How to Relieve Migraine During Pregnancy

Check out various ways to relieve migraine during pregnancy naturally. Learn about the causes of a severe headache along with both medicinal and home remedies to cure it in the first trimester.

Relieve Migraine During Pregnancy

A migraine in pregnancy can occur even in those who previously had never known about the existence of such a disease and did not observe a single sign of head disease. Approximately 25% of the future parturient women have a migraine with precursors, an aura, after which headaches begin.

One can imagine how difficult these symptoms are to be borne by the body condition, which is already close to critical. If you endure headaches all the time is already unbearable, it’s time to look for a way out, so as not to harm both yourself and the child.

Understanding Migraines

This disease, most often of a hereditary nature, manifested in severe pain in one half of the head or the lobe of the brain.

A headache is so severe that ordinary tablets such as Paracetamol or No-Shpa cannot be removed, especially Citramone and other analgesics.

Understanding Migraine

A migraine during pregnancy is also accompanied by signs predicting its appearance, which the doctors dubbed the aura. These include:

  1. Fear of light that accompanies the aura all the time or only during the day.
  2. Individual intolerance of sharp odors and loud noises.
  3. Remoteness and isolation.
  4. Excruciating nausea and vomiting as a sign of an approaching headache, etc.

Often, patients among pregnant women classify these feelings as mere malaise, and the fact that the symptomatology is quite strong is blamed on the weakened body and trying to take Citramon, make a cold compress and forget about the disease.

However, it requires professional treatment at the stage that is now available. Because closer to childbirth will not be time to treat with pills.

Causes of Migraine in Expectant Mothers

Each organism is individual and forms its own range of risk factors that cause the onset of the disease in the early stages.

However, to understand how to recognize the syndrome with or without an aura, consider the main causes of headache during pregnancy:

  1. The intake of certain foods, like chocolate, cheese, citrus in large quantities, spicy spices and alcohol, causing migraines. Alcohol and smoking to pregnant women are generally contraindicated.
  2. Lack of water in the body, especially in the early stages.
  3. Causes of Migraine

  4. Overdose of drugs: even Citramone in large quantities can cause the same symptoms of a strengthened nature and headaches.
  5. Stress, lack of sleep and psychological stress. Bruises under the eyes of pregnant women and pallor are already a sign that migraine is possible, and Citramone alone will not save it from it. A pregnant woman needs to sleep at least 7-8 hours a day, use time wisely and eat well, respectively.
  6. In the early stages, allergic reactions are also possible, rejection of food products habitual for a diet. Try to build a treatment on how to change the diet and at the time to abandon the suspicious products.
  7. Reaction in pregnant women to weather conditions, indoor microclimate. Although it is in such cases that Analgin or Citramon can help out.

Home Remedies to Relieve Migraine During Pregnancy

Many women do not want or are afraid to lose time and apply for treatment to a doctor. However, if at least one sign has made itself felt, it is necessary to take elementary treatment of headache during pregnancy at home.

In the first place in the recipes of a headache comes home medicine. So they can help to relieve migraine during pregnancy just like they did in the old days. Here are some of the best-known home remedies that can help relieve migraine during pregnancy.

  1. Strong and Sweet Tea
  2. home Remedies

    Brewing strong and very sweet tea is one of the easiest ways to relieve migraine during pregnancy.

    One should be more careful with this prescription in the early stages, as well as with people with diabetes.

  3. Cabbage Leaf Compress
  4. Compress from cabbage leaf helps to overcome migraine more effectively than Citramon.

    Fresh, boiled water should be applied to the place of pain and wrapped in a woolen scarf to remove its sign.

  5. Lavender Water
  6. Wiping the temples with lavender water, inhaling the lemon balm or citrus flavor invigorates and removes the sign of a migraine .

    Again, if pregnant women do not have allergic reactions to the substances listed above.

  7. Ice Bags Compresses
  8. Body and Mind

    Ice bags like compresses to pregnant women from headaches also help.

    However, they should not be kept for a long time, so as not to catch a cold.

It is possible for pregnant women to take a cold shower in the morning, but the time spent underwater (temperature 22-27 degrees) should not exceed 5 minutes.

The cold dilates the blood vessels, which is especially useful not only in the early but also in the late stages of prevention of varicose veins and migraine.

Medicinal Ways to Relieve Migraine During Pregnancy

Particular care during pregnancy is recommended to observe doctors when choosing even the usual tablets such as Citramon. This is because the body’s reactions at this time are exacerbated, and treatment can bring absolutely opposite results.

Medicinal Way

However, if Citramon tablets do not help relieve a headache, pregnant women are prescribed medications of a more serious profile, for example, Acetaminophen.

At minimal doses, it can be taken as a safe and hypoallergenic drug at early and even late times. To replace lost influence on a headache Citramon will help Paracetamol, which is also safer.

Doctors additionally prescribe medications containing magnesium, which is useful for the operation of blood vessels. In addition, for pregnant women, these pills are absolutely harmless and act as a supportive supplement.

However, the treatment with aspirin of a woman wearing a baby is categorically contraindicated, since in large doses it can cause internal bleeding and provoke premature birth. In the worst cases, miscarriage in the early stages is also a possibility.

Prevention of Migraine During Pregnancy

To ensure that no unpleasant symptom has manifested itself, and did not have to take Citramon or other pills, it is always better to observe several rules:


  1. Building a normal regime of the day: disruptions in eating, lack of sleep, as well as spillage – causes painful sensations in the head.
  2. Do not forget that the disease is a sign of a weak body. A little exercise, pilates or yoga for pregnant women will help to forget what pills are and enjoy a beautiful body after childbirth.
  3. Head and neck massage, acupressure also relieve migraines.
  4. If you want to eat sweet or spicy – eat, but limit yourself in quantity and do not forget about water consumption.

Finally, the same Citramon, as soon as the first sign of the aura appears, take reasonable amounts. You should remember about the health of the developing baby, and only then on your own. There may be several ways to relieve migraine during pregnancy but not all are safe for the baby.

So, before doing anything concerning to relieve migraine during pregnancy it is best to consult a doctor. This way, the specialist can get some test done and then after calculating all the option put them in front of you. Therefore, it is best to consult a specialist when trying to relieve migraine during pregnancy.

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How to Relieve Migraine During Pregnancy