How to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy

Check out several ways to get rid of hemorrhoids during pregnancy naturally. Understand the causes and symptoms of swollen vein along with various ways to treat and prevent them using home remedies, medicinal, surgical and lifestyle changes.

get rid of hemorrhoids during pregnancy

Hemorrhoids are the most common disease of the rectum. Proctologists calculated that of all the appeals to doctors about the intestines, 40% is associated with this delicate problem. According to the World Health Organization, about 80% of adult residents of megacities are suffering from hemorrhoids. By the age of 50 half of all humanity has become comrades in this misfortune. Especially the probability of “getting” this disease for a pregnant woman is great. So, let’s learn about it beforehand and learn how to get rid of hemorrhoids during pregnancy.

Understanding Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids (in a literal translation from Latin – bleeding) is a disease that occurs as a result of blood overflow of venous plexuses (cavernous bodies) located in the anus. It is these extended, altered veins that are called hemorrhoids.

The overflow of hemorrhoids with blood stasis is facilitated by a sedentary lifestyle. A long-sitting person warms their body with the heat of the body, forming something resembling a heating pad.

hemorrhoid during pregnancy

In these “hothouse” conditions, hemorrhoidal cones begin to “ripen” at an increased rate. Add to this the incorrect, irrational and irregular fast food of the average urban resident. All this leading to hidden and obvious problems with the pancreas and/or the thyroid gland.

As extra pounds that in combination with the same inactive way of life gives rise to chronic constipation. Hereditary congenital insufficiency of the structure of veins is also of definite importance.

Certain medicines and oral contraceptive also contribute to the stagnation of blood in the veins of the pelvis. Excessive infatuation with laxatives, abuse of alcoholic beverages and even some sports can be the reason behind hemorrhoids.

Sports like horse riding, cyclo-tourism, auto and motorcycle racing, rowing, lifting weights. However, the latter is more of a concern not to athletes, and women with their perpetual grocery shopping bags.

Lastly, pregnancy can also be the reason behind hemorrhoids as the woman has to rest for a long time.

Symptoms of Hemorrhoids

There are three degrees of development of hemorrhoids. During the initial stage, hemorrhoids are formed. In the second stage, these nodes occasionally begin to sag from the anus. This is usually during a visit to the toilet and squatting.

Symptoms Hemorrhoids

The third stage is characterized by the fact that the hemorrhoidal nodes no longer fit inside and constantly hang from the anus.

Do not allow it get to such horrors instead start treatment and prevention of hemorrhoids during pregnancy in an early stage. In order to get rid of hemorrhoid during pregnancy, you first need to know how to recognize hemorrhoids during pregnancy.

So, here are some main symptoms of hemorrhoids.

  1. Bleeding from the anus.
  2. Traces of fresh blood on feces.
  3. Pain during bowel movements.
  4. The appearance of painful knots hanging from the anus.
  5. Itching, burning, unpleasant sensations in the anus, especially worse during prolonged sitting.

The appearance of any of these symptoms means that urgent measures are required.

Causes of Hemorrhoid During Pregnancy

Hemorrhoids during pregnancy can manifest themselves both at the very beginning of the gestational period and during gestation or after childbirth.

It is a mistake to say that it is the birth that provokes the development of hemorrhoids. Very few people know that after the delivery by cesarean section, the disease may also worsen.

Causes of hemorrhoid

However, there is a direct link between the developments of hemorrhoids during pregnancies. Since bearing is considered a provoking factor due to changes in the body of a future mother.

Hemorrhoids are varicose veins in the rectum. In pregnancy, the vascular system undergoes large loads, the volume of circulating blood increases by 30%. As a result, often there are problems of a venous nature, such as varicose veins and hemorrhoids.

The mechanism of the disease is as follows, the growing uterus presses on the thick and rectum, provoking local stagnation of blood. Overflowing with blood veins are stretched, forming hemorrhoids. The latter protrude under the mucous membrane of the intestine.

There are a number of factors that provoke the emergence and/or development of this disease in future mothers. Some of these factors are as follows.

    Causes of Hemorrhoids

  1. Constipation, especially chronic, as the walls of the rectum are excessively stretched during the emptying of the intestine.
  2. Hypodynamia, if the pregnant woman moves little, then a stagnation of blood in the pelvis is formed. This provokes hemorrhoids and thrombosis of hemorrhoids.
  3. Regular reception of contraceptives of hormonal origin before pregnancy. Since most of them negatively affect the condition of the venous walls.
  4. Increased intra-abdominal pressure, which is physiologic for pregnant women, but also a risk factor for hemorrhoids.
  5. Excess weight.
  6. A change in the hormonal background. Progesterone causes a relaxation of smooth muscles, lining the walls of the vessels and the intestines, which in turn causes constipation.

Urgent Need to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy

Treatment of the disease, even sometimes of severe stages, is often postponed to the postpartum period because of fears to harm the child. Specialists categorically do not support this approach to therapy. Since with hemorrhoids, a successful pregnancy can be complicated by severe consequences provoked by this disease.

Urgent Treatment Advice

The combination of pregnancy and hemorrhoids, especially at acute stages, leads to a gradual deterioration of well-being.

Constant discomfort, pain, inability to normally go to the toilet exhaust the more, the heavier the stage of the disease. A woman will be less likely to endure pregnancy, and this is reflected in the health of the baby.

Large hemorrhoidal nodes cause inflammation and tissue death, which “opens the way” to all possible infections. And during pregnancy, any infectious disease can be dangerous for the child. In the most severe cases, the infection can penetrate the child’s blood, triggering intrauterine infection.

An even more severe consequence of neglected hemorrhoids is anemia, which causes permanent bleeding from the anus. Lack of hemoglobin can lead to fetal hypoxia, oxygen starvation, extremely dangerous for a growing baby.

An unpleasant consequence of untreated hemorrhoids during pregnancy can be a sharp deterioration in the patient’s condition immediately after birth, regardless of the mode of delivery.

Medicinal Ways to Get Rid of Hemorrhoid During Pregnancy

It is necessary to understand that during pregnancy the development of hemorrhoids can proceed swiftly, therefore it is necessary to begin treatment as early as possible.

Modern drugs allow you to minimize the risk of complications and quickly cope with the disease. Pharmacological companies offer a range of medications approved in the most sensitive first trimester of pregnancy.

Professional Treatment

Hemorrhoids in early stages of development can also successfully yield to the prevention of exacerbations. This is done while observing diet, physical activity, and hygiene procedures.

If necessary, one can use drug therapy to get rid of hemorrhoids during pregnancy. However, it is better to entrust a drug to a specialist. Conservative treatment is the safest for the mother and child method of treating hemorrhoids during pregnancy.

Depending on the term and the stage of the disease, the proctologist prescribes preparations in the form of ointments, creams, anal suppositories with different effects.

The most common medications to get rid of hemorrhoids during pregnancy in different stages of development are as follows.

  1. Candles and Ointment Relief
  2. The drug, made on the basis of the liver of a shark, is used as monotherapy in the first stage.

    For the 2 and 3 stages of hemorrhoid development should be used as part of complex therapy.

    Contraindications in pregnancy and lactation does not occur as of yet.

  3. Candles with Sea Buckthorn
  4. Medication

    The pregnant woman can use these candles without restrictions.

    It is a soft but effective remedy that does not have contraindications except for allergies.

    Sea-buckthorn oil is good for healing tissue in place of hemorrhoids.

  5. Anal Suppositories
  6. There is a list of drugs allowed during pregnancy.

    Limitations are for those patients with intolerance to iodine and thyroid diseases.

Surgical Ways to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy

Non-surgical removal of hemorrhoids does not pose a special risk to a pregnant woman. All procedures are performed under local anesthesia and do not require prolonged hospitalization.

In some cases, surgery to remove hemorrhoids is the only way to cure the disease, preventing its development into heavier forms.

Most often during the gestation period, one resorts to a conservative method using invasive procedures only in extreme cases. However, removal of hemorrhoids is considered the best option for hemorrhoids of stage 2-3. This is when conservative treatment can only slow the progress of the disease, but not cure completely.

Among operational techniques, the following are distinguished.

  1. Sclerotherapy
  2. This is for the 2-3 stages of the disease.

    The procedure is carried out permanently, after the introduction of the drug into the hemorrhoidal node.

    The primary stage of recovery takes only 1 hour.


  3. Latex Ring
  4. Latex Ring ligation allows effective treatment of internal hemorrhoids.

    On the basis of the node, a ring is fixed, which covers the blood circulation in this area.

    This is a minimally invasive procedure, not dangerous for pregnant women.

  5. Coagulation
  6. Coagulation or cauterization with a laser or apparatus with infrared rays is another method for treating hemorrhoids 2 and 3 stages, permissible during pregnancy.

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy

During the period of gestation, many medicines are contraindicated for women. Therefore, more often the treatment of hemorrhoids in pregnant women is done at home. According to the recipes of traditional medicine here are some of the best and easiest to prepare.

  1. Birch Tar
  2. To eliminate pain and other uncomfortable sensations, one procedure is enough.

    Birch Tar

    Tar will make the nodules more small and soft, with bleeding positively affects the damaged area. This quickly heals all wounds and cracks.

    With the help of tar, it is possible to disinfect any surface and minimize the risk of possible infectious infection. In addition, it perfectly protects against complications during pregnancy and subsequent childbirth.

    When it is the external type of disease, apply the drug to the anus in its pure form.

    If the disease develops inside, you can make a gauze swab, abundantly lubricate it with tar and place it in the anus.

    Treatment in this way involves the use of a natural drug that is not capable of harming a woman during pregnancy.

  3. Hydrochloric Acid
  4. If there is hydrochloric acid in your medicine cabinet, add twelve drops in a glass of water and drink.

    If you take the drug every morning, you can normalize the stool and provide the body with nutrients that are necessary to strengthen and develop the fetus.

  5. Warm Herbal Baths
  6. Herbal Bath

    The product quickly and effectively relieves pain and discomfort.

    For the procedure, you need to brew a little herbal decoction and make a warm bath with its addition.

    For treatment, you can use chamomile, marigold, oak bark, yarrow, water pepper.

    If you are interested in how to get rid of hemorrhoids during pregnancy, make baths every day, and a positive result will not keep you waiting.

  7. Compresses from Vegetables
  8. A safe method of treating hemorrhoids in pregnant women at home is vegetable compresses.

    Ingredients for their preparation can be found in any kitchen.

    Carrots, beets, cucumbers contain many useful substances that effectively remove puffiness, strengthen the walls of blood vessels and rectum.

    Vegetables should be grated and the resulting mass applied to the affected area.

  9. Butter for Hemorrhoids
  10. butter

    From it you need to make small candles and generously sprinkle them with ground salt.

    Then put it in the freezer and use it before going to bed, after going to the toilet.

    Only five procedures are sufficient for complete recovery.

    In addition, it’s a great way to get rid of constipation.

  11. Potatoes for Hemorrhoids
  12. Candles from potatoes is another answer to the question on how to treat hemorrhoids during pregnancy at home.

    Cut a piece from a raw vegetable and insert it into the rectum at night.

    Potato juice is quickly absorbed and relieves pain.

  13. Herbs to Treat Hemorrhoids
  14. Herbs for the intestines work well and not create additional problems for the body of a pregnant woman. The treatment can be carried out using the herbal collection. Its main ingredients are as follows.


    • Senna leaves.
    • Buckthorn bark.
    • Coriander fruits.
    • Liquorice root.
    • Yarrow.

    Brew a spoonful of a collection in a glass of water and drink every night for a hundred grams.

    Over time, the intestine will work much better, and the stool normalizes.

    All components are natural, so they can be safely applied during pregnancy.

Exercises for Hemorrhoids for Pregnant Women

There are certain exercises that help to prevent hemorrhoid by increasing blood circulation. These exercises are designed keeping the pregnant woman in mind. So, here are some for you to try.

  1. Starting Position
  2. Standing, arms stretch out in front of you, feet on the width of the shoulders.

    Doctor Advice

    Turn the body to the right, without lifting the foot from the floor. Then take your right hand as much as possible to the back and inhale.

    Return to the starting position and exhale, turn left.

    Repeat 5 times in each direction.

  3. Standing Position
  4. Standing, arms raised in front of you, fingers clasped in the lock.

    Turn corners right and left, pulling your hands as far back as possible.

    Repeat the exercise 5 times in each direction.

  5. Sitting Position
  6. Exercises

    Sitting on the floor, rest your hands behind.

    Bend the legs in the knees, with this movement of the heel cannot be torn from the floor.

    Slowly stretch your legs. Repeat 5 times.

  7. Sitting Position with Dilute Legs to Sides
  8. Sitting, maximally dilute legs to the sides, while the legs should be tightly pressed to the floor. Knees, if possible, should not bend.

    Lean forward and as far as possible to touch the hands of the right and left feet alternately, then straighten up.

    Repeat the slopes 5-7 times. This is recommended only for the first and second trimester.

  9. Sitting Same as Before
  10. Exercises

    Sitting in the same way as in the previous exercise, but the inclinations carry out to the sides. All the while the opposite hand is on the belt.

    Repeat 5 times in each direction. Again recommended only for the first and second trimester.

  11. Lying on Right Side
  12. Lying on the right side, the right arm is bent at the elbow and lies under the head.

    Bend the left leg in the knee and press it to the stomach, you can help yourself with your left arm.

    Repeat 7-10 times. Then repeat the exercise, lying on the left side.

    This is also recommended only for the first and second trimester.

  13. Lying on Back Position
  14. Pregnancy Exercise

    Lying on your back, hands along the body.

    Tighten the knees bent at the knees to the abdomen and return to its original position.

    This is also recommended only for the first and second trimester.

    Repeat 7-10 times.

  15. Sitting on a Chair
  16. Sitting on a chair, the right hand should be pulled out to the side.

    The left leg bent at the knee, lifted forward and to the left, trying to bring it to the side of the abdomen.

    Help yourself with your left hand and exhalation.

    Return to the starting position and inhale.

    Repeat for both feet 5 times.

    This one is recommended for the third trimester.

Diet and Lifestyle Changes for Hemorrhoids

This has the same role as the proper selection of drug therapy, and additional methods of fighting hemorrhoids play. They are not aimed at treating the symptoms, but on eliminating the causes of the disease.

A balanced daily diet should be divided into 3-5 meals, using small portions so as not to overload the digestive system. A healthy diet contains a lot of fiber and a minimum of fried, spicy, fatty foods.

Diet Change

Fast food, carbonated drinks, canned food, products of factory production from the diet should be excluded. During the day, you must drink at least 1.5-2 liters of liquid, very useful sour-milk products.

It is necessary to include in the menu products that promote the strengthening of the walls of blood vessels like beets, cabbage, carrots, leaf salads, etc.

It helps with hemorrhoids 1 and 2 stages of special exercises for pregnant women. This will help improve overall blood circulation and maintain muscle tone, as well as reduce the level of pressure of the uterus on the internal organs.

Now, you know everything one can do to prevent and to get rid of hemorrhoids during pregnancy. So, take certain measure now be happy later.

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How to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy