How to Get Rid of Gas in Early Pregnancy

Check out best ways to get rid of gas in early pregnancy. Learn about the signs and symptoms flatulence along with its causes and ways to prevent and treat them properly. Also, find out about the home remedies, massages, diet and physical exercise to cure indigestion.

Get rid of Gas in Early Pregnancy

Pregnancy and gas is a frequent combination. It starts from the first weeks after conception and lasts until the end days of intrauterine development of the baby. Gas significantly worsens the condition of the future mother and breaks the harmony of the period of joyful expectation of the birth of a child. About 2/3 of pregnant women face this delicate problem and so it needs to be dealt with properly.

Signs and Symptoms of Increased Gas Production

Flatulence is characterized by an increased accumulation of gaseous substances in the lumen of the intestine. This is while the woman experiences a feeling of heaviness, fullness and some indigestion in the stomach.

Occasionally, gas colic can occur like cramping pain that appears when the gases move through the digestive tract. After their release, the unpleasant feeling decreases or disappears altogether. Often, the listed symptoms are also associated with eructations, rumbling in the intestine or hiccups. Sometimes flatulence is accompanied by other problems of digestion like diarrhea or constipation.

Gas Symptoms

Symptoms of increased formation of gases are not permanent as they arise and disappear in their own time.

Often swollen due to increased formation of gases in the intestines, the stomach is one of the signs that arise in the early stages of pregnancy.

Changing the hormonal background in the body of a future mother leads to the fact that the smooth musculature of the intestine loses its tone. This, in turn, leads to a slowing of peristalsis and a decrease in the rate of progress of food and feces by the loops of the small and large intestines.

Also, the formation of gases during pregnancy in early periods can result in a decrease in the production of pancreatic enzymes. This occurs against the background of hormonal adjustment, and also because of changes in the gastronomical preferences of women.

To eliminate such a problem, you should set up a diet, make daily walks, perform self-massage of the front abdominal wall, and also appoint the therapist to take enzymes.

Gases in early pregnancy usually do not bother a woman as much as flatulence in the last trimester. This problem arises because the growing uterus displaces and squeezes the organs of the digestive tract, thereby worsening the progress of stool in the intestines.

Gases during pregnancy, especially in the late term, can cause hypertension of the uterus, which is fraught with premature birth. For this reason, it is necessary to carefully monitor your condition, and in case of suspicious symptoms, immediately consult a doctor.

Serious Condition of Gas in Pregnancy

Excessive accumulation of gases in the intestine is often accompanied by a cutting pain in the abdomen. Doctors call it hormonal adjustment.

Stomach Pain

It is the main reason that the early pregnancy in a future mother is accompanied by flatulence.

Constipation often also occurs. Taking widely prescribed in such cases Duphalac for constipation accompanied by flatulence is not recommended.

This is because for the majority of women while on the contrary to amplified bloating flatulence is one of the side effects of drugs on the basis of lactulose.

Pain in the abdomen can be caused by a change in the diet, as a result of which digestion is disrupted and gases begin to form vigorously.

To reduce the severity of discomfort, the pregnant woman is allowed to take those drugs that contribute to the escape of gases. These drugs are usually the ones that are prescribed to newborns with colic. So if the expectant mother takes such a suspension, the baby will not be harmed, but her condition will improve significantly.

Causes of Gas in Pregnancy

To explain the increased formation of gases in the intestine there are many reasons. Some of these are as follows.

    Causes of Gas

  1. In the first trimester, the pancreas produces fewer enzymes, which adversely affects the process of digesting food.
  2. There is an increase in the synthesis of progesterone, which has a relaxing effect on smooth muscle.
  3. The growing uterus in the third trimester exerts mechanical pressure on the intestines. This then leads to bloating and increased accumulation of gases.
  4. Lack of physical activity can cause gas too.
  5. Improper food is one of the leading cause of gas in general.
  6. Treatment of medicines, the reception of which provokes flatulence.
  7. Exacerbation of chronic gastrointestinal diseases.

Ways to Get Rid of Gas in Early Pregnancy

A woman who carries a baby is not allowed to take many pharmaceutical preparations. Therefore, when gases arise in the course of pregnancy, the future mother is worried about it. So the question arises of how to get rid of gas in early pregnancy. The truth is you should tell your doctor about the problem and he will advise you about the various methods for eliminating flatulence. Some of these methods are as follows.

  1. Medications
  2. Medication

    Among medicines that allow to eliminate the increased formation of gases, pregnant women are allowed the following:

    • Espumizan.
    • Iberogast.
    • Medicines based on simethicone.

    Remember not to take any medication before consulting your doctor first. Always consult your specialist before taking any pills or home remedies. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

  3. Diet
  4. The basis of treatment is careful study and change of the mothers eating habits.

    In order to reduce gas formation, it is necessary to limit or completely abandon certain products, when used in the intestines, the fermentation process begins.

    Diet Change

    Tips to get rid of gas in early pregnancy with the help of diet are as follows.

    1. Eat in small and small portions.
    2. Observe the drinking regime.
    3. Exclude from the menu products and dishes that enhance gas formation.
    4. Thoroughly chew food.
    5. Adhere to a balanced diet.

  5. Massages
  6. In case a woman is often troubled by gases during pregnancy, she should master the technique of self-massage. This will ensure the removal of excess air from the digestive tract in a natural way.

    Pregnancy Massage

    In order to eliminate discomfort in the abdomen, the woman should be located on a flat horizontal surface face up, while freeing the stomach from the clothes squeezing it.

    You should perform smooth stroking of the palm along the front abdominal wall clockwise for 10 minutes.

    In the early period, when the stomach is still barely noticeable, it is allowed to perform light vibrating movements along a spiral, starting from the navel and towards the periphery of the abdominal region.

  7. Physical Exercises
  8. Excessive accumulation of gases in the intestines can eliminate moderate physical stress. Before performing the exercises, you should consult a doctor about whether they are allowed to you and whether it will lead to hypertension of the uterus.


    For future mothers, the following types of physical activity are the most optimal.

    1. Daily walks in the open air.
    2. Swimming in the pool.
    3. Special gymnastics for pregnant women.
    4. Yoga, with the exception of those asanas, which require the creation of a vacuum in the abdominal cavity and excessive deflections.
    5. Water aerobics.

Home Remedies

There are many home remedies to get rid of gas in early pregnancy. Coping with excessive production of gaseous substances can be done with medicinal herbs, which are brewed and drunk 2-3 times a day.

Here are some recipes that can help with the same.

  1. Herbs
  2. Herbs

    Many future mothers are helped by a herb collection containing peppermint, valerian, and fennel in a 2: 1: 1 ratio.

    Mix the dried plants with pour boiling water and leave in a dark place for a couple of hours, after which remove the sediment and take before eating.

  3. Cumin Seeds
  4. For a liter of boiling water take 6 teaspoons of cumin seeds.

    After the broth is infused, strain and drink before eating in the morning and evening.

  5. Fennel or Dill
  6. Fennel

    10 g of fennel or dill brew a glass of hot water in a thermos for 3-4 hours.

    After this drink cool, drain and take as needed.

    The ready-made broth is stored for no more than a day.

Also, to reduce gas in pregnant women, you can prepare a decoction from the root of parsley and drink it in the morning before eating and in the evening before going to bed.

Prevent Gas During Pregnancy

All of the above treatments to get rid of gas in early pregnancy, with the exception of medicines and decoctions of medicinal herbs, are also good prevention methods.

Safe Exercises During Pregnancy

Therefore, during pregnancy, a woman is recommended to adhere to proper nutrition, limiting the consumption of products that stimulate gas production.

A moderate exercise will benefit not only the intestines of the future mother but also strengthen the body as a whole.

It is not so difficult to get rid of the increased formation of gases during pregnancy. Often, it is enough to revise your diet and remove some foods, so that the intestines work properly. So, take care of yourself and your baby and prevent gas, to begin with.

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How to Get Rid of Gas in Early Pregnancy