How Does Smoking Affects Pregnancy

Check out the ways in which smoking affects pregnancy with some facts. Learn about the statistics and dangers of nicotine in early and late stages when expecting. Also, find out ways to quit smoking and debunk some myths related to the same.

smoking affects pregnancy

How does smoking affects pregnancy? This question can often be heard from the ladies in the situation in the doctors’ offices. Fortunately, the number of expectant mothers who value a cigarette more than their baby’s health has decreased by 20% in the last 5 years. This trend was promoted by information campaigns in the society and, perhaps, the prevalence of common sense over the habit, ambition, and advice of girlfriends.

When asked whether it is possible to smoke during pregnancy, no doctor will answer, you can, if you want. No one will advise a “safe dose” or “special way” to minimize the risk. There are simply no such ways. All this should be taken into account if, after leaving the obstetrician’s office, you again pull into your pocket for another cigarette.

Dangers of Smoking for Future Mother

What are the dangers of smoking for the future mother? Let’s find out the way in which smoking affects pregnancy, particularly the mother in this case.

  1. Effects of Smoking on Pregnancy
  2. Sad Smoking Pregnant Woman

    Pregnancy and smoking can never be compatible if you want to have a safe and pleasant journey.

    The harmful ways in which smoking affects pregnancy is not only a violation of the mother’s heart.

    It causes a pronounced chronic vasoconstriction, which causes a jump in blood pressure and a decrease in blood flow to the heart, a decrease in the saturation of blood cells with oxygen.

    However, it also has direct effects on the reproductive system.

  3. Smoking in Terms of Pregnancy
  4. Smoking in the early stages of pregnancy increases the risk of miscarriage and uterine bleeding.

    If the body is addicted to toxicosis, its manifestations will be more pronounced.

    In later terms, the habit increases the risk of premature birth. The mortality of infants, in this case, is 30%.

  5. Smoking Effects on Placenta
  6. Formation of the placenta occurs with impairment due to smoking.

    Doctor Advice

    A frequent manifestation of a mother’s blemish is the emergence of placenta previa. It is a condition in which the fetal membranes are not able to keep the baby in themselves at later times.

    The preposition is always a risk of premature, sudden birth of a premature baby.

    Perhaps the tearing off of the placenta is also possible because of smoking.

    This condition is life-threatening for the mother and child.

  7. Doctor’s Review of Smoking When Pregnant
  8. Smoking during pregnancy according to doctors’ reviews is a factor in stimulating the rupture of the bladder long before the child’s birth. This also threatens the life of the baby and mother.

Dangers of Smoking for Child

The effect of smoking on the fetus during pregnancy is even greater than on the mother’s body. Let’s focus on how smoking affects pregnancy particularly the child in this case.

  1. Hypoxia in Child
  2. In view of the violation of blood circulation in the mother’s body, the child suffers from hypoxia.

    Lack of oxygen excludes its normal development, forming intrauterine malformations of the brain, internal organs.

    At time babies are born prematurely and/or are weak.


  3. Nervous System Defects in Baby
  4. Nicotine breaks the correct course of the child’s nervous system.

    In the future, this is manifested by mental defects like unreasonable crying, sleep disturbances, and later with uncontrolled aggression.

  5. Heart Diseases
  6. Tobacco poison tends to provoke heart disease. The most common disease among children born from smoking mothers is heart disease.

The danger of smoking persists even after the birth of the child. Therefore, having sustained as much as 9 months without a cigarette, you cannot return to a pernicious habit. This is true if you do not want to infect your child from infancy.

Smoking during breastfeeding fills the baby with the same poisons that come to you. Only your “slaughter dose” is much larger than the amount sufficient for the strongest poisoning of the newborn.

Effects of Smoking in Early Periods of Pregnancy

Quite a contradictory question is about smoking and pregnancy in the early stages.

On the one hand, unfortunately, most pregnancies are still spontaneous and unplanned, so the woman, still unaware of her “interesting situation”, continues to lead a habitual way of life.

Smoking in Early Pregnancy

On the other hand, doctors say that it is the smoking in the first weeks of pregnancy that most negatively affect the fetus. This is because at this time it is not yet protected by the placenta, and therefore is defenseless before any negative external influences.

Moreover, in the early stages of pregnancy, there is the formation of all vital organs of the baby, so any unfavorable factor can become fatal.

Smoking in the early stages of pregnancy can lead to various diseases that form during intrauterine development of a person. Some examples include heart pathology or bone system, which are not caused by genetic disorders.

Effects of Smoking in Late Pregnancy

Smoking during pregnancy in the 2-3 trimester is also not safe.

Smoking in Late Pregnancy

In addition to the fact that it can cause any deviation in the development of the fetus, premature ripening of the placenta and premature birth are also possible.

If a woman smokes 5-10 or more cigarettes at this time, the placental abruption is likely. This is a pathology of carrying the child, accompanied by severe bleeding, and it can only be stopped surgically.

After such an operation, the fetus survives rarely, since during placental abruption it experiences acute hypoxia (lack of oxygen).

In addition, smoking in late pregnancy, along with alcohol and various infections can be one of the causes of fetal death and the birth of a dead baby.

Effects of Smoking When Breastfeeding

If you do not have the strength to quit smoking during pregnancy, it is unlikely to be decided on breastfeeding. There are two negative sides to the smoking for a breastfeeding woman.

Sad Baby Smoking when Breastfeeding

Firstly, it is proved that nicotine suppresses the activity of the hormone prolactin responsible for the production of breast milk. If you cannot quit cigarettes at all, do not smoke at least 9 pm to 9 am when Prolactinum stands out particularly actively.

Secondly, all substances contained in tobacco enter the breast milk. This means that the child receives all the same carcinogenic and radioactive substances as the smoking mother. However, the difference is that for an adult body it is easier to cope, but for a child, it is beyond its power

Decision to Quit Smoking

Should I quit smoking? Well, Duh!

When you become aware of how smoking affects pregnancy, this issue does not seem to make sense. However, all the same, it is still necessary to specify that you need to stop smoking.

Quit Smoking

  1. Yes! This must be done and as soon as possible. If, even before pregnancy, you smoked and learned about the “interesting situation” suddenly, urgently abandon the addiction.
  2. A safe dose of nicotine does not exist. Even a “couple” of cigarettes a day worsens your child’s health and makes complications during pregnancy.
  3. It is not dangerous to quit smoking during pregnancy. This causes much less “stress” than the smoking itself does for the body.

Proper Way to Stop Smoking When Pregnant

We all know that if smoking were easy to quit everyone would have done it by now. However, the difference now is that you have a reason to quit it. So, let’s learn the proper way to stop smoking when pregnant.

  1. Avoid Nicotine Medicines
  2. Doctor Advice

    Do not use nicotine-containing medications or anything similar.

    Adhesives and sprays with nicotine is a poison that is not suitable for solving the problem.

    If you are not sure of your abilities, consult psycho-and manual therapy.

    The most sparing ways, not having a medicamentous effect, are acupuncture and hypnosis. They form a psychological rejection of habit.

    However, without a clear motivation and they along with anything else will be powerless.

  3. Motivation
  4. Establish a clear motivation as you need it.


    After all, you want the birth of a healthy baby more than anything in the world.

    Cigarettes do not go to any comparison with your main life values.

  5. Just Do It
  6. Do not stretch the pleasure. Throw at once, just now!

    This will not cause any stress and unexpected reaction. Moreover, in just a few hours your body will begin to clean.

    You will notice this for several months.

Narcologists believe that expectant mothers are much more likely to part with cigarettes than, for example, their spouses. After all, the life of a woman changes radically. She stops visiting smoky bars, avoids corporate parties, does not drink alcohol and coffee. All this leads to a violation of stereotypes, habits of “smoke”. All this allows you to forget about harmful cravings, as a terrible dream.

Myths and Misconceptions About How Smoking Affects Pregnancy

One of the most common myths is that smoking during pregnancy is not so dangerous. We have already debunked that as it is dangerous, so it is better to give up this habit even before conception.

Smoking When Pregnant

Another misconception is that you cannot quit smoking during pregnancy. It supposedly begins cleaning the body, which passes through the fruit, which can greatly harm him. However, doctors are unanimous on this decision as it’s much more dangerous to continue smoking!

It is believed that less harmful to the body are more quality cigarettes. Well, yes, as in an anecdote: “I buy expensive cigarettes, I cannot save on health!”

Often in an expensive strong taste of tobacco is simply interrupted by aromatic additives, they are more pleasant to smoke, but the effect is the same.

Some future mothers, realizing all the harm of smoking during pregnancy, still cannot quit smoking completely. They, in turn, switch to lighter cigarettes, hoping that in this way they will receive less tar and nicotine in their body.

Happy Family

In fact, this is what happens, wanting to fill the usual level of nicotine in the blood, the smoker smokes more “light” cigarettes, or makes deeper puffs.

Therefore, the transition to light cigarettes is ineffective, as is the gradual quitting of smoking. It is better to give up cigarettes at one time, so your body will be cleared much faster.

By the way, judging by the responses on the forums, many women managed to quit smoking just because of pregnancy. They were helped by the realization that now they harm not only themselves but also their future crumbs.

Smoking during pregnancy is always a risk, always an aggravating factor, but for what do you need it? It is much more useful to just give up cigarettes than guess, damage or harm your future child. Pregnancy is a wonderful occasion to stop smoking because you are responsible not only for your health but also for the health of your unborn baby. So, just do it.

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How Does Smoking Affects Pregnancy