5 Weeks Pregnant: Signs and Symptoms

Check out the many symptoms a 5 weeks pregnant woman feels. There are many signs that confirms pregnancy and many other sensations that woman may feel for the first time.

5 weeks pregnant

The gestation period is 5 weeks from conception or 7 obstetric weeks. It is the time when the embryo is actively laying all the organs and systems of the body. This is also the time when the woman is actively working on the development of female hormones. The development may not always cause pleasant sensations for the 5 weeks pregnant mother. Some people say that the first trimester was the toughest of three whereas others say they didn’t even notice it. This feeling tend to differ from person to person. Anyway, let’s learn about what the symptoms are to better understand the sensations in the near future.

Signs and Symptoms in 5 Weeks Pregnant Mother

Besides delay in menstruation there is toxicosis, rashes on the face and body, drowsiness and weight may change as well. If there is no toxicosis then most likely woman will gain weight especially if they can eat well. For those who do suffer from toxicosis, it’s quite on the contrary as they tend to lose weight.

Signs and Symptoms

Huge divergences in weight are not possible for a while it’s just plus or minus a kilogram for now. In an ideal situation, the future mother adds about 300 grams a week. It is because of the amount of amniotic fluid which is quite normal.

While the increase in size is almost entirely postponed in the mother but very soon the woman will begin to gain weight. This will all change as the child and the placenta develops in the body of now 5 weeks pregnant mother.

A mucous plug is formed in the cervix of the womb of a woman. It is the same lump of mucus, the departure of which is one of the harbingers of the fast delivery. The mucous plug is the protection of a child from an ascending infection from the vagina.

Another not very pleasant sign of an interesting situation is increased salivation. It is considered as one of the components of toxicosis. However, in fact, “slobbery” persists throughout the term of pregnancy. Saliva flows on a pillow even when sleeping. It is not a very pleasant situation but nothing can be done about this.

Sudden Absence of Signs in 5 Weeks Pregnant Woman

It happens that at this time suddenly signs of an interesting situation disappear. Nausea suddenly disappears and the chest becomes softer and painless. So, the questions arise “Why is this happening in the fifth week of embryo development and should it be rejoiced?”

Unfortunately, such a sharp relief of health often indicates bad news. It is often accompanied by the cessation of fetal egg development, the death of the embryo or a stagnant pregnancy. However, this is not the case always, not necessarily anyway.

Absence of Signs

It can happen, as sometimes the well-being of expectant mothers is improved due to weather changes, living conditions, etc. For example, a woman lived in an unusually hot climate for her for several months. The result of this living conditions along with pregnancy the woman often experienced nausea as a manifestation of toxicosis. However, now having got home in the cool climate, it has become much easier. So, the pregnancy still continues to develop and just the negative symptoms have disappeared.

Sometimes it also happens that there is no apparent reason why pregnancy signs disappear in 5 weeks pregnant mother. For these conditions, we can proceed as follows.

  1. Take the HCG analysis of the dynamics. See if the chorionic gonadotropin is actively growing or not.
  2. Go to the doctor and, if necessary, make an ultrasound to check the viability of the embryo. Mandatory ultrasound should be done if there are spotting from the vagina or unusual pain.

Threat of Ectopic Pregnancy in 5th Week of Pregnancy

Without ultrasound at this time, you cannot be sure that pregnancy is exactly uterine. When the pregnancy is ectopic pregnancy the HCG grows just the same. There is toxicosis and other signs of an interesting situation as well. The first bell can be spasms from one side of the abdomen.

Ectopic Pregnancy

Many women perceive this as a pain in ovary due to yellow body. However, this has nothing to do with it. The pain does not pass, it becomes constant and acute and it spreads all over the stomach.

If there is a rupture of the uterine tube, where a fetal egg develops, then acute pain, dizziness, loss of consciousness (often) occurs. The uterine bleeding begins as well.

For an accurate diagnosis and surgical treatment, a laparoscopic procedure is performed. A fruitful egg is removed. Fallopian tube, if possible is left. However, already the operated fallopian tube in the future often becomes impassable. This leads to ectopic pregnancy again.

Ultrasound of 5 Weeks Pregnant Mother

Approximately from the fourth or fifth week after conception, a specialist sees an embryo in a fetal egg. In 5 weeks pregnant mother, they can already measure its length, see some structure of the body and hear its heartbeat. By the size of KTP (coccygeal-parietal size) the delivery date can be calculated with a very high accuracy. It may be plus or minus two days.

Ultrasound 5 weeks

When watching the viability of pregnancy, then it is the fetal heart rate that is evaluated at this time. In the early days it can be somewhat thin, but then reaches a frequency of 150 beats per minute.

In addition to the embryo and chorion (future placenta) the doctor can see the yolk sac. Its size is 6-8mm. Normally, the yolk sac in 12 weeks disappears as superfluous. If there is no yolk sac already at 5 or 6 weeks after conception then this is bad. It is definitely an unfavorable sign. However, it often happens that one is simply not able to see it.

The absence of a heartbeat in an embryo at CTE of more than 3mm may indicate a frozen pregnancy. However, if the doctor did not see a heartbeat then it means that you need to do an urgent cleaning of the uterus. The ultrasound should be repeated a few days later to check again.

The double check is done at each step. The reason being, there is no evidence of developmental defects in the embryo at this time.

Fetal Development in 5 Weeks Pregnant Mother

The age of the embryo is over a month and it weighs a little less than a gram now. The growth is approximately 8-13 mm.

The doctor can see the legs of the child on the ultrasound, though it is more like fins. Hand consists of two parts the shoulder and forearms. In the area of the hands, the membranes there are the baby’s future fingers.

The brain increases in size. The heart is improving, now it is a two-chamber one. The lungs grow actively, and bronchial rudiments appear.

Fetal Development

The esophagus, the anterior wall of the abdomen and the small intestine is formed as well. An appendix and colon have already begun to form. There is a pancreas which is the most important human body providing education hormone insulin. The liver works properly and the body creates blood.

As for the future face of the baby, the features such as eyes, nose, and mouth are being formed. Even tiny nostrils are available.

The placenta or chorion becomes massive. The umbilical cord connects the embryo to the wall of the uterus, which feeds it.

The tail of the embryo is still preserved. However, there is no need to worry as by the eight weeks it will disappear.

Sensation in 5 Weeks Pregnant Woman

There are no special changes particular to this week only. The irritability changes the feeling of euphoria from its future new role. Some discomfort can arise from overgrown breast

Pain Mammary Gland

You have to buy new bras, but they are still useful during lactation. So, immediately buy comfortable linen from natural fabric with wide straps. Very comfortable bras with special internal pockets, in which you can put absorbent liners, are available as well. These are especially helpful as, during pregnancy, many women leak colostrum.

Increased appetite is normal in 5 weeks pregnant woman. After all, some of the useful substances that the body receives go to the child. You should slightly increase the caloric content of the diet, but not at the expense of sweets or fast food. Instead try to focus on dairy products, meat, fruits and vegetables.

Recommendations for Future Mothers

There are various recommendations made for future mother some of which are mentioned below.

  1. Properly Prepared Food
  2. There are detailed instructions regarding the nutrition of expectant mothers. Especially dangerous is the infection of the bacterium Listeria (causes listeriosis). Its symptoms include nausea, diarrhea and vomiting. It often causes damage to the child’s body and spontaneous abortion.

    diverstity food

    You can avoid contamination with this bacterium if you refuse to use unboiled milk, cottage cheese, and soft cheese. Also avoid poorly fried meat and fish, eggs of birds without sufficient heat treatment and poorly washed vegetables and fruits.

    Do not eat foods and dishes that are prepared by dubious people in unsanitary conditions. Never buy pies along with hot dogs, pizza, etc. from the street.

    Products of animal origin without sufficient heat treatment are dangerous as well along with raw vegetables. This is so as they are sources of other dangerous bacteria, Salmonella or Escherichia coli. Meat should be cooked at a temperature of not less than 70 degrees. Eggs after cooking must have a hard yolk. Dutch sauce should not be consumed by future mothers as it contains raw eggs.

    Do not consume liver on a regular basis, as it is a source of large amounts of vitamin A. For pregnant women, vitamin A is dangerous in high concentrations.

  3. Dangers of Eating Fish
  4. Potentially dangerous for expectant mothers and breastfeeding women is fish. All this might be true because the reservoirs in which the fish grew could contain a large amount of mercury. The contamination of water is due to industrial emissions.

    The older and larger the fish, the more potentially dangerous it is. Abroad women, including those planning pregnancy, are warned about the risk of eating shark meat, swordfish and other large fish.

    The least amount of mercury is found in canned tuna but not in white along with Salmon and shrimp. It is better to choose smaller sizes from unsweetened fish and eat no more than 350 grams per week. By the way, the potential danger is not only sea fish, but also freshwater fish. It can be consumed by pregnant and lactating women, as well as children not more than 230 grams per week.

  5. Coffee for Pregnant Woman
  6. Much is written about the fact that coffee should not be consumed by future mothers. However, this prohibition is not categorical and you can consume caffeinated products, but only in limited quantities.

    It is safe to drink 2 cups of coffee a day. This is with the calculation that one cup of coffee contains 150 mg of caffeine. In addition to coffee, many anti-cold medicines and products, like chocolate contain caffeine. They all need to be considered as well.


    Caffeine has an exciting effect on the nervous system. Its effect begins approximately 15 minutes after ingestion. You may notice a little increase in blood pressure and pulse rate. This is why, future mothers with low blood pressure are advised to drink coffee. This is its characteristic in the first trimester of pregnancy. However, coffee is also diuretic, because of which it is often advised not to be consumed as body loses fluid.

    Until recently, it was believed that caffeine provokes miscarriages. However, the latest scientific research refutes this. This relationship was identified, most likely because the coffee lovers drink a lot of coffee. Some of them are still addicted to alcohol and often smoke. However, it is proved that large doses of caffeine (above 300 mg per day) lead to a delay in the intrauterine development of the fetus. This, as a result can cause the birth of a small fetus.

  7. Dye for Hair
  8. Earlier it was thought that it cannot be used, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy. This was so because it was believed that the paint penetrates through the scalp into the blood. However, now it is known that the paint that gets into the blood is in very small amount. Therefore, it does not have a negative impact on the mother and child.

    In extreme cases, you can use natural dyes to color the hair. A decoction of onion husks, henna, basma, chamomile, etc. can be used to dye hair. However, this should only be done in extreme case or emergencies.

  9. Drugs During Pregnancy
  10. As for the drugs, you need to be very careful with them. For example, many tranquilizers and antidepressants if taken at the first weeks after conception can cause malformations in the fetus. Sleeping pills tends to provoke dependence not only on the mother, but also on the child. There is evidence that children whose mothers have taken long-term barbiturates are affected.

    Drugs During Pregnancy

    After childbirth these children had excessive excitability and suffered epileptic seizures. In addition, they had a clotting disorder as well.

    Antineoplastic or anti-cancer drugs are very dangerous for the fetus. They inhibit the development of a malignant tumor but they do not stop there. They lead to a violation of the development of tissues and organs of the embryo. They are the culprits of defects in the neural tube of the fetus, abnormalities of the skeleton, hands, etc. Cytotoxic agents are contraindicated throughout the period of pregnancy.

    So, do not take any medicines and vitamin supplements before consulting your doctor. Remember it’s not only about you right now, it’s also about the baby.

  11. Physical Exercises and Workout Routine
  12. Active lifestyle is useful for expectant mothers. It is proved that women that are physically active give birth faster, easier, and their children have a higher IQ. The studies were conducted among healthy expectant mothers. Mothers that did not have a threat of miscarriage and whose pulse never exceeded 140 beats per minute under high loads.

    Moderate Exercise

    Work on harmful production, for example, chemical, machine-building and foundry is not worth it.

    The best kind of sport for pregnant women is swimming. Any other sport, if the future mother was engaged in it for a long time before conception, would do well too.

    Ordinary walking tours are useful for all pregnant women, as they train the cardiovascular system and heart. However, it’s better to avoid sports where injuries are possible.

    Work for future mothers is not prohibited but you need to follow some rules. For example, do not sit for hours in one place. Instead try to move as this will help avoid edema. Also take breaks for rest and drink enough fluids.

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5 Weeks Pregnant: Signs and Symptoms