4 Weeks Pregnant: Signs and Symptoms

Learn all about signs and symptoms in 4 weeks pregnant mother. There are many sensations that a woman feels and tests she has to go through which are all explained here.

4 weeks pregnant

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey as soon you will realize it too. There are going to be some changes in your body, some mood swings and a lot of fear. All this you will bear and easily forget as soon as you see, hear and hold your child for the first time. That moment when it sees you and smile or even cries is unbelievably emotional. You will understand what pure love is the first time you hold your child. Just go on this journey of pregnancy and enjoy all of it. For now, a let’s learn what changes 4 weeks pregnant mother has to look forward to on her precious journey.

Signs in 4 Weeks Pregnant Mother

This is the week when finally the signs and symptoms begin to appear. Now is time when the doctors will be able to note the changes and tell you that you are pregnant. The two most common signs that are noticed in 4 weeks pregnant woman are increased size of uterus and Chadwick’s signs.

    Chadwicks Sign

  1. Chadwick’s Sign is the cyanosis of mucous membrane of the vagina and the cervix.
  2. Increasing size of the uterus is because the fetus almost reaches the size of a chicken egg now.

The fetal egg still has a soft consistency. It is so, thanks to the action of hormone progesterone and an asymmetric shape. This asymmetric shape can be seen even by the woman herself if she lies on her back. However, it cannot be seen 4 weeks after conception, but a little later like in the sixth week.

Asymmetry occurs in the part of the uterus where the fetal egg develops. However, towards the end of the first trimester, the shape of the uterus will become correct once again.

If the uterus is much larger even at this time of pregnancy then this may indicate multiple pregnancies. A less common cause of larger uterus in 4 weeks pregnant woman is a uterine tumor or a bladder skid. A doctor will check for everything, so till then, there is no reason to panic.

At 4 weeks, the pregnancy tests would clearly show positive. Determination of pregnancy in the fourth embryonic week with the help of tests is possible even in cases of late ovulation. So, if you have a delay in menstruation, but the tests are still negative. Then this means that you simply have a hormonal disorder and not pregnancy. It happens with anovulatory cycles, that is, in which there was no ovulation or as it is called anovulation.

The interesting position of a woman can now be confirmed by ultrasound. Therefore, any error in determining pregnancy in the fourth week of pregnancy should no longer possible.

Ultrasound for 4 Weeks Pregnant Woman

The fourth week of pregnancy is an appropriate time to go for the first ultrasound. In trans-vaginal ultrasound, the doctor easily finds a fetal egg in the uterus and sees an embryo in it.

Ultrasound 4 weeks pregnant

At this time ultrasound is the best way to confirm everything. If there was any doubt left about pregnancy then an ultrasound would clear it all up. If you are pregnant then it will show on the screen a four-week-old embryo. If not then nothing will show and the doctor will help you accordingly. Ultrasound is the last testament here for 4 weeks pregnant woman.

Ultrasound in 4 weeks pregnant mother will show you the outline of the baby development. You will be able to see the baby’s head, umbilical cord and a lot more as explained in fetal development.

Fetal Development in 4 Weeks Pregnant Woman

The fetal length in 4 weeks pregnant woman reaches 2-4 mm. It is surrounded by approximately 3 grams of amniotic fluid that is similar to a small comma. It has a head with the lower and upper jaw, hands, umbilical cord and tail which are all defined.

If you look closely at ultrasound you can see two cup-shaped forms on the head. These are the baby’s future eyes, the so-called visual bubbles.

Fetal Development

In 4 weeks pregnant mother you can see the outline of the baby’s development being done. There are rudiments of all limbs, lungs, a liver, spleen, partly the inner ear and larynx, on the end of the neural tube of the brain. The so-called primary kidney is also being developed. It is a temporary organ. By the fifth month of pregnancy, it completely disappears. An important provisional body continues to form the placenta.

This week that is in the fourth week the heart begins to work at the embryo. While it has a simplified form, not like a human, with something similar to a tube. However, if you have the high-quality equipment then you would already be able to hear its heartbeat.

Everything that happens during the fourth week after conception or the sixth obstetric is clearly visible on ultrasound. Usually, they are already able to diagnose one or multiple pregnancies. It can be 2-3 fetal eggs or one fetal egg, but with several embryos. The first option of the two for multiple pregnancies is better and more viable.

Understanding Anembrionia

Now, you might be thinking what is anembrionia and why do you need to learn about it.


Anembrion is the situation in which the embryo is not visible in the fetal egg. An empty fetal egg also grows, along with it a progression of HCG. All the signs of four weeks pregnancy are there too but the pregnancy is not viable. There is no embryo as it died at a very early date when it had a very tiny size. The reasons for the death of this embryo can be any number of things. Any external or internal damaging factor or chromosomal abnormalities can cause anembrionia.

Anembrionia is an indication for abortion. However, you do not just abort a viable pregnancy, the doctor should and would ensure anembrionii first. Cleaning up won’t be scheduled as long as the index of SVD (average inner diameter of the ovum) reaches 2-2.5 cm. Until that time, you can expect the “appearance” of the embryo. It is known that when the 4th-week ends and the 5th week begins, the SVD is equal to about 18-20mm. So, you can wait for another week and make an appointment for another ultrasound. On average, the fetal egg grows 1 mm per day so in the fifth week, it would definitely show. If not then you might possibly have anembrionia.

Pregnancy Registration

Doctors recommend registering in the first trimester as it is best to start as soon as possible. This way you will timely pass all tests and make an appointment for first screening including ultrasound and other tests. Ultrasound and special blood tests are performed at a period of about 12 obstetric weeks or 10 weeks from conception. Therefore, the sooner you register for pregnancy the sooner you get the required care.

Pregnant Registration

You will have to go for pregnancy consultation 2 times every month during pregnancy. The gynecological examination is not done each time you visit the doctor for pregnancy. Most times you just talk to the doctor and a normal routine check-up takes place. Then, 1-2 time on about 20-32 weeks they will take smears but that cannot be called an examination.

In addition to the gynecological examination, there is also blood pressure test and weighing on the scales. These procedures will be performed at each reception. The doctor will monitor your health and help you accordingly.

Sometimes the woman’s blood pressure turns out to be high even when she is not hypertensive. At this time doctors measure it again after few minutes. This happens due to so-called white coat syndrome. It is when a mother gets very timid and worried when the doctor walks in and suddenly her pressure jumps high. So, in the second measurement few weeks, later everything will be noted normal or close to normal.

Weight is measured in order to timely diagnose a woman’s fluid retention in the body. Edema is one of the first signs of the development of a dangerous pathology in pregnant women.

Pregnancy Registration

It will be very useful to acquire a pressure measuring device and electronic scales for use at home. So you can independently control your health, avoid overeating, which is very common for expectant mothers.

Sometimes the pregnancy period, that doctor puts on the results of uterus examination varies with what they say on ultrasound. This often happens. However, you should not worry as by the end of pregnancy the terms will be recalculated. There will also be additional factors that will be taken into account.

At the first or second admission at the gynecologist, every pregnant woman will get a dispensary card that she keeps. All the results of tests, blood pressure measurements, weight, etc. are inserted in this card. This card is looked at in the hospital in case of hospitalization, and also when you enter the maternity hospital.

Tests and Analysis for 4 Weeks Pregnant Woman

After the first examination, the doctor will give you a number of tests and list of consultation needed. The next appointment for consultation will be with at least 3 specialists, a therapist, a dentist, an otolaryngologist. This must be done in order to timely treat any possible foci of infection in the body. As if left untreated it can be dangerous to the embryo.

The necessary tests include blood and urine test. Both of these tests are taken at each appointment so by the end of pregnancy it would become a routine. Let’s understand these tests and their analysis in brief.

  1. Blood Test
  2. In blood analysis, particular importance is given to the level of hemoglobin in the blood. If necessary it is also used to correct an iron deficiency or anemia in the future.

    Blood Test

    A blood test is also done to check for sugar. However, to get reliable data, especially for sugar, it is necessary to do these tests on an empty stomach. Even tea with sugar should be avoided in the morning when going for this test. If you feel bad when you are hungry then take a chocolate bar and eat it immediately after giving blood.

    By the way, there are going to be loads of blood test to get used to giving blood. In addition to the general and analysis for sugar, there will be blood tests for HIV, hepatitis, blood group and rhesus factor, biochemistry, prothrombin (on coagulability).

    There is another blood test that deserves attention as well. This is an analysis of progesterone. Some doctors test it to diagnose any threat of abortion. Allegedly, the low level of progesterone in the blood means there could be a miscarriage in the near future. In fact, the exact minimum level of progesterone, which is necessary for maintaining a pregnancy, is not known. The other symptoms of a miscarriage are abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding. However, there is nothing to worry about until the doctor says so. For now, just relax and do as doctor recommends.

  3. Urine Analysis
  4. Analysis of urine shows early onset of kidney and bladder disease, inflammatory process. A large number leukocyte is also measured by a urine test. Sometimes there are dubious results, and then they would ask you to retake the test.

    Urina Analysis

    To exclude the possibility of dubious results, you must collect the urine correctly. Observe all the rules properly as mentioned below and as the doctor will explain you.

    • Urine is collected only in the morning and you cannot save it for the evening not even in the refrigerator.
    • Before this, the genitals are washed with soap. In vagina, a cotton swab is inserted in order to exclude the entry of vaginal secretions into the jar. If not done properly it will make the analysis not informative.
    • Urine should be delivered to the laboratory as soon as possible, no longer than 2 hours later.

Symptoms in 4 Weeks Pregnant Woman

There are many symptoms of pregnancy that you may face. Till now the symptoms that you felt were mild or none. However, now the 4 weeks pregnant woman will start feeling various sensations related to pregnancy. Let’s learn a bit more about these symptoms here.

  1. Increases Toxicosis
  2. Nausea Pregnancy

    If a week ago there was only slight nausea, now vomiting may appear, especially in the mornings.

    There are also some mothers who feel slight to no toxicosis at all.

    Both are an absolute norm and are not a distinctive sign of the further course of pregnancy.

    They say that the most pronounced toxicosis is experienced by women who are pregnant with girls.

  3. Growing Belly
  4. Some future mothers notice that their belly begins to grow in the fourth week of pregnancy. However, experienced women say that this is not a pregnant womb at all. Rather, a swelling stomach as it is still not significantly enlarged to be called a pregnant belly. Excessive gas formation in the intestine is a common problem for pregnant women. The same can even be noticed in a 4 weeks pregnant mother.

    Nevertheless, there is a category of women whose pregnancy will be visible sooner than the rest. These are mothers who endured and gave birth to more than two children. It happens due to the weakness of the abdominal wall. However, this is nothing to be jealous about as it happens due to a weak anterior abdominal wall. This weakness during pregnancy threatens pain in the lower back, to say the least.

  5. Mood Swings
  6. Taste Change

    We all have heard about this particular symptom called mood swings. During pregnancy, women psychologically become more sensitive, whiny and sentimental. These sudden changes of mood can continue not only during pregnancy but also after when breastfeeding.

    If you ever thought that mood swings won’t happen to you than you are in for a great surprise. This is the time when husbands or partners need to be more patient with the expecting mother.

    Always remember this is part of a 40 weeks long journey with happy ending, hopefully.

  7. Swelling of Mammary Glands
  8. Now, in the 4 weeks pregnant woman, you may start to notice some physical changes as well. Externally, we can now note the increase in mammary glands.

    Pain Mammary Gland

    The breast is beautifully poured and the nipples noticeably increase in size and darken as well. Some women become brown nipple, apparently pigmented.

    In addition to nipples, the axillary region and abdomen are exposed to pigmentation as well. Some women already begin to show stripes in the middle of the abdomen on the white line. However, more often this appears in the second half of pregnancy.

There are many other symptoms that you may notice soon enough. However, for 4 weeks pregnant woman these are expected to be the first ones to arrive.

Advice to Prospective Mothers

One of the most important factors of health in fourth week of pregnancy is proper and sufficient nutrition.

However, eating plentiful is not enough whereas eating healthy is. Please note that binge eating threatens not only with extra pounds but also with stretch marks. They appear mostly because of rapid weight gain which alone is difficult to get rid of. A frequent feeling of hunger at the fourth gestational week is a common occurrence. Eat little and do not eat high-calorie products and food that is useless to the body. The three things that all doctors advice during pregnancy is diet, physical exercise and stretch marks. So, let’s see what this advice incorporates.

  1. Proper Diet Plan
  2. It is very important to eat enough meat. These are priceless proteins for the body, and also the main source of iron. If a woman does not eat meat then she will probably suffer from iron deficiency or anemia. So, to avoid this, just do as advised and eat enough meat.

    diverstity food

    You also need to check for the quality of food as you are not alone in this now. Nitrates are found in large quantities in many vegetables and fruits sold in early spring and toward the winter’s end.

    These nitrates, if consumed in large quantities can be dangerous for the health and life of the embryo. Some progressive mothers even buy a home nitrate meters to only eat organic products. Going that extra mile is what needed at times.

    Lastly, we cannot stress enough about the need for liquid consumption for your body, now more than ever. So, drink lots of fluids like water for sure, but also healthy fruit juices, vegetable soups, etc.

  3. Avoid Stretch Marks
  4. If you want to prevent stretch marks, then it’s time to start as early as possible. You can use cream made especially for expectant mothers. Apply it to the buttocks, hips, stomach and chest.

    Instead of cosmetic means you can even lubricate the skin with vegetable oil. The action is essentially the same which is moisturizing the skin and increasing its elasticity.

  5. Moderate Physical Activity
  6. As for physical activity, it is very necessary but only in moderate format that is familiar to you.

    Moderate Exercise

    Avoid picking up heavy objects as can cause pain for pregnant woman. The same goes for sexual activity throughout pregnancy. If you feel comfortable having sex then do it but if not then avoid it altogether.

    Walking is considered one of the best ways for couple to spend time together while getting some exercise done. There are also some yoga techniques that tend to help pregnant woman. So, join a yoga class for pregnant woman if you feel like it. This way you can be with other pregnant woman and learn more about pregnancy as well.

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4 Weeks Pregnant: Signs and Symptoms