6 Weeks Pregnant: Signs and Symptoms

Learn everything that 6 weeks pregnant woman should know. Starting from the basics we move on to the ultrasound, fetal development along with signs and symptoms that mother feels.

Six Weeks Pregnant

At this time in pregnancy, everything starts getting a bit more clear than before. In previous weeks, everything was a bit confusing like if the nausea is due to pregnancy or some other condition. However, for 6 weeks pregnant woman everything starts getting clear now. You will know for sure that you are pregnant or not among many other things. So, let’s learn everything we can about the sixth week of pregnancy.

Events in the Sixth Week of Pregnancy

The gestation period of 6 weeks (or the eighth obstetrician week) is the critical period of life of the embryo. Many mothers know that every four weeks of pregnancy that is, 4, 8, 12 obstetric weeks are dangerous. This is in terms of pregnancy interruption due to any number of reasons. The child is especially sensitive to various influences and grows very quickly. These seven days are considered starting from the first day of the last menstrual cycle, that is, the term obstetric.

Stomach Pain

In the first trimester of pregnancy, miscarriages very often occur in the sixth and on the tenth week after conception. Usually, before this, the embryo ceases to develop. The cause of this death could be anything like a banal cold of the mother. Remember, the sixth week of pregnancy is very important because of what happens to the fetus. The organism is actively developing during this period, the organs are being formed and child body is taking formation. So, if you get sick at the “wrong” moment then things can go haywire. For example, the formation of tooth rudiments or the appearance of heart disease can be disrupted. All this is very, very serious and for this very reason mother’s need to take care of their body.

In addition to the mother’s diseases, a dangerous effect on the child’s organism can be provided many other reasons. Some of the things that can harm the child are as listed below.

  • ultraviolet and ionizing radiation;
  • alcohol;
  • pesticides and toxins;
  • some medicines;
  • Food and other chemicals, etc.

We must also take into account the information about the health of the future mother. The fact is that its entire formation will depend on the state of health, nutrition, and placenta. The placenta is a temporary organ with the help of which the child will receive oxygen and nutrients in utero. It also produces some enzymes and hormones that are very important for regulation of pregnancy. If at the stage of its formation something is broken, the placenta can “grow old” ahead of time. This threatens the child with a lack of oxygen or the condition called hypoxia and delayed development.

New Signs and Symptoms for 6 Weeks Pregnant Mother

In addition to toxicosis, which is already in full swing with many future mothers, there are also some taste perversions. For example, some mother suddenly wants to eat strawberries or any other kind of food cravings. Moreover, different incompatible products are completely properly absorbed by it and do not cause feelings of nausea. This happens all the time. There are some especially capricious future mummies that send their husbands to the store at night to buy something unusual. This instant request can be anything such as coconut or some special flavored ice cream. This feature is not expressed in all women, of course. There is a craving for unusual foods in the diet. This happens later in pregnancy as well but then it often speaks of a lack of vitamins in the body.

The main signs and symptoms in 6 weeks pregnant woman look like this.

Fatigue and Drowsiness

  • morning sickness;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • frequent urination;
  • increase and soreness of mammary glands;
  • slight cramping in the lower abdomen;
  • thirst of one food and aversion to another;
  • inconsistent breathing;
  • heartburn;
  • increased emissions from of the vagina;
  • flatulence and bloating;
  • constipation;
  • dizziness;
  • headache &
  • anemia.

Sensations and Feelings of a 6 Weeks Pregnant Mother

The future mother watches her body very closely. Soon she notices that her tight jeans or trousers are not too comfortable now. Of course, the tummy is still very small, but the mothers with many children are already beginning to manifest themselves. And if a woman still does not experience toxicity and consumes good food. Then the fat begins to be deposited on her stomach. This can also lead to the fact that clothes start appearing smaller.

Pain Mammary Gland

It doesn’t matter as much, as whatever the reason you can already purchase clothes for pregnant women. Usually, it’s jeans with a low fit, a special soft tummy tuck or overalls. You can also find skirts for pregnant women, high-waisted dresses that emphasize or, on the contrary, hide an interesting position. A future mother should look good and look after herself. You should not dress up in anything, in “dimensionless” things, when there are so many special clothes in stores.

As for the sensations, the uterus grows up and begins to put pressure on the bladder. The future mother is forced to visit the toilet more often. Of course, frequent urination is typical for pregnancy, including its earliest timing. However, then the causes of the phenomenon is another like the action of the hormone progesterone. But now the impact on the bladder is mechanical.

Some mothers claim that in the sixth week of pregnancy there are already sensations of the child’s movements. However, this is impossible as the baby is still very small and weighs only a few grams. Usually, the child takes the processes of fermentation in the intestine only.

Threats for 6 Weeks Pregnant Mother

As we already mentioned at the beginning of this article, this week is a critical one. It is at this time that very often miscarriages occur. Most of them happen due to chromosomal abnormalities in the fetus. About 90% of pregnancies in the first trimester are completed for this reason. However, part of miscarriages is associated with inadequate production progesterone.

Proper Cervix Exam

How to understand that there is not enough progesterone and there is a risk of losing pregnancy?

Analyze that this hormone is not necessary when pregnancy is not informative. However, if you have unpleasant sensations in the area of the uterus like spasms, heaviness, stomach as a stone. And it happened more than once or twice, then perhaps it makes sense to prevent pregnancy loss with progesterone. Doctors may prescribe some tablets or alternative treatment depending on the severity of the symptoms. Some women are forced to take progesterone almost to the end of pregnancy, so as not to give birth before the term. If there is no serious threat, then from the second trimester the dosage of progesterone decreases, and by 16-20 weeks the woman stops taking it. This is only if nothing bothers her. There are no pains, bloody discharge and the length of the cervix is normal.

Fetal Development in 6 Week Pregnant Mother

The embryo growth in 6 weeks pregnant mother is about 20 mm by the end of the week. The baby grows about 1 mm per day and weighs 3-5 grams. Some say that the child is already reacting to the touch. The speed of development of children is quite extensive in this week. About 90% of anatomical systems of the body are formed. The kid starts to move but so far, these are only spontaneous movements. It is 6 weeks after conception which is when the baby is finally called an embryo. When it comes the 7th week of pregnancy, it will already be a fruit.

Fetal Development

A small heart becomes more complicated and becomes four-chambered, like in a person and every mammal. It is better for its connection with the main vessels. The heart of the baby beats at a very high speed at 150-170 beats per minute. This is about 2 times more likely than in an adult.

The fingers and toes start to appear. Hands can already bend in the joints. The bone system is actively developing. At the brain the hemispheres are different and there are convolutions. The kidneys and bladder are completely formed.

Intestines grow in length and form a physiological hernia in the umbilical cord region. Stomach appears in the abdominal cavity and in it there are nerve endings. There is a bookmark of the salivary glands as well.

The face of the embryo changes. The facial features are already clearly visible. The auricles, the tip of the nose and the upper lip appear. Very soon there will be eyelids on a tiny face that will be possible to distinguish.
Boys form sexual organs, testicles but the child’s sex is not yet visible on ultrasound. The amount of amniotic fluid is increased.

Actual Advice For Future Mothers

There are two problems with which almost all future mothers are at risk that are a headache and constipation. Both of these problems are almost always provoked by either medication taken or features of the hormonal background. We will talk about how to win both first and the second pathology.

There are several types of headaches. So, to find the right tactics of action, you need to understand why your head hurts.

  1. Osteochondrosis
  2. Osteochondrosis is a trauma of the cervical spine. When pregnant, you would not be able to solve this problem. While recommendations are sufficient physical activity and proper posture. After birth, however, a proper consultation and examination with a neurologist are in order. With severe pain, a doctor may prescribe an anesthetic.

  3. High or Low Blood Pressure
  4. If the pressure rises, it is very dangerous. It is necessary to take the prescribed medicine regular basis drugs that keep it in check. They will become a cure for the headache. At low pressure, physical activity and a cup of coffee will help.


  5. Restless Headache
  6. Pain from the suboptimal duration of sleep. It can also occur in non-pregnant women as well if they are too early or too late to go to bed. The problem is solved by normalizing the duration and frequency of rest.

  7. Migraines
  8. A Migraine, it is the most painful form of a headache. It is localized in one part of the head. Migraines are often provoked by foods like chocolate, cheese, sausages, various sauces, citrus fruits, pineapples, bananas, etc. Doctors recommend keeping a special diary in which to write down every day what they ate and when their head fell ill. This helps to find the dependence of pain on food eaten. Normalizing the menu saves the situation.

Often, the headache arises from the small amount of fluid used, especially in hot weather. It’s just a symptom of dehydration. It is enough to drink more to stop the headaches.

In expectant mothers, there are some drugs that provoke a reduction in the tone of the uterus, as well as directly produced by the body hormone progesterone. It weakens the intestinal peristalsis. To normalize its work, you need to eat fewer foods that provoke constipation. Start by limiting the consumption of flour. Sour-milk products, vegetables, and fruits are recommended to be consumed more. Lastly, be sure to drink plenty of fluids.

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6 Weeks Pregnant: Signs and Symptoms