9 Benefits of Eating Pistachio During Pregnancy

Check out the various benefits of eating pistachio during pregnancy. Learn about properties of this nuts along with the effects it has on the expecting mother and her baby in the first, second and third trimester. Also, learn about the contraindication of consuming too many nuts when pregnant.

benefits of eating pistachio during pregnancy

The diet of a pregnant woman should be well-balanced and safe for her and the child. Every mother is recommended to eat nuts because they are sources of vitamins, trace elements, protein, interchangeable and irreplaceable amino acids.

However, not all kinds of nuts can be consumed during pregnancy. Some of them should be limited in quantity. Is it possible to have pistachios during pregnancy, what are their benefits and can they harm the mother and her baby? All this we will explore and discuss in detail here.

General Information About Pistachios

Pistachios are the fruit of a tree or shrub of the Sumachov family. They grow in a tropical and subtropical climate. These nuts are a very nutritious and healthy product for healthy people. They include the following characteristics.

  1. Nutritious Value of Pistachio
  2. Pistachio Information

    This is what pistachio basically provides to the body. So the nutritious value of pistachio is as listed below.

    • Vitamins – A, C, Group B, E, PP.
    • Amino acids – tryptophan, valine, isoleucine, serine, and proline.
    • Trace elements – calcium, iron, etc.

  3. Body Function of Pistachio
  4. Substances present in pistachios perform a number of functions in the body. Some of these functions are as follows.

    1. Normalize the work of the liver and gallbladder.
    2. They clean the vessels.
    3. Improve vision.
    4. Slow the aging of cells.
    5. Prevent nerve disorders, breakdowns and depression.

  5. Harmful Effects of Excess Pistachio
  6. Indications for regular use of pistachios can be transferred operations and associated depletion of the body, physical activity, intense mental work, liver and bile duct disease, tuberculosis, lung cancer, stomach ulcer.


    Nuts will not replace the basic treatment but will help the body to recover and make up for the lack of essential vitamins and trace elements.

    A categorical contraindication to the use of pistachios is an allergic reaction to this product.

    Caloric content of these nuts is slightly inferior to other types of nuts like hazelnuts, almonds, cashews.

    However, it is high enough to limit the use of pistachios in the presence of excess weight.

  7. Types of Pistachio
  8. Pistachios are produced in two ways, by drying and frying. When frying, some of the nutrients are lost, but the risk of mold development in such a product is slightly lower than in the drying.


    Sometimes salt is added to nuts, it is important to consider if there are problems with the cardiovascular system, swelling and kidney pathology.

  9. Energy Value of Pistachio
  10. Energy value of pistachio per 100 g is as follows.

    • Caloric value: 556.3 kcal.
    • Proteins: 20 grams.
    • Fats: 50 grams.
    • Carbohydrates: 7 grams.

Benefits of Eating Pistachio During Pregnancy

The child, while in the womb, consumes useful substances from the mother’s body reserves. So when a deficiency of vitamins or microelements occurs, the woman will first suffer. This will affect her health, manifested in the form of fatigue, change in appearance, deterioration of the nails, hair, and teeth.

Pistachio, as one of the elements of the correct diet for the future mother, will help to maintain the health of a woman, to normally endure and give birth to a baby.

The benefits of eating pistachio during pregnancy are as follows.

  1. Fistivenol, contained in the composition of nuts, strengthens the immune system.
  2. Carotenoids improve vision and strengthen bone tissue.
  3. Benefits of Pistachio Happy Woman

  4. Vitamin B establish metabolic processes in the body, improve the condition of nails and hair.
  5. Calcium, although contained in nuts in small quantities, but necessary for the normal development of the skeleton of the baby and maintain the amount of calcium in the bones of the mother.
  6. Iron and copper prevent the development of anemia.
  7. Vitamins A and E maintain a healthy and youthful skin.
  8. Cellulose prevents constipation, which is a frequent occurrence for pregnant women.
  9. Vitamin C improves the body’s resistance to viral diseases.
  10. Pistachio is a valuable source of protein, it contributes to the normal development of the child’s muscular system. Monounsaturated fatty acids displace bad cholesterol from the mother’s body.

These nuts contribute to improve vitality, physical energy, and activity, improve the overall condition of a pregnant woman. Therefore, they need to eat it regularly.

Women in a state of pregnancy need to give preference to products without flavor additives and preservatives. So, you need to choose pistachios without salt and seasonings. If they are raw, be sure to check the nuts for mold formation. Fried is less useful, but their taste is more pronounced.

Pregnant women should eat no more than 10-20 nuts a day. Reduction of the consumed amount of pistachios is necessary for accelerated weight gain. In this case, 10 cores no more often than twice a week are enough.

Contraindication of Eating Pistachio in Pregnancy

No product will be useful if consumed in excess and the same goes for pistachios. They cannot seriously harm their health. However, during pregnancy, any changes in the body of the mother can have a negative impact on the development of the baby.

Obesity, which can cause high-calorie foods, complicates bearing and childbirth. Excess weight especially hinders, if you need a cesarean section. Also, losing those extra pounds after giving birth to the new mother will be difficult.

Headache in Pregnancy

Pistachios are considered a dietary nut simply because they contain fewer calories than other nuts, but still, their calorie content is very high in the general sense.

A future mother should never eat pistachios if their use causes allergies. The reaction can affect the baby. In addition, the use of an allergen during fetal pregnancy increases the risk of allergy to this product in the child.

There are other reasons why pistachios must be used moderately during pregnancy as shown below.

  1. Essential oils that are in nuts can cause headaches and nausea.
  2. Substances from pistachios are able to act on smooth muscles and cause premature birth.
  3. Fructans in the composition can cause bloating, diarrhea, and other digestive disorders.
  4. In fried nuts, there is more sodium. It can increase blood pressure, which is undesirable during the bearing of the child.
  5. Salt as a condiment to pistachios can provoke edema and blood pressure.

There are certain benefits of eating pistachio during pregnancy but they need to be in moderation. Too much weight on this high-calorie product is not worth it.

It is important to note that the usage rate is indicated for all types of nuts per day. This means that you cannot eat 15 pieces of hazelnuts, cashews, pistachios, and almonds in one day.

Proper Way to Choose a Pistachio

Whether it is possible to eat pistachios when pregnant, we have already figured out. They can need to be eaten but in moderation. However, it is also important to choose a quality product in the store and get the most out of it.

Check Pistachio

So, here are some things that you need to look for when buying them.

  1. There should be no mold inside the shell.
  2. The smell of pistachios should be fresh, pleasant, and in no way musty.
  3. The kernels should be visible from the shell.
  4. The color of ripe pistachio kernels is bright green.

Pistachios can be consumed in pure form, but it is desirable that they are without salt and other additives. From these nuts, you can prepare spicy additions to main dishes and desserts. Crushed pistachios can be added to fruit salad, yogurt, ice cream, and porridge.

Pistachio is a storehouse of useful vitamins, microelements and amino acids for pregnant mothers and baby. Therefore, they can be consumed regularly, but in moderation. In the presence of contraindications, replace it with other types of nuts.

Now you know that there are many benefits of eating pistachio during pregnancy. However, there are some contraindications too. So, always eat them in moderation. If you are allergic to nuts then do not consume them and never eat fried or bad pistachio. It is best to buy good quality pistachio and you know how to look for them as well. Just add them to your diet when making a daily diet plan with your doctor.

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9 Benefits of Eating Pistachio During Pregnancy