very rare.

However, in any case, now in almost all maternity hospitals there are KTG devices and at least 40-60 minutes in the process of childbirth the heartbeats of the fetus are recorded. The doctor often listens to the heartbeat of the child with the help of an obstetric stethoscope. If something goes wrong then there will be an emergency cesarean section.

When the baby is born naturally, leaving its head out, the midwife or doctor will gently remove the umbilical cord. This is not difficult to do since the length of the umbilical cord is 55-65 cm. And the baby will be able to breathe deeply.

That is accusation umbilical cord- this is only a nuance that must be remembered when you go to childbirth. But this is not an indication for cesarean section.

Look at the ultrasound before delivery of the placenta: it is necessary to determine its degree of maturity. Usually, it’s 2 or 3 at this time. That is, the placenta is aging. But it’s not scary because the birth is very close.

The main thing is that the woman does not pass more than 2-3 weeks, otherwise the fruit will begin to suffer because of a lack of nutrition and oxygen. The placenta is not designed for such a long uninterrupted operation.

By the way, its functions are not only in the transportation of food and oxygen, but also antibodies from the mother’s body. In utero, the immune system of the baby is formed. And the first three months after the birth of the child, there are only those antibodies that his mother “shared” with him.

The process of antibody transfer continues during breastfeeding. Mostly in the first six months of life, since later lactation is introduced, which replaces mother’s milk. But the antibodies continue to be transmitted to about 1 year of the child’s life. Some experts say that in the older age. For this reason, including, it is so important to breastfeed. According to statistics, infants breastfeeding mothers are less prone to infectious diseases.

Another situation is observed in the Rh-conflict between the mother and the fetus. It can occur in the case of Rh-negative blood from the mother and Rh-positive (as well as from the father) in the fetus. Antibodies mothers then have a negative effect – they destroy the red blood cells in the fetus, causing hemolytic disease.

37 Week Fetal Development

Therefore, it is so important during pregnancy to all Rh-negative mothers, whose rhesus-positive spouses, to donate blood to the antibody titer.

If the tests are completely bad, the woman will give birth before the term, so as not to worsen the condition of the child.

The baby is now full of intestines, and the doctor sees it. Contents of the intestine of the fetus -meconium, a green viscous substance. He will stay inside until the birth of the child. However, there are situations when meconium begins to retreat even during labor or even before they begin. This is a bad sign, indicating a relaxation of the sphincter. This happens only as a result of oxygen starvation – hypoxia.

Whether the doctor can notice a departure of a meconium on the US in 37 weeks pregnant woman and further, in 38 weeks of pregnancy? There is no high accuracy. It can only be assumed if a thick suspension is visible in the waters.

It is clearly possible to see meconium after the passage of amniotic fluid. They will be green. However, only the result of ultrasound shows the truth. This is not an occasion to stimulate childbirth or to promptly give birth to a woman if the result of Doppler is good.

The fetus is already quite large, so it takes a lot of water to swallow, full renewal in the uterus occurs at the time of thirty-seven gestational weeks already every 3 hours – which is a very short time interval. By the way, in women with a large fetus, in almost 100% of cases, there is a moderate polyhydramnios for this reason.

Fetometry is as follows:

  • BPR – 88-102mm;
  • LZ – 109-129mm;
  • OG – 311-359 mm;
  • OZ – 310 -374 mm;
  • BK – 69-79mm;
  • PC – 61-71mm;
  • KP – 53-61mm;
  • KG – 60-70mm.

The skin of the baby becomes light. The vessels no longer appear through it. Well, after the birth some babies will be pink, like pigs, others slightly bluish, which indicates hypoxia. Skin color is one of the most important indicators of a child’s health. It is assessed when Apgar scale.

The present part of the baby goes down every day into the pelvis. The future mother notices that it became easier to breathe, but to walk, on the contrary, is heavier.

Signs of Beginning of Childbirth in 37 Weeks Pregnant Woman

It is either from fights of contraction or from the passage of amniotic fluid. However, the first option is preferable.

Signs of Begining of Birth

Water normally should depart with an almost full disclosure of the cervix. The fact is that the amniotic bladder, penetrating deeper into the cervix, contributes to its opening but not always.

Sometimes a fetal bladder is flat, and then it is useless. The fetal bladder is punctured by the doctor on a small opening of the cervix as a method stimulating the birth. And it is effective.

If the waters leave at the beginning of labor, it does not matter. It is bad if this occurs before the onset of labor, and even if the cervix is not yet ready for childbirth – long, dense and closed.

In the latter case, it is said about the premature discharge of amniotic fluid and the operation is performed cesarean section as the delay is threatening the problems of mother and child.

If the waters are gone at the mature neck, usually wait a few hours for labor or immediately begin to stimulate labor oxytocin.

Preparation for Beginning of Childbirth

If the fights are clear, then the waters are not quite. How do they go and what to do in this case?

First, we would advise all future mothers to stock up with several absorbent diapers. The waters usually leave at once in large quantities and no, even the most super absorbent, the gasket will not hold this flow in itself.

Preparation Required

Night gaskets can hold grams of 30 liquids. A water can go and 500 grams. Imagine the volume! Then only an absorbent diaper will save you, and, probably, not even one.

The waters usually leave during a bout (or strong stress of the uterus), some physical effort. A woman can feel inside, like a clap and a click, the sound of a bursting bladder.

If you have run out of the water, pay attention to their color. Normally, they should be transparent, without any admixture of green. The latter indicates the presence in them is meconium, which is a sign of hypoxia. This is very dangerous and you need to call an ambulance right away.

You can see in the waters of a small admixture of blood, and water can have a pinkish hue. For this do not worry. Together with the water, the mucous plug leaves the cervix, and there is a small admixture of blood.

Small Pain before Delivery

It’s another matter if a woman sees that she is bleeding from of the vagina, then it is very dangerous. This happens with a premature detachment of the placenta, which threatens acute hypoxia of the fetus and its death. For a woman, a great loss of blood is very dangerous. One can not hesitate.

If the water is transparent, there is no blood, the woman feels fine, the baby moves, she has 1-2 hours to get ready and put herself in order. You cannot take a bath anymore, but you need to shave your hair off your perineum, take a shower.

If the waters have not moved away, and fights have begun, you cannot rush into the maternity hospital until their frequency is 7-10 minutes once.

If the contractions appear at 1-2 per hour, then, most likely, the disclosure is still minimal, if at all. So, there is no point in being in the hospital, you can wait out this time at home. This is true only if the state of health is good, the pressure is normal.

Advice to 37 Weeks Pregnant Woman

This advice is primarily focused on what to do if the birth does not begin.

First, you need to wait for the expected date of delivery. Even if on ultrasound you put the duration of pregnancy more for 1-2 weeks.

The fact that the doctor is guided only by the size of the baby when stating the time. These dimensions are very individual. After all, babies are born on this term, weighing 3 kg, and 4 kg.

Expert Advice

If you are at home, then you probably have a turnout in the women’s consultation. Usually, it falls roughly on the PDR.

You can expect that the doctor will look at you on the chair and give an assessment of the willingness of the cervix to give birth.

If you are not ready yet then you will be sent to the hospital, where within a few days the doctors will try to help you, not to delay pregnancy.

Recently, the pharmacological preparation of the cervix for delivery with “anti-progesterone” drugs has been particularly active.

They reduce the production of progesterone, and the body understands that it is necessary to actively prepare for childbirth.

If your DA falls on long holidays, for example, New Year’s, when the women’s consultation is closed, visit the chosen maternity hospital, and the doctors who work there will tell you how to act.

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37 Weeks Pregnant: Signs and Symptoms