How Early Can You Tell If You Are Pregnant

Learn how early can you tell if you are pregnant or not. Understand the female intuitions in these situations along with the signs and symptoms of pregnancy like a missed period, constipation, nausea, morning sickness among others.

early can you tell if you are pregnant

Female intuition, coupled with the experience of ancestors, allows us to establish the fact of pregnancy before any test or medical analysis. On what grounds can you guess about the “interesting” situation just a few days after its onset? And how early can you tell if you are pregnant? Are two most intriguing questions in these situations.

Understanding Occurrences of Initial Signs of Pregnancy

The first signs of pregnancy in each woman show up in different ways. This does not mean that conceiving, you will devastate all the cans with pickled cucumbers in your house, because each organism is unique.

How to determine the symptoms of pregnancy and what are the methods of its diagnosis this is all we will learn about here.

Initial Signs of Pregnancy

It is interesting that the first symptoms of pregnancy learned to recognize doctors hundreds and thousands of years ago.

For example, in ancient Egypt, to find out if a woman is pregnant, she was prepared a drink from the special grass and milk of a woman who gave birth to a boy. If the drink caused vomiting, then the woman is pregnant.

Ancient Jews forced a woman to walk on soft grass and study her tracks. Today, in order to find out whether you are pregnant or not, you just need to buy a test and wait a couple of minutes.

However, in addition to the two strips, there are other early signs of pregnancy before menstruation. These are what we will learn about in brief.

Initial Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy

As mentioned earlier, there are many signs and symptoms of pregnancy that arrive even before the woman detect she is pregnant. Some of these initial signs of pregnancy are as follows.

  1. Small Secretion
  2. Vaginal Discharge

    A few brown droplets or just a “yellowish trace” on the panties.

    It can be far from each other and not “monthly”. This is what we call an implantation bleeding.

    By the way, this is one of the earliest signs of pregnancy.

    This is due to 6-12 days after fertilization, the embryo is planted on the uterine wall.

    Also, this process can occur without any selections.

  3. Increase in Basal Temperature
  4. Observe also your temperature. When measuring basal temperature, the sign of pregnancy is the so-called “implantation sinking”.

    Basal Temperature

    This is a sharp drop in temperature in the second phase of the menstrual cycle for one day.

    The reasons for the fall can be two: first, from the middle of the second phase, the production of the hormone progesterone responsible for raising the temperature begins to decrease.

    In the case of pregnancy, its production again resumes. This leads to temperature fluctuations.

    Secondly, with the onset of pregnancy, an estrogen hormone is released. It reduces the temperature.

    Another simple sign of pregnancy detection is the presence of basal temperature above 37 degrees.

  5. Bloating
  6. Often, even when the uterus is slightly increased, the woman still feels an increase in the circumference of the abdomen. This is due to swelling of the intestine.

    All because in the process of digestion in the intestine always occurs gas formation, and during pregnancy, the intestine becomes even more “lazy.”

    There is a small swelling of the walls of the intestine.

  7. Feeling Tired and Weak
  8. Weakness

    Many “already pregnant” women think that they just caught a cold and got sick.

    This is due to the temperature increase, which we mentioned earlier.

    However, many future mothers are really a little “unwell”. One of the reasons is a decrease in immunity.

    Some even have a cough and runny nose.

    It would seem that unexpected signs of pregnancy in the early stages.

  9. Back Pain
  10. Pain in the back and lower back also – early symptoms of pregnancy.

    The pain can be a little palpable, in some cases, the mother may feel “lumbago” in the lower back.

    Such mild pain can periodically occur during the entire period of gestation of the baby.

  11. Exacerbation of Thrush
  12. If you have experienced this ailment before, it is very likely that in the early stages of pregnancy it will again remind you. And even a woman who has never had a candidiasis before during pregnancy can find out what it is.

    The reason – all the same decrease in immunity in the early stages. All kinds of fungi, including Candida (the causative agent of thrush), surround us all our lives.

    vaginal discharge

    However, healthy immunity does not allow them to harm the body and actively multiply in it.

    In the case of shocks, which, of course, the pregnancy is for the body, against the background of a decrease in protective forces, the fungi begin to feel free and actively multiply, delivering a lot of troubles, such as: characteristic white cheesy discharge with an unpleasant sour smell, itching in the perineum, painful sensations during sexual intercourse and urination.

    It would be desirable to note only, that the milk woman on early terms – the phenomenon so widespread, that some women even mistakenly consider or count its or her sign of pregnancy.

    This, of course, is not so, but the reduced immunity of a future mother – an unquestionable companion to the onset of pregnancy – provokes her appearance.

    Anyway, after finding out the symptoms of yeast infection, do not delay a visit to the doctor. There the fact of pregnancy authentically will be found out.

  13. Sensitive Breast
  14. Breast Sensitivity

    The sensitivity of the nipples even at the slightest touch is another frequent symptom of pregnancy.

    However, it should be remembered that it manifests itself in a couple of weeks after conception.

    The chest can respond to every touch, or it may just hurt or swell.

    Another pregnancy is also indicated by a darkening of the skin around the halos of the nipples.

  15. Nausea and Aversion to Odors
  16. This classic and familiar to many future mothers signs of pregnancy often occurs at 3-8 weeks after conception.

    This disgust for smells, nausea and vomiting occur in 50% of women in the early stages of pregnancy. True, this indicator is not required at all.

    In addition, there are cases when toxicosis occurs late in pregnancy.

  17. Uneasy Dream
  18. Problem Sleeping

    Many pregnant women suffer from insomnia, they cannot sleep for a long time.

    Often their sleep becomes more restless.

    Even if the mother goes to bed early, in the morning she can barely get out of bed.

    Often a dream can be caught right in the middle of the day, and all this is accompanied by a feeling of weakness or weakness.

    Serious cause for concern is not, simply the body thus signals the onset of a new status for them is pregnancy.

  19. Traditional Delay in Menstruation
  20. This is the most famous and common early sign of pregnancy. That’s when we confidently go to the pharmacy for the test.

    However, not always the delay of menstruation indicates the onset of the pregnancy.

    In gynecology, there are still some reasons for the delay in menstruation, except for pregnancy.

    Nevertheless, pregnancy is the most frequent and the only healthy reason for the delay.

However, it is worth remembering that the first signs of ectopic pregnancy are similar to all the above. Therefore, after making the test and making sure that the level of the hCG hormone is increased, it is important to monitor its further dynamics and to make an ultrasound confirming the presence of an embryo in the uterus.

It does not matter which of the above signs brought you joyful news. Congratulations! Happy pregnancy and easy delivery!

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How Early Can You Tell If You Are Pregnant