8 Benefits of Outdoor Play for Children.

Check out various benefits of outdoor play for children. Several advantages on children’s health, learning and development can be seen on the kids playing outdoors since they were toddlers.

benefits of outdoor play for children

Each of us knows that teaching a child is like building material for his future. Many parents dream that their children will grow up to be promising people. And they occupy high and well-paid positions in society. However, in this insane pursuit of knowledge, parents ignore to see that their children do not have time for themselves anymore. At school, teachers give homework for holidays and vacations. This leaves very little time for children to rest and enjoy their time with friends.

Importance of Outdoor Play

Earlier the children played with their brothers and sisters outside. They easily received a “game norm” at home or at grandmothers. However, in the past few decades the time for joint games of children has rather decreased significantly.

Importance of Outdoors

It is very important that parents understand that these games is an important process in the life of a child. No child should ever be deprived of this opportunity.

Group games allow children to learn to be in a team. Here they see and try on different roles, cooperate with other team members and develop self-discipline. The defeat that happens in games is also an important part. If you lose the game, the child gets acquainted with the negative side of life as well. Such moments teach them to be strong, to look for ways to solve and to build their own behavior pattern. Of course, you should not intentionally create such outcomes of the game. In outdoor game child develops respect for winner and empathy for loser. All this is very essential part of life as we adult already know.

Parent’s Responsibility

On the shoulders of parents is a great responsibility for the upbringing of children. One of the duties of parents is to understand if the child sees the difference between reality and imagination. It is very important not to miss this moment. After confusing real life with games in which a child likes to play, they acquire an incorrect value system. This mistake can lead to serious consequences in their life. In this case, the child will not be able to correctly analyze the situation and act reasonably.

Parents Responsibility

Through the game, children develop the necessary life skills. They learn to interact not only with their peers, but also adults.

Many of today’s parents hardly remember how they loved to play in the fresh air as a child. When children molded locks from the mud, with great relish watching the ants, climbing trees and chasing after street cats. This all may seem stupid fun, but the truth is that playing outdoors contributes to healthy growth of the child. Outdoor games reduce the risk of stress and anxiety in children and make them more attentive.

If a child is playing video game all the time then their only view of the outside world comes through this. This may not seem problematic to you now but soon it will. The fact is, playing video games instead of playing outside can cause health problems, developmental problems and much more. A child can become obese by just sitting and playing all the time. A child may not develop the necessary social skills to go out and socialize with other people in flesh.

Therefore, it all falls on the parents as it always does. It is the parent’s responsibility to make their child go out and play at least for a little while. If your child goes for outdoor play you will soon see the difference in their development. However, here too parents have to be vigilant in the company their child keeps.

Benefits of Outdoor Play for Children

Outdoor play helps children to learn as they would in life. There are many benefits of outdoor play for children. Let’s understand how outdoor play help children in certain aspects of life.

  1. Improved Physical Health
  2. Physical Improvement

    Open-air game is an excellent tool for combating the problem of childhood obesity. Studies show that children, who play outdoors on riddled grounds or rollercoaster for children are more slim and thin.

    Children who regularly go for a walk also have a healthy immune system. In addition, outdoor games are a good way to get the required dose of vitamin D.

    The fact is when children play outdoor they tend to run around and play. This running around helps them to develop balance, acquire skills and thereby help their physical health.

  3. Benefits Emotional Health
  4. Emotional

    The game outside the apartment allows children to relax, relieve tension and help them find a solution to their problems. When children play in the street, they learn to share and cooperate with each other, develop empathy. Children who feel confident on the street are less likely to feel the lack of attention of adults.

    The development of empathy helps them make a better human being. Development of confidence helps them to go for whatever they want in life. Both skills together help them to face any difficult situation in life with great ease.

  5. Improves Development Process
  6. The open-air area is a gigantic laboratory for teaching, which promotes children’s creativity.


    The researchers found that children learn something better when their body, mind and spirit are involved in something. Most often this happens while playing in the fresh air. This work involves all five senses, which helps create a powerful learning environment.

    Outdoor air also provides children with opportunities to explore, experiment and create their own theories about how the world works.

  7. Increases Learning Abilities
  8. Learning Development

    Learning is quite possibly the best benefit of outdoor play for children. When kids play outside they tend to develop their learning abilities much faster than when they play indoors. By providing them with proper outdoor tools they gain new information and learn new skills every day.

    Playing outdoors provides children with opportunity to think and make decisions for themself. This is something that can’t be achieved in front of a television set.

  9. Provide Creative Opportunities
  10. Creative

    Playing in sand box gives children their first chance at being creativity. When there is no distraction and no gadgets the child starts to actually get creative with their skill.

    The development of the child’s imagination is the reason why this point is included among the benefits of outdoor play for children.

  11. Develop Social Skills
  12. Social

    Today social skills have become how much friends you have on social media. However, recent studies show that a child having a million followers on social media may not even have social skills to talk to a friend. This has become the subject of worry for many parents of teenagers.

    On the other hand, when your child plays outdoors they acquire their social skills naturally. They play in teams and develop empathy. They have different roles in a team, so they understand responsibility. That’s the reason one of the most important benefits of outplay for children is development of social skills.

  13. More Focus
  14. We have enough benefits of outdoor play for children but this one is kind of different. Some children need to play outdoors to get rid of their pent up energy. An angry child is better at playing football. This way they turn all their pent up energy into something positive. Also this helps the child to get a sense of things and acquire more confidence. Therefore soon you will see that the angry child is not angry anymore.

    It also helps with sad or disturbed child to put their energy into creativity. This along with slight encourage will help them to be more outgoing. Remember each child is different and require their own time to get focus. However, playing outdoors provide them with that opportunity to focus on things they life without forcing them into it.

  15. Develops Independence
  16. This one is kind of obvious. Playing outdoors provides opportunity for kids to make their own decision in a control environment. This decision making helps kids to develop a certain level of confidence.

    Kids learn to create bonds, play in teams, own their responsibility by playing outdoors. All of this is needed to live a happy life. This way by learning this early in age they get more independent.

Consequence of Not Playing Outdoors


There are fewer people who want to spend time outdoors. Despite the many advantages of playing in the open air the younger generation spend more times on their gadgets. Due to this, the time spent by children in the open air is dramatically reduced.

Modern children spend much more time sitting in front of electronic media than children of the last generation. This leads to rather negative consequences.

The lack of outdoor play is associated with the problem of childhood obesity. Experts say that the current situation is so serious that the life expectancy of the younger generation will be shorter than the life of the previous ones.

In essence lack of outdoor play has dire consequence on your child. Quite frankly, after learning about the benefits of outdoor play for children, who wouldn’t want their child to play outside.

More Advantages of Outdoor Play in Children

There are certain advantages that a child receives from outdoor games and they are as follows.

  1. The feeling of fear, anxiety, irritability and stress decreases.
  2. The child experiences positive emotions, joy, from the proximity of communication and their self-esteem increases.
  3. In children’s games, they learn to sharpen their skills without losing dignity.
  4. Improves emotional flexibility and openness.
  5. Increases calmness, stability and adapts faster.
  6. The tactile protection is reduced. There is no need to fight, you can explain and agree.
  7. A sense of acceptance of differences develops.
  8. They are studying to find a compromise. Learns to offer options and choose.
  9. A model of the relationship is developed on the basis of adoption, not exceptions.
  10. Understanding the model of the aggressor-victim relationship.
  11. Reduces the vengeance and the need to self-defense.
  12. Improves tactile and non-verbal communication skills (gestures, touches). Understanding the emotions of other people.
  13. Develops attention.
  14. Positive emotions increase the effectiveness of the immune, endocrine and cardiovascular systems.
  15. Resistance to stress, fatigue, trauma and depression.

Children should be able to play. The game is important in the development of each child. It helps them grow in harmony with the outside world and prepares for adulthood, endowing with all the necessary skills. However, parents should not forget to provide necessary supervision for these games. Remember you want your kids to grow and become their own person but it’s our job to make sure that this happens in a safe environment.

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8 Benefits of Outdoor Play for Children.