Drinking Red Wine During Pregnancy: Good or Bad

Find out whether drinking red wine during pregnancy is good or bad. Learn more about the effects of alcohol on the baby and mother in the first, second and third trimester. Also, learn about the benefits of red wine along with its harmful side effects.

Red Wine During Pregnancy

There is no doubt that strong alcohol is harmful to women who are expecting a child. However, drinks with a weak degree, in particular wine, have caused some debate. Some doctors claim that any alcohol is practically a poison for a future mother and baby, others say that in small doses wine is allowed during pregnancy.

Let’s try to figure out whether red wine during pregnancy is harmful. If not then what doses of alcohol are allowed to be consumed by women during the period of gestation. Also, consider the safe analogs of wine allowed for pregnant women.

Arguments on Drinking Red Wine During Pregnancy

There are many arguments both for and against the use of wine by pregnant women.

What is dangerous to drink wine during pregnancy? First of all, it threatens the health of the unborn child.

Due to the systematic intake of wine by the mother or stronger drinks during this period, the fetus may have a congenital alcoholic syndrome that adversely affects the further mental and physical development.

Red Wine Arguments

In addition, as a result of abuse in the early stages of pregnancy are often seen as the developmental defects of the child’s internal organs and various external deformities.

It is not excluded that the fetal growth is retarded, and in some cases, binge can provoke premature birth.

The described consequences are typical for the regular use of significant doses of alcohol. However, there is a relatively different opinion as well.

In England, studies have been conducted that confirmed that mothers who did not deny themselves wine (1 tablespoon or one sip at a time) during pregnancy had children developed ahead of their age and had no serious health problems.

The positive effect of this amount of alcohol, when it comes to red wine, is explained by its ability to raise the level of hemoglobin, improve appetite and reduce the manifestations of toxicosis.

Of course, only good varieties of wine that do not have extraneous additives will benefit and not the bad ones.

Quantity of Red Wine During Pregnancy

Is one glass of wine for a pregnant woman is a lot?

Rare holidays and events are not without alcohol. So future moms may be tempted not to stand out from the company, especially if they hide their situation.

There is a question, whether it is possible to drink red wine during pregnancy particularly on one glass?

Quantity of Red Wine

Much depends on the volume of the container. Wine glasses are different. On average a wine glass, they contain 125-150 ml, although this is not the limit. Consider the permissibility of such an amount, in terms of the standard portion of alcohol.

One portion of alcohol is 10 ml of the drink. In wines, depending on the variety, this parameter is different. More often the maintenance in them of alcohol makes about 12%.

It is easy to calculate that in a wine glass of average capacity will be 1.5 servings of alcohol.

For an adult in the normal state, this does is entirely acceptable. However during pregnancy doctors do not recommend having more than one, a maximum of two servings of alcohol twice a week.

Consequently, a one-time glass of wine does not hurt, if there are no other contraindications for health. However, you can drink only once a week.

It should be remembered that homemade wines, the degree of which is difficult to determine, can differ greatly in their strength from the store drinks.

Benefits of Wine During Pregnancy

Many women doubt whether it is possible to drink wine during pregnancy, and if so, what kind? Each type of drink has its advantages and disadvantages. Some of the types of wines and their advantages are as listed below.

  1. Desert Wine or Dry Wine
  2. Do not use dessert wines for pregnant women. They are often fortified and contain a lot of sugar. Also, because of the excess of gas bubbles, champagne is not recommended.

    Desert Wine

    Table dry wine during pregnancy is the best option. It helps to cope with low blood pressure, nausea, and lack of appetite.

    If the dry wines seem too acidic to you then you can choose a semi-sweet variety.

    It is extremely undesirable to buy homemade beverages.

    Although they do not contain preservatives and coloring agents, no one will guarantee that the wine was made in accordance with the technology.

    The beverage may contain many oils or other harmful bacteria and microorganisms.

  3. White Wine
  4. In addition to the amount of sugar in the drink, the grape from which it is made is also important.

    White Wine

    Of the berries of pink, white and red varieties (previously peeled from the skin), white wines are obtained.

    With moderate use, there is a positive effect on the work of the heart and lungs.

    In comparison with red, white wine is inferior to it in terms of the amount of antioxidants and the effect on the level of hemoglobin.

    Also, it rarely causes dizziness and weakness after use.

  5. Red Wine
  6. Previously, dry red wine during pregnancy was considered so useful that doctors recommended that future mothers include it in small amounts in a constant diet. Now, this is no longer practiced because there are many other drugs to maintain good health.

    Benefits of Red Wine

    However, if the pregnant woman has a strong desire to drink red wine. Then one drink a day will not bring harm and even, on the contrary, will be useful. This drink is capable of the following.

    • Reduces the risk of thrombosis, due to the content of vitamins P and B.
    • Improves hemopoiesis and increase hemoglobin levels.
    • Removes toxins from the body.

To strengthen the therapeutic effect, with low hemoglobin, you can also include in the menu beef, liver, buckwheat, pomegranate juice, and dog rose.

Do not forget that wine is still a harmless drink, and the reactions of the body are all individual. Before you start using it to solve these problems, you need to consult your doctor.

Red Wine in Early Pregnancy

Wine and pregnancy in the early stages, is it compatible? Until the middle of the second trimester, doctors advise not to take risks.

Red Wine in Early Pregnancy

During this period, the embryo organs are just beginning to form and the likelihood of developmental defects is high.

Due to the harmful effects of alcohol on the fetus in the early period, facial anomalies, defects in the structure of the brain and heart, neurological problems, mental retardation and other pathologies in the child are possible.

To drink wine at the beginning of pregnancy or not is something that every woman decides for herself. However, you need to be aware of the riskiness of this act.

Going on about their desires or succumbing to public opinion can cause serious damage to the health of the baby.

If you already know about your situation and the period is less than 17 weeks, it is better to refrain from drinking alcohol.

Alternative Non-Alcoholic Wines

During pregnancy changes in eating habits are peculiar and it happens that the desire to drink wine becomes intolerable.

Alternate Wine

To exclude the harmful effects on the child, you can buy a non-alcoholic beverage, almost no different from the taste of the usual.

This wine does not lose its useful properties because it is manufactured using the same technology with only one difference. Before blowing it out, a vacuum is used to remove ethyl alcohol.

The drink is harmless and even considered curative. Its use is indicated with the reduced acidity of the stomach, chronic fatigue, hypertension and lack of appetite.

However, there are also warnings for this one. Due to the high cost, there are many fakes of this product. So before buying, you need to carefully study the composition, the percentage of alcohol and data about the manufacturer.

If you cannot find a good non-alcoholic drink, there is another analog and that is grape juice. It is not very similar to real wine, but it is safe for health.

Regular abuse of alcohol, even light, is harmful to the unborn child, and it will not do any good for you. If you really want, it’s better to drink good red wine during pregnancy but only in limited quantities. A minute of pleasure is not worth the health and life of your baby. So, it would better to avoid drinking red wine during pregnancy for the betterment of the baby and your health. Why take the risk.

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Drinking Red Wine During Pregnancy: Good or Bad