Effects of Smoking During Pregnancy

Check out the different effects of smoking during pregnancy. Let’s understand what happens if you smoke when expecting, the risks and ways to quit smoking when carrying a baby.

effects of smoking during pregnancy

Everyone knows that smoking is harmful. Then to everyone makes a decision to expose their body to debatable danger. However, when it comes to pregnancy, the situation is changing. In order to protect a future child, it is important to stop smoking before conception. Let’s learn about the effects of smoking during pregnancy and how it risks the future of your child.

Effects of Smoking on Conception

Note that smoking is one of the causes of infertility. Tobacco smoke contains substances that have a devastating effect on the eggs. As a result of these injuries, their fertilization becomes impossible. And if conception occurs, the fetus may not be viable.

Effects During Conception

In addition, the movement of the egg is difficult through the fallopian tubes. The action of hormones released during pregnancy is also inhibited.

A part of the eggs of the smoking woman dies in general. This is due to the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) contained in tobacco smoke. They start the process of premature aging and cell destruction.

The cavity of the fallopian tubes is also severely affected. They are lined with an incredibly sensitive epithelium to toxic and chemical substances.

During the smoking of one cigarette, a huge amount of toxic substances enters the body of a smoking woman. Their effect leads to the death of the cilia of the epithelium. This makes it impossible for a fertilized egg to enter the uterine cavity. This, in turn, can lead to an ectopic pregnancy and, as a result, to infertility.

Effects of Smoking During Pregnancy

The tobacco smoke contains 43 carcinogens and more than 150 harmful chemical compounds. Most of them get to the embryo. It turns out that the future child “smokes” with its mother, and does so forcibly. Therefore, the child to suffer from the bad effects of smoking and is able to do nothing about it. Here are some of the effects of smoking during pregnancy.

  1. Troubled Bodily Functions due to Smoking
  2. It is proved that smoking women often have early toxicosis, gestosis, as well as varicose veins, constipation, and dizziness.

    Bodily Function

    Smoking quickly destroys vitamin C, and eventually, there is a deficit in the body. If you do not quit smoking in time, the consequences can be very serious. This condition is fraught with a violation of metabolism, a decrease in immunity and depressive states. At times, there may also be problems with the assimilation of proteins.

    In addition, in smokers, miscarriages for one reason or another and for different periods of pregnancy occur on average 2 times more often. This is due to the fact that the placenta and fetus are in a state of constant shortage of oxygen. This condition is also called hypoxia.

    Smokers often give birth to premature babies, and those who are born on time often have a significantly reduced weight. This condition is called hypotrophy. The fetus lacks nutrients and oxygen.

  3. Developmental Defects due to Smoking
  4. Children of mothers who smoked during pregnancy are often born with various diseases and developmental defects. The relationship between smoking in early pregnancy and the risk of a child with defects in appearance is established.

    Development defects

    Basically, it is the defects of the palate, which is formed at the 6-8th week of pregnancy.

    Children of smokers are twice as likely to become victims of sudden infant death syndrome. Until now, the reasons for the development of this syndrome are not known. However, several risk factors are clearly defined and smoking during pregnancy is the leading one.

    Numerous studies have confirmed that in most cases, children of smoking mothers die in the first few months of life. However, it is not so important as whether they were active or passive smokers.

  5. Adverse Effects of Smoking During Pregnancy
  6. Miscarriage or fetal death of the fetus is often caused by problems with the placenta, which suffers from smoking. Thus, the risk of placental detachment in moderate smokers of expectant mothers is approximately 25% higher than that of non-smokers. Moderate here is considered up to half a pack a day.

    adverse effects

    For heavy smokers, this figure will already be 65%. Very often, when smoking during pregnancy, the patient is not formed where it is prescribed. This is not on one of the lateral walls of the uterus, but above the cervix. It leads to it blocking the way out of it. This condition is called placenta previa and is considered a serious complication of pregnancy. Births, in this case, are very severe and with massive blood loss.

    Some women smoke a pack of cigarettes a day or more. For them, the risk of presentation of the placenta is almost 90% higher than that of non-smokers.

  7. Nicotine Dependent Child
  8. Nicotine Dependent Kid

    The fact is when a mother smokes the child smokes in a way as well. This happens as all the maternal blood passes through the fetus. Therefore the concentration of harmful substances in its tissues is even higher than in the woman’s blood.

    And according to the latest research, when a woman smokes during pregnancy the child is born with a nicotine dependency. They are much more likely to become a smoker and that too at a very young age.

Effects of Abruptly Quitting Smoking

We hope that you understood that you need to stop smoking at least when carrying the baby. After all the bad effects of smoking during pregnancy shown above, it would be wise to just stop smoking. However, it’s easier said than done, especially if you have been smoking for a long time and in large quantities.

Abruptly Stop Smoking

In addition, many women smokers doubt whether it is possible to quit smoking abruptly? There is an opinion that such haste will cause more damage to the body than nicotine itself.

Indeed, if you quit smoking suddenly during pregnancy, it can be dangerous. The fact is that in this case, the contractile ability of muscles increases, which can lead to miscarriage.

Therefore, women who smoke more than 10 cigarettes a day and have been for more than one year should act very carefully and slowly. Pregnancy is a great stress for the body. So, any other changes in the usual rhythm of life will only complicate the already difficult state of pregnancy.

It is better and safer to quit smoking while planning pregnancy and not during pregnancy.

Process to Stop Smoking During Pregnancy

Smoking couples who are planning to get pregnant should start by quitting smoking. There are several ways one can try to quit smoking. However, in the end, it all depends on your will and whether or not you really want to quit smoking. So, let’s see what you need and what you can to avoid the damaging effects of smoking during pregnancy.

  1. Basics Needs to Quit Smoking
  2. Firstly, the process is simpler when there is no temptation to smoke at the sight of the “second half” smoking. This means that you need to do this as a couple as it would be far easier and helpful.

    Basic to Quit

    Secondly, the mutual assistance, sympathy, approval, support and personal example of a partner greatly facilitates the task to quit smoking.

    Third, with the disappearance of cigarettes from the house, the constant passive smoking factor is excluded.

    It is better to quit smoking in advance. This way the body has enough time to clear and recover. Optimal period, in this case, is considered to be six months. Keep in mind that unlike the female body, the male body excretes nicotine much faster. So, if the future dad is the only smoker than three months would be enough before the planned conception.

  3. Dealing with Psychological Factor
  4. When it comes to stopping smoking, most people get confused on where to begin. And this is why most people fall back into the habit as well. As you know, dependence on cigarettes is not so much physical as psychological. This factor is the most difficult to overcome.


    So before you start, you need to tune in. Think about what an important and responsible this period is in your life. Then consider that in many ways the course and outcome of this pregnancy depend on your health. Imagine what kind of stress a child will experience.

    Just imagine the child being forced to receive a lot of poisonous substances. Now, imagine that you are the one supplying this poisonous substance as your nicotine filled blood passes through fetus. In fact, it’s the same thing as if you were forced to smoke your newborn baby.

    Now, let’s agree that this is an absurd scenario. Fix these images in your mind and remember these images every time you have a desire to smoke. Remember that now you are not only responsible for yourself but for your unborn child as well.

  5. Methods to Quit Smoking
  6. There are different methods of quitting, someone prefers to do it decisively and immediately and others do it gradually.

    Gradually here is to stop smoking but not in one day instead we stretch the process for a few weeks. At the first stage, you need to halve the number of cigarettes smoked per day, and switch to lighter grades.

    Methods to Stop

    After a week once again cut the “daily rate” by half and so on and so forth. In addition, take the rule not to smoke the cigarette to the end, extinguish it after a few puffs.

    In the third week, allow yourself to smoke only in the most extreme cases. Like if the heart starts to beat too hard, there is weakness, dizziness, etc. In the beginning, it can be hard, but physical discomfort passes pretty quickly.

    Remember to get rid of cravings for cigarettes with the help of the idea of a future child. If this is the first time you stopped smoking then too there is no need to worry. This happens quite often, but if there is a desire to stop then, in the end, everything will turn out. You need to keep trying till you have quit smoking. Sometimes it makes sense to use a nicotine patch or cud to help with the process.

  7. Immediate Benefits of Refusal to Smoke
  8. health Improve

    Many people get motivated by the information that immediately after refusal to smoke their health will begin to improve instantly.

    After 20 minutes, the pressure drops and the pulse normalizes. The risk of a heart attack decreases after 24 hours. After 2 days a normal sensation of taste and smell returns to you.

    After 2-3 weeks, the function of the lungs will return to normal and blood circulation will improve. Then it will become easier to walk as well.

  9. Healthy Lifestyle to Quit Smoking
  10. To support the body during the process of quitting you need to take care of your diet as well. So, take supplements with a high content of vitamin C and iron.

    Healthy Lifestyle

    Eat fresh vegetables, fruits and drink freshly squeezed juices as much as possible. Try to consume as much liquid as possible. For example, you can milk, kefir, green tea, still mineral water. All this will contribute to the removal of the products of the decay of nicotine.

    Be sure to walk at least half an hour a day. Avoid smoke-filled premises and in any case, do not allow anyone to smoke in your presence.

    All of the above will help to ease the separation from nicotine and prepare your body for pregnancy.

Study on Effects of Smoking During Pregnancy

Many studies have been conducted to find out all the adverse effects of smoking during pregnancy. Here we share with you the two of the most commonly found results from these studies.

  1. Effects of Smoking on Male Fetus
  2. It has been found that smokers face more difficulties with the birth of a boy. The international group of scientists analyzed the data on the pregnancy of more than 9 thousand women for this study.

    Boy Fetus

    Due to this study, the result shows that parents who smoke have many adverse effects on the baby. One of these results shows that a baby boy is two times less likely to be born then baby girls. The main reason behind such a skew is the intrauterine death of the fetus with Y-chromosome. The presence of this chromosome is what determines the male gender of the unborn child.

    This is because the Y chromosome is much more sensitive to all kinds of negative influences. Even the male embryos themselves are much more exacting to the conditions of survival.

    It is not necessary that the future mother herself should smoke. Even if she regularly inhales smoke while someone else is smoking is bad. This alone reduces the probability of a son’s birth by one third, as the risk of his death increases.

  3. Statistical Study
  4. Scientists from England recently conducted a large-scale study in which more than 17,000 women were involved. It was planned to find out what effect smoking has on their reproductive abilities.


    The results showed that they were lowered. It also showed the probability that it would take more than one year to conceive was 3 times higher in smokers than for non-smokers.

    Smoking men have a slightly better situation. Tobacco smoke adversely affects spermatozoa and they become less mobile. Therefore, sperms are less likely to reach the egg and penetrate it causing failure to conceive.

    The likelihood of conception by the method of artificial insemination (IVF) in a smoking couple is also low. In some countries, smoking women are already denied free IVF, and not everyone can pay for such an operation.

Again, the effects of smoking during pregnancy are always bad. Nothing good can ever come of it. However, even if you are a smoker then too you can quit before planning the pregnancy. Remember smoking is bad and baby is good.

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Effects of Smoking During Pregnancy