How to Reduce Swelling in Hands During Pregnancy

Check out various ways to reduce swelling in hands during pregnancy at home. Learn about edema, its causes along with ways to prevent and treat them naturally using diet and lifestyle changes.

Reduce swelling in hands during pregnancy

Often, future mothers, especially at later times, begin to notice swelling in their limbs. As a rule, the first to begin to swell legs, which in most cases means an overabundance in the body of fluid. Revision of nutrition will help a woman to remove swelling of her legs. However, if there are swelling of the hands during pregnancy, as well as the lower abdomen or lower back, then you should immediately consult a doctor.

So, what causes swelling of the hands? And how to reduce swelling in hands during pregnancy or better yet get rid of it? All this will be discussed as we go along.

Various Causes of Swelling in Hands During Pregnancy

First of all, we will understand what the swelling of the hands is.

When a woman is at rest (most often at night), the tissues of the extremities are “poured” with liquid. This impressive “mass” accumulates in the wrists, thereby “blocking” the nerve responsible for the sensitivity of the fingers.

As a result, in the morning, the expectant mother feels a pricking or burning sensation in her fingers. Moreover, the beloved ring simply “digs” into the skin of the finger and removing it is not possible. Now, let’s see what can cause the appearance of swelling of the fingers during pregnancy.

  1. Changing Hormonal Background
  2. Causes of Swelling

    The hormonal background is changing.

    Multiple increases in the amount of progesterone in the female body is necessary in order to avoid the threat of miscarriage.

    Simultaneously, progesterone provokes a delay and accumulation of fluid.

  3. Increase in Blood Volume

Puffiness of the hands as the primary sign of gestosis. In this case, swelling appears as a result of “seepage” of fluid from blood vessels into the tissues of the body. This is an extremely disturbing symptom that requires immediate medical intervention.

Dangerous Symptoms of Edema

Specialists never ignore the swelling that occurs in pregnant women. This is dictated by a high risk of developing late toxicosis.

Danger Back Pain

The first signs of this condition are often swelling. If you do not respond in a timely manner, the situation can end with the death of the mother and the child.

Puffiness in pregnant women can be a symptom of kidney and heart disease. Such edema is most often localized in the face and legs.

Untimely seeking medical help in these cases can adversely affect life, as well as the health of the pregnant woman and her future baby.

You should immediately go to a medical institution if, in addition to swelling in the pregnant woman, there is numbness of the limbs, convulsions, dizziness, nausea, or vomiting.

Elimination of Swelling of Hands

To reduce swelling in hands during pregnancy, you can use cool baths. To increase the efficiency, baking soda or sea salt are added to the water. The infusions of mint leaves, lemon balm will suit.

eliminate edema by walking

To improve blood circulation, it is recommended to do gymnastics for the hands. Prevent and eliminate swelling of the hands with regular massage. Quickly to remove puffiness of hands it is possible if to lift them above a head.

The use of herbal remedies in the form of infusions and decoctions must necessarily be agreed with the doctor. This is due to the fact that plant raw materials have their own pharmacological properties, side effects. Only the specialist can take into account these nuances.

Hot weather, increased physical activity contributes to the accumulation of fluid in the body. Reducing swelling in such situations can be helped by a shower and some rest in a cool room.

Various Ways to Reduce Swelling in Hands During Pregnancy

As a rule, the most “radical” methods of getting rid of swelling in hands during pregnancy can be prescribed by the attending physician. However, the future mother is quite capable of adhering to certain general recommendations, the observance of which will greatly alleviate her suffering.

Here are some steps to reduce swelling in hands during pregnancy.

  1. Avoid Physical Hand Overloads
  2. Doctors Advice

    It is necessary to organize acceptable working conditions for the future mother. There is no need to put extra pressure on hand when it is already in pain.

    Instead, try to avoid putting any additional pressure on hands except for massage or light exercise.

  3. More Fluid Traffic
  4. To prevent stagnation of fluid in the body, do not sit in one position.

    Periodic walks in the fresh air will help to remove swelling of the hands.

    Slight hand movements of hands will also allow the fluid to pass properly.

  5. Gymnastics for Hands
  6. During gymnastics, we raise our hands above our heads and begin to do “squeezing-unclenching” of our fingers.

    These simple exercises will remove unpleasant sensations in hands and frees the traffic

  7. Drink More Liquid
  8. Drink Water

    We focus on 1.5-2 liters of water, compotes, tea, and yogurt per day.

    In the “calculation” are also taken soups, borscht and other liquid dishes.

    At the same time, the volume of liquid withdrawn from the body should be equal to the volume of the liquid taken.

  9. Follow a Proper Diet
  10. We exclude all fat, spicy, smoked from the daily diet.

    In such food, sodium is contained, which “inhibits” the excretion of the liquid, which affects negatively the state of the kidneys.

  11. Vitamin Complex and Herbal Tea
  12. The doctor can advise you to drink vitamins that strengthen the walls of blood vessels. It will help reduce the swelling of the hands.

    Tea made from flax seeds or bear tabs helps to remove liquid and remove swelling of the hands.

As we can see, one can reduce swelling in hands during pregnancy simply by observing these rules. However, if there is severe swelling, you should consult a doctor without delay. Accepting herbal preparations and diuretics is allowed only according to the medical prescription.

Treatment of Edema During Pregnancy

Treatment of edema during pregnancy usually begins with the doctor’s recommendations as will be mentioned below. It mainly consists the normalization of sleep and rest and creating a diet.

The attending physician will certainly control weight gain. He will also recommend that you monitor the amount of liquid consumed and secreted by the body.

Much will depend on the results of the analysis. If the protein shows up in the urine, especially against the background of high blood pressure and shortness of breath, the woman will be offered hospital treatment.

Treatment of Edema During Pregnancy

It is aimed at eliminating the cause of edema, improving the kidney and heart, uteroplacental blood flow. Usually, vitamin preparations are prescribed magnesium, vitamin E, and lipoic acid.

Medications for swelling in pregnancy require only when they are accompanied by a violation of the functions of important organs (liver, kidneys, heart).

Since diuretics in pregnancy can be used only in extreme cases due to a large number of contraindications and side effects. It is also likely to have some toxic effects on the fetus.

In each individual case, the appointments will differ, therefore, the treatment of edema during pregnancy can only be prescribed by a specialist and only by the results of a complete examination!

Do not worry about the appointments, because the treatment necessarily compares the potential risk and the likely benefits.

General Recommendations to Reduce Swelling in Hands During Pregnancy

Fight with swelling should begin with an analysis of the regimen of the day. Attention should be paid not only to rest and sleep, but also to moderate physical exertion. A sedentary lifestyle contributes to fluid retention inside.

  1. It will be helpful to make daily walks in the fresh air or special gymnastics.
  2. To prevent swelling, sleep at night for at least eight hours.
  3. In the second half of pregnancy, the load on the entire body increases. Therefore, experts recommend to go to bed and rest periodically during the day.
  4. The next important thing that helps to reduce swelling in hands during pregnancy is a reasonable approach to the use of fluids. Do not limit the intake of clean water during pregnancy. Daily intake of clean water during pregnancy should not be less than one and a half liters.
  5. Recommendations

  6. At the same time, excessive amounts of tea, coffee, carbonated and artificial drinks lead to swelling. So, try and avoid them as much as possible.
  7. Full nutrition, which includes the necessary amount of protein, fiber, vitamins, a limited amount of carbohydrates, fats, table salt helps to normalize the exchange of fluid in the body.
  8. Preference should be given to vegetables, fruits, herbs, and berries. Garlic and onions not only strengthen immunity but favorably affect blood circulation.
  9. Good diuretic properties are found in most fruits and vegetables. Regular use of citrus fruits, cherries, strawberries, watermelons, mulberries is an excellent preventive tool for fighting swelling. Cucumbers, zucchini, carrots, and lettuce contribute to the removal of excess fluid from the body.
  10. Edemas well eliminate fruit and berries, cranberries, as well as a decoction of dried apricots. Such home remedies improve kidney function, remove toxic substances. In addition, lingonberries, cranberries, dried apricots are absolutely safe for pregnant women. They contain vitamins and trace elements.
  11. A high degree of safety are in such home remedies as corn stigmas, leaves of cowberry, birch, and hips. Infusions prepared from them quickly remove excess fluid from the body.

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How to Reduce Swelling in Hands During Pregnancy