9 Weeks Pregnant: Signs and Symptoms

Check out every event that a 9 weeks pregnant mother may face. Learn about the changing signs and symptoms, the sensations and feelings of the future mother among other things.

9 weeks pregnant

In terms of the week, you are 9 weeks pregnant or 11 obstetric weeks. Only a few weeks are left until the end of the first trimester of pregnancy. This means that the baby is already fully formed, and the risk of its loss is much lower now. Some women begin to notice the gradually changing shape of their tummy. Some are already hurrying to an ultrasound. This helps them to learn more about their baby, to check if everything is in order or not. A commonly asked question is what information could be gained from a so-called screening for 9 weeks pregnant mother. Learn all about this and much more in this article.

Fetal Development in 9 Weeks Pregnant Woman

The Kid already looks like a tiny little human with a big head and too long arms. At this time the hands of the fetus are longer than the legs. Now its size is about half the length of the body. This is understandable because the brain is growing very fast and developing. It now has a fully formed thorax.

All facial bones are present. Ears are almost in place. It has formed language, the sky and the nasal passages. Quite a strong neck is developed and the child can turn its head. There is a grasping reflex as well. The baby feels the amniotic fluid. Eyes acquire color and the iris is formed.

Fetal Development 9 Weeks

The height of the child is slightly more than 4 cm, and the weight is about 8 grams.

The fetus has a very thin skin, through which blood vessels are clearly visible. The child is moved with might and main, swimming in the amniotic fluid. Everything that happens to the fetus in 9 embryonic weeks can be seen on ultrasound. However, the mother still does not feel anything at all.

The intestines are already functioning, although partially its loops still fall out. Other internal organs also grow and develop. The liver plays a big role. It produces blood. By the way, the composition of the child’s blood in the prenatal period is very different from what will be after his birth. The fetus has no blood in the blood leukocytes or white blood cells, only red blood cells.

The kidneys began their work. The baby urinates in amniotic fluid. It actively develops and increases in size of the placenta, respectively with the fetus. It will grow almost the entire pregnancy. The thickness of the placenta corresponds to the obstetrical week of pregnancy.

The formation of genital organs is actively proceeding. However, neither the scrotum of boys nor the labia of girls can be seen with ultrasound yet.

Awaiting Sensations for 9 Weeks Pregnant Mother

The tummy grows, and the woman can already feel her uterus just above the pubic bone. Another 2 3 weeks and the doctor in the women’s consultation will measure her centimeter tape. This is done at each examination and the data is recorded in an outpatient care of the pregnant woman.

Tummy Measurement

The height of the uterine fundus is approximately equal to the number of weeks of pregnancy. There may be more if the pregnancy is prolific or with a large fetus and polyhydramnios. However, at this time the height of standing of the uterus in all approximately equals the weeks of pregnancy.

Often during self-examination, women notice something like a knoll atop the uterus above the pubis. Some say that the tone of the uterus is manifested in this way. If a woman has uterine fibroids, then it is written off because the myomatous nodes have the ability to grow up in the first trimester. In fact, this is a fetal egg. It creates such an asymmetry. However, this phenomenon is temporary and very soon the uterus will acquire a spherical shape.

The growth of the tummy is good and interesting, but there are unpleasant moments. These include the appearance of stretch marks or striae. Usually, they are noticed on the buttocks, hips, and chest. For long periods of pregnancy, the striae will cover the abdomen. This does not effect on health front but gives little joy.

Stretch Marks

Striae look like bright stripes on the body. After childbirth, they will gradually turn pale. However, they will forever remain on the skin in the form of white bands if not taken care of.

Sometimes you cannot avoid stretch marks. You can only reduce the risk of their appearance by avoiding the overextension of the skin. This, in turn, means that the main enemy, in this case, is subcutaneous fat. You need to try to keep your weight in the norm by following a proper and healthy diet.

Creams against stretch marks have low effectiveness. You can use them, of course, although they have very less effect on the skin. The main thing is the moisturization of the skin.

Also, some experienced mothers tell us that in the first trimester of pregnancy, hair began to grow actively over the upper lip. While there are other mothers that say that the hairs are gone. This changes in each individual.

Feelings of 9 Weeks Pregnant Mother

The feeling that often haunts 9 weeks pregnant mothers is hunger. This is an understandable one of course. Some of the nutrients that the mother receives are used to replenish her child and not her body. Therefore, doctors advise to slightly increase the amount of food and add another snack time.

Pregnancy Feeling

Just don’t include cookies, sweets or similar low-value products. Instead try vegetables, cereals, fruits, and sour milk.

It is better to satisfy frequent thirst by ordinary non-carbonated water. Shop juices contain more sugar than vitamins, so there is not much benefit from them. However, the weight of the future mother will grow rapidly from such a dessert.

Unpleasant sensations in the stomach during the ninth weeks of pregnancy occur less often. Toxicosis gradually retreats, the appetite improves and now it’s time to start watching your weight.

The breast can completely cease to hurt which is normal. It should not be regarded as a sign of “fading” of pregnancy. However, the mammary glands remain slightly enlarged during the entire period of gestation of the baby.

Threat of Miscarriage in 9 Weeks Pregnant Woman

It is the main problem of the entire first trimester of pregnancy, which has not yet ended. Slight, painful pains, occur only occasionally. They do not affect the development of pregnancy in any way.

Threat to Miscarriage

However, if they acquire a regular character and begin to resemble painfulness then there is a problem. You need to see a doctor immediately. Especially hurry, if there were spotting from the vagina. Perhaps the abruption of the chorion has begun.

In this case, the doctors are first convinced by ultrasound. They see that the pregnancy is progressing and the fetus is not lost. Then maybe a hemostatic is prescribed (if necessary). At the time there is also a need for preparation of progesterone for oral administration and (or) vaginally.

The threat of miscarriage looms over all pregnant mother throughout the first trimester. So, be vigilant about this and check in with your doctor if anything changes.

Tests and Ultrasound for 9 Weeks Pregnant Mother

At 11-13 obstetric weeks, that is, in 9-11 embryonic, the first screening is carried out. The woman donates blood to PAPP-A and HCG and there is an ultrasound. Ultrasound scores all organs and systems of the child’s body. About chromosomal pathologies, Down’s syndrome, Edwards, Patau, and others are judged by the presence or absence of the nasal bone, the size of the collar zone (TPR).

Ultrasound 9 Weeks

On ultrasound, you can see some malformations, for the confirmation of which analysis is not needed. For example, severe pathologies of bone development, the absence of the brain, abnormalities of the intestine and rectum, embryonic hernia, fusion of the lower extremities (mermaid syndrome), etc.

The most informative time for screening is the period when the CTE of the fetus reaches 45 mm. It happens about 9 – 11 week of pregnancy. However, sometimes mothers come for examination exactly at 9 weeks of gestation, on an embryonic date. And right now their baby has not yet reached the desired 45 mm. So, it is better to undergo a check-up at 10 weeks after conception, that is, in standard 12 obstetric weeks.

There are mothers who are categorically against screening during pregnancy. Allegedly the survey may erroneously show that the child has severe developmental defects or genetic abnormalities when it is absolutely healthy. A woman will have an abortion or cause prematurity, so as not to give birth to a “disabled person”.

Test at Nine Weeks

Usually, these results reflect those who do not quite understand the meaning of screening. The results of blood tests, ultrasound, and some data of a woman, primarily her age, are processed using a computer program. A result is given in which it is indicated that it is high risk or low risk for a future mother to give birth to a child with those or other chromosomal pathologies.

If the risk is high, the doctors propose to undergo an invasive procedure, take a piece of genetic analysis placenta or amniotic fluid. Sometimes the procedure provokes miscarriages. So, it is not held by all women in a row, only those who have real risks.

According to the results of this genetic analysis, you can already accurately judge whether the child is healthy. If the child is identified with Down syndrome, Patau, Edwards by ultrasound and is seen with severe developmental anomalies. Then mothers can offer to interrupt the pregnancy. It is offered and not forced to go for an abortion. To go for the screening or not is something that the woman decides with her partner.

Some, mostly deeply religious, future mothers do not go through screening. This is because they are certain that under no circumstances will they deprive the life of the unborn child. And this is their right.

Sexual Determination in 9 Weeks Pregnant Mother

Since the topic of ultrasound has entered, the topic of sex determination of 9 weeks pregnant fetus cannot be omitted. At this time, doctors see the so-called sexual tubercle. Then, if the baby lies in a convenient position for viewing the genitals, the doctor can suggest sex. It is done according to the angle of intersections of the two lines through the sexual lump and the sacrococcygeal region. If this angle is less than 30 degrees then there will be a girl, if more then it’s a boy.

Not many doctors are able to correctly measure this angle. In addition, the first screening takes quite a lot of time of the doctor. So, it is unlikely that he will be involved in sex determination at this time. Although, a good specialist with a favorable position of the floor can accurately determine the sex of the baby. However, this too can only be done accurately at the beginning of the second trimester of pregnancy.

Helpful Advice for 9 Weeks Pregnant Mothers

Since the immunity of expectant mothers is reduced, it is not necessary to pick up any labor virus. Of course, it’s best not to visit crowded places, wash your hands often and not to touch their faces often. However, this does not always help.

So, if you are already sick then it is best to visit a doctor. Better yet visit an ENT, if there is a symptomatology by its part. If the viral nature of the disease is confirmed, you just have to wait until days 5-7. By this time, antibodies against the virus and the symptoms will decline gradually.

Experts Advice

It is not necessary to be treated with antibiotics. They do not save from viruses. Different pills for a sore throat in best case can slightly extinguish pain, but there is no faster cure. It is better in this case, more often just to moisturize the throat. Drink water at body temperature (36-38 degrees) or gargle. Moisturizing the larynx mucosa very well helps. An abundance of warm drink is also useful.

The cold will take some time. However, if the nose does not breathe at all, you can use vasoconstrictive or nasal drops. Just keep in mind that these drops can sometimes provoke an increase in blood pressure. It is better to drip them less often, no longer than 3 days exactly. If possible, you need to humidify the house air. Often it is better to have fresh air and (or) to include an air humidifier, then no drops will be needed. By the way, without any fears and limitations, you can use the means to moisten the nasal mucosa.

Do not take various immunomodulators. They are practically useless, and for a future mother, they are also potentially dangerous.

Will the cold affect the child? Hardly. Usually, the only effect is the influenza virus, and then too, if it is heavily tolerated by a pregnant woman. With the rapid start of treatment, it usually does not have any consequences at that time. However, the examination and consultation of a doctor, we repeat, are very necessary. So, before doing anything during the period of pregnant it’s best to consult a doctor first.

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9 Weeks Pregnant: Signs and Symptoms