How Much Should a Five Month Old Eat

Learn about how much should a five month old eat regularly. Check out the breastfeeding plan along with the schedule and way to introduce solid food, juices, and formula in the child diet. Also understand the sleep, weight, height and the benefits of proper diet on them.

how much should a five month old

The first months of life are the time when the growth and maturation of children are quite fast. They learn new skills, and the correct nutrition will help to compensate for energy costs.

In the question of when to introduce a baby to solid food or anything other than breast milk, there are no universal recommendations. However, modern doctors claim that there is no need to hurry with this process, especially if the mother’s milk is available in sufficient quantities. The optimal timing for familiarizing the baby with new products is five to six months. However, the individual characteristics of the baby play an important role here.

When beginning to introduce complementary feeding to a five-month-old baby, it is necessary to closely observe his body’s reaction. In particular, keep an eye out for whether there was a bloating, diarrhea or an allergic reaction.

Introduction of New Products

Parents can start introduction of the new food with different cereals or mashed potatoes.

new products

Often, the solid food is recommended at five months for children whose weight gain is not very well. The children introduced to porridge in most cases eat well, thereby helping them gain the missing grams.

However, if there are no difficulties with weight gain, preference should be given to vegetable puree. They have a favorable effect on the functioning of the intestinal tract.

Similar properties are allocated to fruits, but still, if you start with them, then there is a big risk that after them the baby will not want to eat vegetables that have a less bright taste.

Porridge for Five Months Old Baby

The daily rate of food for a five-month-old baby should be about a kilogram. This amount is the main food (milk of the mother or mixture), including solid food. A child at this age often eats five times a day.

Usually, the first feeding, as well as the last one, consists of the main food, that is, the milk formula, breast milk, and solid food are offered during the second, third meal.


The introduction of cereals is desirable to start with buckwheat, oatmeal, as these varieties of products contain the maximum amount of valuable microelements, vitamins, including useful fiber.

You can prepare a porridge for a five month old baby in several ways. Also, you can cook porridge from regular cereals, after which you can get a homogeneous mixture with a blender.

In the department of baby food, you can find various types of baby porridge, which in the preparation also produces a homogeneous mass.

Porridge for a five month old should be cooked on the water without the addition of salt. However, if you want to sweeten the dishes, you can use fruit or vegetable puree for this. An excellent option may be a carrot for a kid.

Children’s diet can be a combination of pumpkin and oatmeal porridge as well. Some advice to try different porridge to see which one kid likes most. This is also so the baby gets used to different tastes.

Vegetables in Five Months Old Baby’s Menu

When choosing vegetables for a five-month-old baby, pay attention to such products like broccoli, pumpkin, zucchini, cauliflower.

There are a couple of ways to cook them or just serve in a boiled, stewed. If the baby does not have a negative reaction, then they can be combined, thereby creating interesting and tasty dishes.

Do not give fried vegetables to the baby, not yet anyway.

Food for Physical Development of Baby

What to feed the baby if it has a delay in physical development?

In the case, the baby is found to be lagging behind in the formation of various functions. Also, signs of anemia or an ailment such as rickets appear, then low-fat beef can be administered in small doses when lactating in the puree.


When choosing this product, pay attention that it is fresh. When cleaning it, clean it from films and grease. Boil it and then twist it with a meat grinder or blender, this is important because otherwise, the baby’s stomach can suffer from such a hard food that it is not used to.

The resulting puree-like product will be an excellent addition to vegetable puree. Begin to add a half teaspoon of it if you need. During the week, one and a half teaspoon and then gradually increase the portion to a tablespoon. Such babies in five months can be allowed the introduction of an egg yolk in food, according to a similar scheme.

In this case, follow the reaction of the baby to check if it has an allergic reaction. In case of appearance of allergies, you cannot introduce new products. And you need to immediately consult with a doctor for advice.

The main menu of these kids also consists of getting them breast milk. It can be a mixture of both as you can also include different cereals, vegetables in the child’s diet.

Proper Way to Introduce New Food to Five Month Old Baby

The general rules of introducing complementary foods to a toddler of five months include the advice, relative rules for the introduction of new food. Its quantity and the period of time during which it is necessary to increase portions to the desired volume taking into account various factors.

New Food

Whenever introducing any new food in the child’s menu it is necessary that there are no health deviations for baby. If the new food poses any threat like allergies then immediately discard it from the menu.

In the Soviet times, it was believed that juices, various fruits are the best foods that are well suited as the first complementary foods.

Today, modern doctors strongly recommend that these foods be included in the baby’s diet only after reaching seven to eight months. This is due to the fact that they often provoke the appearance of digestive tract disorders in the baby, including the occurrence of allergic reactions.

Be sure to start luring a five month old baby with puree dishes. Besides, you need to start solely from one product. This approach, in the event of an allergic reaction or the presence of a propensity for its appearance, will help to identify negative trends at an early stage.

different food

When setting the amount to be introduced during feeding, it must be remembered that the first portion should consist of half a teaspoon. Then for seven or fourteen days, there is an increase in volumes.

During this time, the volume should normally be reached to 100-200 grams, this amount is sufficient to replace one feeding.

In addition, the received food of the baby should be eaten with pleasure. This determines how much should a five month old eat or at least the amount of complementary foods to be given to the baby.

One reaches the required volume for this age portion, in vegetable puree or cereal puree in a small amount of added vegetable oil (olive, corn, sunflower, etc.).

When introducing complementary foods, it is advisable to feed the baby with a spoon. As an additional food for a five-month crumb, you can use industrial food for children. When preparing dishes at home, the selected products must be carefully processed.

Usually, when preparing food, products that are distinguished by ecological purity are used. Sometimes this nutrition is additionally enriched with minerals, vitamins, necessary for the baby.

Baby Eating

Since the time when the feeding of a five-month-old baby is performed, it is necessary to give them a sufficient amount of liquid. To do this, you can use simple drinking water, as well as herbal teas, which help improve the digestion process.

Every mother wants to grow a strong kid, who has excellent health and for that proper attention needs to be paid on its diet.

When introducing the solids to a five month old child diet, it needs to be focused on the pediatrician’s recommendations.

Remember that it is on the mother, she is responsible for the creation of proper nutrition. Therefore, during this period, one should be especially attentive to your baby, given the taste preferences that are expressed in the diet. In addition, do not forget to show the flexibility that is needed when organizing a diet plan.

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How Much Should a Five Month Old Eat