15 Safe Exercises During Pregnancy

Check out various safe exercises during pregnancy at home. Learn about workout routine to be done in the first, second and third trimester and also learn about what to avoid and when to stop the physical activity when expecting.

Safe Exercises During Pregnancy

Safe exercise is a pledge of the beautiful physical condition of a pregnant woman and the health of her unborn baby. Physical exercises are recommended to be performed at any time. The level of the load is determined individually and depends on the physical preparation of the woman, as well as the gestational age. So, here we will discuss some of these physical activities and number of safe exercise during pregnancy.

Importance of Safe Exercises During Pregnancy

Unfortunately, not all women in the position understand the importance of physical exercises and not all of them perform.

Benefits of Exercise

One does not want to do gymnastics, and others are just afraid of harming the baby and do not know what kind of exercise can be done to pregnant women.

It is worth noting that the physical load positively affects the muscles of the body. Thanks to it you can keep yourself in shape, do not gain excess weight, prevent the formation of stretch marks. Exercise breathes during exercise. This is of great importance. Thanks to proper breathing, childbirth will flow more easily, and the probability of asphyxia in a baby will be reduced to zero.

Physical exercises also affect the psychological state. A woman performing them daily feels a surge of strength and vivacity. Charging for pregnant women gives energy and a good mood for the whole day.

However, not all women in the position are allowed to work. From physical exercises, it is necessary to refuse if there are any contraindications. In order not to harm yourself and your baby, it’s worth to visit a doctor and discuss this issue with him.

Events to Stop Exercising

Even though physical activity is good for a pregnant woman there are certain events when she needs to stop. It is always better to know about these conditions beforehand. So, a woman should not exercise if the following conditions are true.

    Stop Exercise

  1. There is toxicosis, and it is accompanied by vomiting.
  2. There was a miscarriage with an earlier previous pregnancy.
  3. The uterus is in a tonus.
  4. Gestosis in the second half of pregnancy.
  5. The placenta is too low.
  6. There are any diseases, for example, ARVI, gastritis, diabetes, etc.
  7. There are pains in the abdomen.

If the morning exercise for pregnant women delivers uncomfortable sensations, then it should be discontinued. Thus, the future mother in choosing a set of exercises should not only listen to the recommendations of medical specialists and instructors but also listen to her body.

Proper Way to Exercise During Pregnancy

A pregnant woman should engage in exercise, being in good spirits and well-being.

Proper Exercise

All movements must be smooth. You cannot make sharp turns and slopes, jump, run, lift weights.

If there are symptoms of poor health during exercise, then it should stop immediately.

Take a breather, and then instead of exercising, do a few breathing exercises or even completely free the day from class. When pregnant it is unacceptable to overwork.

You cannot exercise by setting a goal like to lose weight.

Physical exercises for pregnant women are designed to maintain muscles in the tone, preparing the body for childbirth.

Safe Exercises in First Trimester

The first 12 weeks is the most important period for the future mother and her fetus.

At this time, the woman undergoes cardinal changes in the body, and the fetus lays important organs. Exercises for pregnant women in the early stages should be aimed at training breathing, maintaining a good mood and cheerful spirit, relaxing the body.

Here are a number of safe exercises during pregnancy and particularly for the first trimester.

    1 trimester

  1. Morning exercises in the first trimester should be performed every day for 15-20 minutes. Gymnastics can begin with a cross-step.
  2. Next, you can tilt the body to the left and right, while placing the legs on the width of the shoulders.
  3. The next exercise is a leaning forward while doing an exhalation and returning to the starting position with the commencement of inspiration. So it is recommended to repeat 5 or 6 times.
  4. Then, putting your hands on your belt, you can perform deflections back, taking a breath. Returning to the starting position, it is necessary to exhale.
  5. To finish the daily morning exercise for pregnant women in the first trimester, you can rotate around the feet and get up on your toes. This exercise will help to avoid convulsions of the shins and varicose veins.

Safe Exercise for Second Trimester

The second trimester is the safest period during pregnancy. This time is favorable to perform safe exercises during pregnancy.

The probability of miscarriage is low, so simple exercises will not harm the fetus, but will be good them. In addition, physical activity will bring a lot of positive emotions.

Second Trimester

Toxicosis at this time will not be tormented, and a woman can enjoy her position and physical exercises. The recommended duration of charging for pregnant women in the 2nd trimester is no more than 30-35 minutes.

Here are some safe exercises during pregnancy focused particularly on the second trimester.

  1. You can start charging in a sitting position, crossing your legs in front of you and turning your head to the right and left side. Then, spreading your arms around the sides, you should make a few smooth turns of the case.
  2. The second exercise is aimed at strengthening the muscles of the chest. It can be included in the charging for pregnant women in the early stages. A woman, holding her hands at the chest level, should try to close her hands as much as possible. Performing this exercise, you can feel the work of pectoral muscles.
  3. Then you can sit on the floor. Buttocks should be in contact with the heels. Legs in the knees should be slightly spread out so that the tummy does not squeeze. Hands must be pulled forward, bent and touched the forehead with the floor.
  4. You can end the workout by rotating the trunk. The pelvis should remain stationary during this exercise.

Safe Exercises in Third Trimester

In the third trimester, it is very difficult for a woman to perform any physical exercises. At this time, it is recommended to charge on a special ball also called fitball.

Exercises on it are interesting, comfortable and safe for a pregnant woman. Thanks to gymnastics, the pressure decreases, the work of the heart and blood circulation are normalized, the well-being improves, the mood rises. Fitball allows you to perform exercises for the hands, for the chest, and for the buttocks with the hips.

Here are some safe exercises during pregnancy that can be performed on a fitball.

    Third Trimester

  1. Start the daily exercise for pregnant women in the third trimester, you can sit on the ball, gently swinging to the right and left side. Then, taking the light dumbbells, alternately bend your hands.
  2. A woman in position, sitting on the floor in Turkish, can rhythmically squeeze the ball with her hands. This exercise has a positive effect on the pectoral muscles.
  3. Continue the gym can be turned in different directions. Sitting on the ball, you should turn to the right, having led the left hand by the right leg. In this position, it is recommended to stay 1-2 minutes. Such actions must be performed after turning to the left. This exercise stretches the back muscles.
  4. Next, you can roll the ball in different directions, standing on their feet, spreading them to the width of their shoulders and bending their backs. Fitball can be rolled back and forth, smoothly fingering. This exercise allows you to relieve tension from the shoulder joints.
  5. You can complete the exercise with an exercise to strengthen the legs. The woman should lie on the ball, legs apart on the width of the shoulders, and ride in such a pose on the fitball back and forth.

Exercise for pregnant women in later terms can cause the tone of the uterus. To be frightened of it it is not necessary. This is physiology. Feeling a painful sensation and a quickening of the pulse, you must immediately stop charging. It is better to perform several respiratory exercises instead of physical exercises.

Breathing Exercises for Pregnant Women

A pregnant woman should perform not only physical exercise. Very great importance is played by breathing exercises. It is known that during labor it is possible to reduce pain with the help of breathing, therefore, each fair sex representative should know the specific techniques that will help her later. Before delivery, they should be performed regularly, as they serve as a kind of relaxation.

  1. Diaphragmatic Breathing
  2. Breathe like Horse

    One of the exercises should be aimed at training diaphragmatic breathing.

    It is necessary to take deep breaths and exhalations, putting one palm on the chest, and the other on the tummy. To breathe follows the nose.

    It is very important that the chest is immovable, and the stomach when you inhale rises.

  3. Chest Breathing
  4. The following exercises should be aimed at training chest breathing. It will be the same as when practicing diaphragmatic breathing.

    The difference will be only that the stomach should be immovable, and the chest should be raised when inhaled.

In conclusion, it should be noted that many women in the situation reflect on the question of whether it is possible for pregnant women to exercise. The answer to this question for a specific case can be given by a doctor. In general, physical and breathing exercises have a positive effect on the mother’s body and on the fetus, but in the presence of certain contraindications, gymnastics should not be performed.

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15 Safe Exercises During Pregnancy